The Smart world is getting bigger with smartwatches, smart bands, and earbuds the future of smart technology looks promising. 

Making their way into the Smart world, the Smart Rings appear as a novelty. Just like a fitness tracker, they can keep tabs on your health and fitness, but that’s not all they can also work as a smartwatch, offering NFC payments, online security, and access control. 

What is a Smart Ring

A smart ring is a wearable gadget that includes features of mobile devices, combined with fitness tracking and smartwatch functionalities.

These Rings are able to track your pace and distance and recollect data for you to improve your health and fitness levels, they are also able to track your heart rate, sleep patterns, and use payment methods such as credit cards right from your finger.

One main advantage that set the rings apart from the smartwatches world is that they focus on tracking, and some features can be more handy for those trying to have exact locations of themselves or their loved ones, with extra GPS location sensors.

Smart Ring Advantages

There’s some serious advantages when using a smart ring, first of all, it takes care of our phone’s anxiety. Nowadays we need to check our phones or smartwatches constantly, by having a smart ring we are going to be able to keep track of our habits and daily notifications without looking at our phones. 

A smart ring includes some of the same technology that comes with any smart gadget packed on a small device that can be worn on a finger. With the magic of Bluetooth connectivity, you can sync it to your phone and use some of the phone’s features as well. Some of the more fitness-focused rings include sensors that can track metrics like steps, heart rate, and even body temperature.

Other advantages are music on the go you can control your music straight from your smart ring you can also control and record your heart rate during the exercises and some smart Rings even offer insights based on heart rate data just like resting heart rate, making it a valuable ally for runners and cyclists.

Best Smart Rings in 2023

Oura Ring 3

The Oura Ring 3 is one of the most popular rings on the market with awesome features packed in a lightweight ring, it’s also water-resistant and comes with a battery life that can go from 4 to 7 days with just one charge.

With awesome sensors that can track your heart rate both resting as well during your exercise, body temperature measurement, and even SpO2. Making it one of the most advanced smart gadgets that you can buy. 

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The Oura Ring is available in different colors: silver, black, and matte black finishes the only downside that we find with this ring is the price, as today the Oura Ring retails from $300 plus they have a subscription model, which costs $5.99 a month, on top of the $299 for the ring. So at the end of the day, it’s more of a luxury item.

Motiv Ring

The Motiv Ring is a full fitness tracker, with the ability to track your steps, activity, distance, calories, sleep, and heart rate altogether, packed into an ultra-light titanium body that will feel comfortable and light on your finger. 

This ring also works as a smartwatch, giving you access to connect to websites, as well as login into them and browse freely. If you’re already using a health app on your phone such as Google Fit you can connect with it and sync all your data on the cloud.

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The ring is waterproof up to 50 m (165 feet), so you can freely use it underwater, or take a shower with it. 

The USB battery life can last up to 72 hours of use and will be fully charged in 90 minutes. The Motiv Ring is available in 3 different colors: silver, black, and rose gold, and you can buy it for $200.

Wellue O2Ring

The Wellue O2Ring is a more focused type of ring and is the best partner for folks that want a reliable track for their hearts.

By using a blood oxygen saturation measurement, the smart ring creates a reading of the number of oxygenated blood cells in your body. This reading is well known in the fitness tracking world and is as called SpO2, with the healthy range being between 95% and 100%.

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This FDA-approved ring comes with a built-in vibration motor that kicks into gear when it sees something out of normal with your normal heart rate whack. You’ll get a phone alert in case your blood oxygen level or your heart rate are outside of the threshold.

When it comes to battery life the ring is not the best. By using a USB port you can fully charge the gadget, but it will last around 24 hours to 36 with a full charge. In terms of price is one of the most affordable smart rings on the list at $179.00.

Circular Ring

The French-based start-up Circular came to the market to compete directly with the Oura Smart ring (that we reviewed earlier in this post). 

With interesting features such as Medical grade SpO2 levels during sleep and rest periods, Heart rate tracking, and temperature tracking. This ring can compete against any fitness tracker without a problem.

The Circular come also with 24/7 Activity tracking,  including steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned, Waterproof to 50 meters, the ring comes in black and white colors with 4.5-16 ring sizes.  

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Priced at $264.00 is one of the most expensive rings on our list, but the features and funcionts that come along are really worth it.

Keydex NFC Ring 

This Smart ring is branded as the smallest NFC wearable device in the world, made by fine ceramics, also known as Zirconia ceramics. 

One of the coolest features of this ring is that comes with onboard NFC, allowing you to set actions using the company’s app. You can also edit name cards, web addresses, and text using the same app 

When it comes to design is pretty basic, compared to the rest of the rings in our list this is one of the most basic-looking ones, but don’t get us wrong it’s still a nice-looking one, but maybe is not the sleekest in terms of style. 

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Alotuhg is branded as a smart ring, the smart features are mainly the onboard NFC, this ring will not be able to track your health and fitness stats but solely the ability to customize actions on your phone to pair with the ring, such as unlock phones, doors and other elements of your mobile life.

Now, when it comes to price, is by far the most affordable one on our list, priced at $18.99 the Keydex ring is a great starter ring for those that are looking to try out the smart ring wave without breaking the bank