Fitbit Versa Lite vs Versa vs Versa 2 Compared, ok that sounds tricky to say but even more tricky is to have a glance of these 3 models, that look similar they feel similar, but in terms of features, there are some big differences.

So today we put ourselves to the test with one of the most detailed research and full reviews for you guys!.

So let get started!

Fitbit Versa Lite vs Versa vs Versa 2 – Which one is the Best For You?

The Versa edition is one of the most beloved series from Fitbit. The regular Versa was the first competing smartwatch against the Apple Watch, and I know you might be thinking that the Ionic was the first smartwatch that Fitbit ever release, but there was no competition at that time, the release of the Ionic was tinted by tons of costumers heating the design.

And that when the Versa came to the market, as a smartwatch that looks like one.

And at the beginning people like it, at least more than the Ionic, but even the whole Fitbit power couldn’t stan against the Apple ecosystem.

So that when the Versa 2 came to the battle arena, to try again to get some of those smartwatch goods from Apple, and this time the situation was different.

But here we are in 2020 when we need to know the truth!!! What happened with the last series the Versa 2? its that good? there any improvement?

Lets find out!

What’s new with the Versa 2?

With the release of the Fitbit Versa 2, we now have much more alternatives to choose from the rich Fitbit schedule.

The Versa 2 can be found in comparable appearance as its predecessor, yet it’s currently much more furnished with an extra interactive AMOLED screen, voice assistant and also a mild longer battery life.

Also included in this comparison is the popular Versa and the minimal Versa Lite. In the contrast chart, we contrast the Fitbit Versa Lite vs Versa vs Versa 2 specifications and attributes, so you understand the distinctions.

Fitbit Versa Lite vs Versa vs Versa 2 – Differences

The difference between the brand-new Versa 2 as well as Versa is that the previous is much more geared up with a built-in microphone that enables voice aide supported by Alexa which isn’t present in the Versa.

It additionally has a much more interactive as well as vibrant AMOLED screen and also has a slightly longer battery life than the Versa.

Which one is Better?

Although all three smartwatches look trendy and also stylish in their particular means, the Versa 2 with a minor bigger instance size permits you see more at a look contrasted to the various other two.

Furthermore, its AMOLED screen supplies a richer and much more interactive screen that’s meeting to see compared to the transflective LCD present of the other two. Although, you should be able to easily read the Versa and Versa Lite outdoors compared to the Versa 2.

The Versa Lite does not have onboard songs storage in addition to NFC chip that’s present on the two, this enables Fitbit pay– a non-contactless repayment system that allows you to pay on the move from these 2.

The Versa 2 also ships with a built-in microphone which makes it possible for Alexa voice aide feature that permits you to accomplish tasks just with your voice.

Furthermore, the Versa 2 evaluated to last 6 days or more has a longer battery life than the Versa Lite as well as Versa both of which ought to maintain you going with regarding 4 days or even more.

Fitbit Versa Lite vs Versa vs Versa 2 — Features


The Fitbit Versa 2 as well as the Versa Lite are comparable in a lot of means. Nevertheless, the Versa Lite is a successor of the Versa 2, so they have preserved the best aspects. However, as the name recommends, it is also a ‘lite’ variation, so it does not feature all the bells and whistles that the Versa 2 has, so there are a few distinctions.

Both smartwatches look the same with a rounded rectangular form, with the Versa Lite having a somewhat smaller sized watch face. These two devices only include one physical switch, which is the power on the left. With no extra buttons, navigation is by swiping and also touching the touchscreen.

When it comes to the screen, the Versa 2 includes a larger AMOLED panel that improves its comparison making it less complicated to read also in brilliant outdoor problems. This is useful when you intend to track your progress as well as fitness objectives whenever you are running, biking, or exercising.

Activity Tracking

Both the Fitbit Versa 2 and the Versa Lite has you covered when it concerns tracking your day-to-day tasks. From steps taken, distance traveled, sleep to your heart price, these two smartwatches can do all of it. After all, this is what Fitbit is known for, so these gadgets do these precisely and reliably.

These two featured the common collection of sensors and tracking data, yet you do lose out on some points with the Versa Lite. The most noteworthy is the floors climbed attribute, where the Versa Lite is unable to track. It does not have an altimeter sensor rendering it not able to log that data.

With the Versa Lite, you additionally do not have accessibility to on-screen workouts by Fitbit Coach. If you count on that feature or if you are looking for a device that uses it, after that the Lite may not be for you.

In addition to these differences, both these smartwatches carry out reasonably similar with 24/7 heart rate tracking and also a female health and wellness monitoring system so you can monitor your menstruations.

Smart Features

Besides being a fitness tracker, as all Fitbits are, the Versa 2 and also the Versa Lite are likewise smartwatches. That implies that they do have added capacities that you would certainly not find in regular physical fitness bands.

The first one we are going to look at is the FitbitOS that is on both gadgets. It features a reasonably straightforward UI that is easy to move as well as access your apps and notifications. When paired with your smartphone, you will have the ability to sync your notices. You can even reply to messages that turn up on either gadget.

There is additionally third-party app support, similar to other smartwatches like the Apple Watch. This allows you to download and install apps like Uber, Alexa, Strava, MyFitnessPal, and others that can assist you on your fitness trip.

Considering that these two tools are from the same maker, and also the very same collection, there are a lot of resemblances. Yet, there are likewise a few differences where the Versa 2 features, even more, functions contrasted to the Versa Lite. One of minority app-based distinctions is the Versa Lite’s Alexa support, which it does not have. On the Versa 2, you will be able to accessibility all Alexa includes much like how you would on an Echo.


Although each of these three has obtained a good style and also wonderful functions as well as long battery life, but the Versa 2 with an extra outstanding style, even more features as well as longer battery life is clearly the most effective option. It cost regarding very same rate as the Versa which makes it a wonderful deal.