Finding the Best Fitbit for Seniors in 2020 will depend on the activities and the type of person that is going to be wearing it.

If you are looking for a reliable tracker you know that Fitbit is the best on the market, with a huge array of products that go from clip-on tracker up to smartwatches.

But finding the best for your needs gets harder every few months since they keep launching new models and its difficult to keep up.

That’s why we give you our choices for the Best Fitbit for Seniors in 2020.

Which is the Best Fitbit for Seniors?

The Number one Choice in 2020 is one of the latest models the Fitbit Inspire that comes packed with features, is easy to use and is customizable. But keep reading cause below we give you some extra models that are also great for Seniors.

Fitbit Inspire

The flexible Fitbit Inspire is our choice for the Best Fitbit for seniors.

In between the budget-friendly price point, tiny size, the convenience of use, and the flexibility to be worn both in your wrist or clipped to a belt, it’s a fantastic fitness tracker for anyone aiming to get or stay energetic.

Why is good for Seniors?

Staying active is very important at any age, and the Fitbit Inspire will keep you moving and motivated, and it doesn’t hurt that is today the most affordable Fitbit in the market.

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The Inspire features a cool display that is easy to read and understand that will give you data on your steps and calories burned. The battery lasts for up to five days, so you will not need to worry about charging the tracker daily, which is especially great when you also will like to keep track of your sleep.

It’s lightweight and comfortable to use on your wrist, yet it’s also little enough that it can be clipped to your waistband or belt by taking the Inspire out of its band as well as putting right into the optional belt clip.

Is it a good time to Buy the Inspire?

Definitely. The Fitbit Inspire and also Inspire HR are the most affordable trackers to buy in 2020 The Inspire Hr comes with some extra features like Heart Rate tracking but is about $30 more expensive than the regular Inspire.

Fitbit Inspire Pros And Cons

Pros +

  • Lightweight and affordable
  • Tracks a lot of workouts
  • Automatic exercise tracking
  • Removable band
  • Battery life up to five days

Cons –

  • Heart rate monitoring costs extra
  • Limited color options on basic model

Fitbit Inspire a Great Partner to Improve your Overall Health

The Fitbit Inspire is an affordable, easy-to-use and customizable fitness tracker that’s great for seniors.

Regardless of your age, remaining energetic is important. Fitbit’s new Inspire tracker is a great combination of functions and ease-of-use. It has automatic workout monitoring, including for swimming, will certainly keep you up-to-date on your daily calorie shed, and also even obtain alerted regarding telephone calls as well as text when you’re not utilizing it to track activity.

You can swipe via whatever on the Inspire using its instinctive touch screen display screen. The Inspire likewise features a battery life of as much as 5 days, which is fantastic if you wish to utilize it for rest tracking.

When you’re seeking to maintain active, functions like automatic workout-tracking can be crucial, especially if this is your first fitness tracker.

Besides, you do not intend to start running with your brand-new Fitbit only to understand halfway through that you forgot to start the exercise. This function instantly tracks runs, cycling, as well as swimming.

And due to the fact that the Inspire is swim-proof, you can additionally wear it in the shower and the swimming pool. The reminders to move are likewise a valuable method for you to remember to get on your feet and also walk around.

If you’re thinking on if you must pay a bit a lot more for the Inspire HR, which features an integrated heart rate monitor, you need to know that it does much more than monitor your heart throughout the exercise, and also has some one-of-a-kind attributes over the standard Inspire that the display allows.

It will certainly also track your resting heart rate, you can utilize it with the Fitbit app to examine your total cardio fitness degree, as well as obtain a thorough failure of your sleep stages. It additionally features support for gauging your rate as well as distance in genuine time when utilized together with the Fitbit application.

Best Fitbit for Senior Women

Fitbit Versa 2

The Versa Series is one of the most beautiful watches that Fitbit has ever made and is a great looking Smartwatch and that is always a must for a lady.

The Versa is one of the best Fitbit having in mind that it is not only a fitness tracker but is also a smartwatch, taking the fitness experience to another level.

We recommend the Versa 2 since its regular price is on a discount so in terms of cost is almost the Same that the regular Versa edition, so for now the best buy would be the Versa 2, is priced similar to the prior version but it comes with extra smart features and cool additions that will be good for a long-lasting experience in both technology as well durability.

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That’s a problem with some older models that once you upgrade your IOS or Android they might not work properly, that’s why it is always good to have the latest version of any smart gadget (in our opinion).

Other Fitbit For Seniors

While Fitbit simply did a little bit of residence cleansing, introducing brand-new health and fitness trackers while stopping a number of older ones, there are still a variety of Fitbit versions to the Inspire.

If you’re trying to find a more advanced physical fitness band, you can look into the Fitbit Charge 3, which has most of the exact same functions of the Inspire and also Inspire HR, yet includes support for some of the best Apps, along with Fitbit Pay, Fitbit’s contactless payment system.

If you want more of a full-fledged, fitness-tracker the Alta HR is also a cool addition to your wrist.

Let’s check them in depth

Fitbit Charge 3

Our second choice for the best Fitbit for seniors is without a doubt the Fitbit Charge 3. Its today best fitness tracker from Fitbit as an update from the Bestseller Charge 2, is full of high-end features and is also really affordable.


The Charge 3 is a portable health and fitness tracker with a touch display as well as an interchangeable bands. The bracelet in the base version is made out of synthetic rubber with a matt finish and also is offered in a number of shades. I have the black one and also really like the design.

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The Charge 3 comes with a full-size touch display on the front side and also a loading dock as well as heart rate sensors on the other side. The heart rate sensor unit flickers with a green light when you wear it since it uses LED modern technology to detect your heartbeat.

The overall design is really simplistic and smooth while taking care of to look more like a designer watch than a clinical tool. I actually like to tiny form and sleek black appearance and I bet you will like it as well!


The Charge really feels really durable and the truth that you can transform the bracelet in instance it gets harmed is very crucial. You do not wish to discard a completely useful gadget just because you can’t use it nevertheless as well as the armband is the least expensive component of the tracks so its truly good they included the attribute.

The tracker is waterproof up to 50 meters, so you can use it while swimming or in the shower. I know, wearing a digital gadget in the water really feels strange yet it’s completely safe! I maintained taking it off when going into the shower in the beginning but now I maintain it regularly except for recharging.

The charging occurs with an outside battery charger that attaches to a standard USB battery charger. The armband is attached to the battery charger with a sort of a clamp. It bills very fast, concerning an hr for a complete charge and the battery lasts for an entire week!

The only gripe regarding the battery charger is that you need to be careful to set it appropriately or otherwise the charging pins won’t make a link. So always examine the gadget begins charging (reveals a battery and portion) before leaving it!


The Charge 3 has numerous sensing units it uses to check your task as well as health and wellness metrics. It has high accuracy accelerometers for counting actions as well as identifying motion patterns.

An accelerometer is a sensing unit that recognizes velocity. When you step, for instance, this triggers a rapid acceleration as well as deceleration on each action, or basically a resonance that the sensing unit picks up.

It can likewise recognize certain movement patterns and also think about what type of task you are executing from the accelerometer actions, like running, biking or kayaking. The Fitbit makes use of finding out software programs to regularly enhance exactly how precisely the tools acknowledge activity patterns.

The 2nd crucial sensor is the heart rate sensor. In the Fitbit Charge 3, this is on frequently, 24/7. This is an outstanding attribute due to the fact that it makes the calorie consumption estimates much more accurate than in devices that simply utilize accelerometer information.

It likewise allows for advanced rest tracking as your heart price differs throughout various rest phases and also this is absolutely something Fitbit appears to do well.

The heart rate sensor will additionally generate a resting heart rate number for each day. This is based on several measurements during the rest. Typically talking, your resting heart rate should decrease as your physical fitness enhances or you slim down.

It can be additionally utilized to check overtraining signs and symptoms and tension due to the fact that typically relaxing heart price rises as you are much more stressed literally, emotionally or emotionally.

The Charge 3 likewise has an integrated SpO2 sensor for keeping track of blood oxygen degrees. This would certainly be most helpful for keeping track of possible apneas (breathing pauses) throughout sleep and for high elevation usage for keeping track of acute mountain sickness.

Fitbit Charge 3 Pros And Cons

Pros +

  • Accurate
  • High built quality
  • Constant heart rate monitoring
  • Good battery (7 days)


  • SPo2 sensor not working properly
  • There have been some reports of inaccurate step counts
  • The charger is a bit hard to use

Fitbit Alta HR

An additional trendy health and fitness tracker for elders is the Fitbit Alta HR combines precision in health and fitness monitoring with in-depth heart-rate and overall health and wellness surveillance.

The gadget sporting activities a simplified look and births an excellent number of sensing units.

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The Fitbit Alta HR gauges just 15mm thick, but that’s large sufficient to hold a screen that is simple to read and that shows its personalities clearly. It has a smooth and also elegant style that sends signals of class without attempting also tough to obtain individuals’ attention.

The body comes in black, silver, as well as gold shade options, while the band is additionally offered in numerous color options.

Apart from being easy on the eye, the Fitbit Alta HR also really feel comfortable on the wrists– even after being worn for several hrs. This is fairly expectable, thinking that the device is light and also has a carefully curved shape that adapts the curvature of the wrist. And it secures securely on the wrist with a plastic buckle that does not loosen during workout sessions.

The gadget sporting activities an easy display screen that is made to preserve battery. You can see all the called for details with no extra bells and whistles as well as graphics that drain the battery.

However, there’s one disadvantage to this aspect of the gadget: The display is practically difficult to check out under bright sunshine without you needing to shield it with your other palm– or whatever you select.

Despite its standard looks, the Fitbit Alta HR packs a great variety of near-perfect sensors that work together to precisely track every action you make without erroneously accumulating your gesticulations as well as various other movements that aren’t gotten in touch with workout sessions.

The heart rate sensor is particularly excellent, monitoring your heart defeats in real-time. Your heart rate is one of the metrics utilized by the gadget to approximate your fitness level.

Although the device does not have a “Start monitoring” switch, it does an excellent task at instantly finding as well as logging your task and also identifying it suitably.

Keep in mind, also, that the tool is not a touchscreen. It responds to faucets, however, that’s a feature of the accelerometer, which changes your sharp use a control system. This discusses why you require to tap the screen well to obtain feedback.

In spite of being more of a physical fitness tracker, the Fitbit Alta HR sure has some smartwatch functions. You can sync the gadget with your phone to get telephone calls as well as SMS notices on the move.

You can even review your messages as they scroll along vertically. For each and every new telephone call or SMS, the device vibrates on your wrist to signal you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re making use of an Android, iOS, or Windows mobile phone; the Fitbit Alta HR will connect with it.

The Fitbit Alta HR collaborates with the Fitbit app, which offers a great deal of details concerning your activities such as varieties of calories burned, range covered during each activity, how much rest you have actually had, as well as many others.

The app maps all your information in obtainable charts as well as breaks down your everyday activity in whatever way you want it. It additionally uses badges and also difficulties that inspire you to attain your personal ideal in regard to physical fitness.

The gadget is powered by a battery that lasts as much as a week despite constant usage. That’s great enough in terms of battery juice.

Fitbit Alta HR 3 Pros And Cons

Pros +

  • Sleek style
  • Solid customization alternatives
  • Light-weight and also comfy
  • Automobile workout discovery
  • Sleep tracking
  • Wrist-based phone call and also SMS notifications

Cons –

  • No directed breathing feature
  • No GPS feature
  • Can be less competent to touch sometimes


The Fitbit Inspire is easy to use, tracks most everything you ‘d desire it to and has a battery that must last the better part of a week. It has a straightforward layout that you can customize with a variety of bands, bands, or perhaps a belt clip.

It’s also functional, as well as can select you anywhere, whether on your following run or for a swim.

It’s additionally cost-effective. Beginning at $70, it’s the cheapest of Fitbit’s brand-new health and fitness trackers and less costly even than a few of the older versions that you can still find on Amazon.