Breaking the mold with a bright screen and a juicy battery life

The Fitbit Inspire 3 is that fitness tracker that you didn’t know that you need it until it came to the market.

When it comes to fitness features is packed with the most useful tracking functionalities that will help you with your daily activities, your sports, and even your sleep.

But is the right tracker for you? read below and find out all about the Sleekest and most affordable Fitbit Fitness Tracker.

Fitbit Inspire 3: Design 

When it comes to design the latest Inspire 3 was the only one from the latest launches ( Versa 4 and Sense 2) that really changed in looks. With a more sleek design, the Inspire 3 remind us of the Luxe lineup. 

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Featuring now a rounded pebble instead of a flat part of the band, and is easily removable or swappable so you can get rid of the band entirely and attach it to a different wristband or even clipped onto your clothes. 

On the side you will have a CapSense button, to help you navigate through. 

And the most important factor when it comes to design is the 124 x 206px Gorilla Glass AMOLED color display, which also includes an always-on display function for the first time in the series. Now you will be able to check your exercise progress at a glance. 

The tracker is available in a range of colors and you can buy different bands including a stainless steel mesh strap if you wish. There’s also an optional clip-on option for those days that you dont want to use the tracker as a watch.

Fitbit Inspire 3: Features

The Inspire 3 is the best when it comes to price quality, in terms of features is packed with Active Zone Minutes, calories burned, distance, heart rate, and steps all for less than $100. 

You can also track your stress levels, and sleep patterns, plus monitor your oxygen saturation levels, or SpO2, which can help you recover more efficiently. This is the first Inspire model that is able to monitor your blood oxygen (SpO2), making it a great partner for folks that want to track closely their health. 

You will also have movement reminders that will gently remind you to move from time to time throughout the day. During a workout, you will be able to check on the display when you’re in fat burn, cardio, or peak zones so you know how hard you’re working.

A great fitness feature that comes along with the Inspire 3 is the Daily Readiness Score, which will give you a detailed analysis of how ready you are to take a demanding workout that day, or maybe is best to go for a cardio routine. Although you will have access to this feature only for 6 months since this feature is a Fitbit premium feature. Then you will have to pay a monthly subscription to be able to use it. 

Fitbit Inspire 3 Battery Life 

When it comes to battery life the Inspire 3 packs 10 days of juice, just like the previous model. 

But don’t get us wrong here, it’s still one of the best battery life that we have experienced on any tracker that can deliver high-end fitness tracking features such as the Inspire 3. 

When we tried the Inspire 2 the battery life was up to 12 days without the need for a charge, but we only use it for tracking, and with the always-on display turned off. With the AOD on, the battery lasted only 7 days, so for us, the 10 days mark from Fitbit is pretty accurate.

Price and availability

The Inspire 3 is available already since it was launched on September 22, 2022. When it comes to price the tracker will cost you $100, which seems like a bargain considering the number of features and high-end functionalities that come along. 

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The tracker body is only available in black but is sold with three different band colors for you to choose from Midnight Zen, Lilac Black, or Morning Glow. 

The wristband comes in two sizes: small, and large and they will fit any wrists ranging from 5.4″ to 8.7″ in circumference. As with all of the best Fitbits, there’s also a range of accessories, including metal bands, and an exercise clip, which allows you to wear the tracker on your clothing during workouts.


The Fitbit Inspire 3 is the best affordable fitness tracker on the market, it will give you quality features for a good price. 

It can be the best partner for those that are looking to get into the fitness world and are still not sure. It will also keep your health and fitness in check and you can rest assured that the tracking data is the most precise and clear, so you can understand which are the most important points on your routine to improve and which ones are you already on top of.

For people that are looking to track their fitness on a professional level like marathon runners, or athletes, a better fit will be the Fitbit Charge 5, which has built-in GPS, and a similarly bright screen. But if you’re looking for the best fitness tracker under $100, the Fitbit Inspire 3 should be at the top of your list.