Nurses are one of the most hard-working people. They work for long hours in a really demanding job, which can be really stressful.

It’s not unusual for a registered nurse to take near to 1000 actions an hr while doing his/her task. Over the course of a 12-hour shift that comes out to near to 12,000 steps or regarding 5.5 miles. I assume it is safe to say, that is a lot of walking.

Yet therein lies the question of the hr– what is the most effective Fitbit for nurses?

I am not one, so I can not talk from personal experience, yet I am fortunate enough to recognize numerous. By polling some nurses and afterward requiring to the Internet for even more data, I would need to claim the one I listened to one of the most positive feedback on was the Fitbit Charge 3.

Below, we review the best Fitbit for Nurses, if you would like to get a different Brand or learn which is the best Smartwatch for Nurses you can Check our full review: Best Smartwatch for Nurses in 2019

Best Fitbit for Nurses Top Picks – 2020

Fitbit Charge 3

The Charge 3 is a functional device that’s a great addition to any professional Nurse. With this tracker, you will have the ability to track a lot more than simply your daily steps count.

The Charge 3 will certainly additionally track your heart rate, calories melted, rest stages, as well as the number of trips of staircases you climb every day.

You can use the Fitbit Charge 3 underwater up to 50 meters. This suggests you can utilize it to keep an eye on how much time or far you have gone while swimming.

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This is additionally a fantastic feature for nurses given that it’s practically certain your Fitbit will certainly splash throughout your duties on any provided change.

By using this tracker you can optimize the time you have in your busy timetable. For instance, you can set up objectives for different kinds of workouts.

The Charge 3 can offer you real-time stats about just how you’re progressing towards fulfilling your objectives.

If you happen to be able to press in an unscheduled power walk, you will not need to worry about setting anything on your Fitbit to log your workout.

This tracker will immediately acknowledge that you’re exercising and also videotape the info concerning the sort of workout you completed as well as for how long you exercised in the Fitbit application.

You can get notifications so you won’t have to pull your phone out all the time. This allows you to glimpse down at your wrist to determine if something is worth your time presently.

If you’re expecting an immediate call or message, you don’t need to take out your phone in front of people or colleagues to see who it is.

The Charge 3 will additionally allow you to view some applications directly on the Fitbit without needing to take out your phone. Apps quickly obtainable via the Fitbit itself include staples such as climate and calendar.

You can personalize the format of the watch face on the Charge 3. If you would like to utilize it to take an individual’s pulse, there is a typical analog clock you can pick.

The battery will last as much as 7 days, so you won’t need to fret about keeping in mind to bill it as often as several of the other Fitbits.

Fitbit Versa 2

The Versa 2 is one of Fitbit’s smartwatches, and also most definitely one of our favorites. With the Versa 2, you’ll have accessibility to a broad range of features exactly on your wrist.

The Versa 2 allows you to monitor your exercise, rest, and also heart price, like many of the other Fitbit models.

You can use the Versa 2 underwater up to 50 meters. It is also water immune so it can splash at work or if you select to swim in it with no fears.

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If you’re trying to find a Fitbit that benefits assisting you to exercise, after that you must consider the Versa. It has 15 different workout settings that you can utilize.

When you’re working out and also have the Versa collection to one of these settings, you’ll have the ability to check on your progress and sight statistics related to your exercise.

A special function concerning the Versa 2 is that it supplies on-screen workouts. You can bring up various workouts on the screen as well as be assisted through how to perform them.

While you are exercising, the Fitbit will certainly check your heart price. It will certainly keep track of your resting heart rate as well as your heart price areas while you’re exercising.

The Fitbit Versa 2 allows you to download approximately 300 tunes onto it. You can use a set of Bluetooth headphones to listen to your downloaded tracks when you’re working out, or if you simply require to take a break.

After an especially challenging day (or in the center of one), you can utilize your Fitbit Versa 2 to help you loosen up. The Versa can stroll you via a personalized assisted breathing session.

With the Fitbit Versa 2, you’ll also be able to get alerts, such as texts as well as app informs, on your wrist. This will make it easier to rapidly glance at your wrist and establish if something is immediate.

You can personalize your Fitbit Versa. You’ll be able to download and install some of your preferred apps and will be able to access them straight from your watch.

Plus, there are hundreds of clock faces for you to select from. You’ll have the ability to discover the best watch face to match your individuality, while also offering you the functions you’ll need to finish your job.

Fitbit Versa Lite

The Fitbit Versa Lite, as its name suggests, is an extra fundamental version of the Fitbit Versa. It has much of the exact same attributes as the Versa, however, a few of the extra exclusive functions have been removed.

With the Fitbit Versa Lite, you’re still able to check your steps, calories, rest and also heart rate. The Versa Lite is likewise water-resistant, and also it will certainly still show you notifications from your smart device.

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In addition, with the Versa Lite, you’re still able to personalize the watch face so it will best satisfy your demands.

Unlike the Versa, with the Versa Lite, you’re unable to keep track of the number of trips of staircases you climbed up or the number of laps you swam.

The Versa Lite additionally does not enable you to download and install tracks to your watch and play them via Bluetooth earphones.

With the Versa Lite, you will not have the ability to play workouts directly on your wrist either.

Fitbit Ionic

Get the best fitness trackers  for medical purposes in 2020

The Ionic is an additional smartwatch alternative that is available from Fitbit. The Ionic functions a long-lasting design, so it’ll hold up well with all that is involved in being a registered nurse.

The Ionic is water-resistant as well as is built making use of resilient materials. It’s built from aerospace-grade aluminum, so you recognize it is built to last. The display on the Ionic is also damage-resistant, which makes it difficult to split.

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The Ionic has a lot of bells and whistles which might make it a wonderful possession to have both on the job as well as throughout your downtime.

The watch’s touchscreen is hi-res so your apps and also alerts will certainly look crisp and clear.

The Fitbit Ionic is created to be your exercise partner and to assist you to reach your exercise objectives.

In addition to tracking your actions and also heart rate, the Ionic will additionally offer you customized training. It likewise has an integrated GPS, which helps in giving extra precise data concerning your workout.

You can also utilize the Ionic to keep track of various other elements connected to your general health and wellness. It will certainly assist you to keep track of your rest stages so you can make sure you’re getting enough peaceful sleep.

Additionally, it checks your relaxing heart rate, fitness level during cardio.

With the Fitbit Ionic, you can play songs making use of Bluetooth headphones. You can download and install songs straight to the Ionic, and you can additionally play songs from a Pandora playlist.

You can access much of your preferred apps using the Ionic. Furthermore, you can also spend for things using your phone with Fitbit Pay.

You just need to input your bank card info, then you’ll be able to use your phone to pay at any facilities that approve wallet-free payments.

There is a wide variety of accessories available for the Ionic so you can personalize it to match your character and job clothing.

Fitbit Blaze

medical watch

The Fitbit Blaze is one more smartwatch choice for you to consider. The Blaze is an additional outstanding alternative if you’re trying to find a smartwatch to help you remain on top of your exercises.

With the Blaze, you can access FitStar which will certainly display exercises on the screen and trainer you with completing them.

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The Blaze is likewise attached to GPS. This enables you to see more precise info about the exercises you finished while wearing the watch.

With the SmartTrack function, the Blaze will find and tape your workouts for you, also if you neglect to log them. The Fitbit Blaze will also track the number of trips of stairs you climb up every day. Additionally, it will certainly provide you with reminders to move each hr if you appear to be doing not have symphonious.

You can set once week exercise objectives and check your progress towards reaching your goals utilizing the Fitbit app.

The Fitbit Blaze will likewise show messages, application, and schedule signals straight on your wrist, this will help you stay focused on what you need to achieve without taking out your phone.

You can use your Fitbit Blaze to control and play music. This can help you kick back and relax, or motivate you to complete a workout.

With the Fitbit Blaze, like Fitbit’s other smartwatches, you can personalize the clock face. This enables you to select a clock face that will certainly function best for all you need to do every day.


Can Nurses Use Fitbit during their work?

You might be questioning if registered nurses can put on Fitbits. The response to that concern is of course.


Unless there’s some facility plan there’s absolutely nothing wrong with using a Fitbit for your nursing shifts.

Actually, I would motivate it. I have actually currently specified over several of the benefits of nurses using a watch. A Fitbit serves that function plus it has health and wellness tracking operates you’re not going to obtain with a normal watch.

What is the Best Fitness Tracker for Nurses?

Apple Watch or Fitbit for nurses? This is possibly among the concerns asked a great deal when it pertains to this subject.

Which is the best physical fitness tracker for nurses?

When it comes to choosing in between an Apple Watch or Fitbit nurses struggle to make a decision which is the best physical fitness tracker for them.

While this decision can be difficult, We would like to offer you a couple of points to think about to aid you to find your ideal health and fitness tracker.

There are 3 criteria you ought to use to choose. Those criteria are:

  • The price of the fitness tracker
  • Exactly how the fitness tracker fits
  • The functions you’re trying to find in a physical fitness tracker.

If you’re rate delicate i.e not wishing to invest a great deal of cash a Fitbit will certainly be your best option. They have a lot of different alternatives beginning at below $100.

If you’re trying to find a health and fitness tracker that has a lot of bells and also whistles than an Apple watch is what you need to acquire.

When it comes to just how it fits. You probably will not have much of a trouble in any case you go.