Huawei is coming strong and stronger every year and now appear into the market with the most featured pack smartwatch that also features a new design the Huawei Honor Magic Watch 2, a bezel-less watch face, and 3D beveled bezel, the watch shows its uniqueness when it comes to honoring Classic and innovation of style.

Especially with the Tachymeter that accents the old and classic models, this tracker is extremely beautiful, and the border of the screen is even more beautiful than the GT 2 version.

Design – Modern and Classic

Applying the 3D glass screen in the smartwatch is a new step for Huawei on Huawei Watch GT device 2. High-quality glass carved with gemstone technology makes it more durable and water and dust resistant than other equipment.

Featuring an Ultra slim design the tracker comes in the 46MM version is only 10.3mm thin and the 42MM version is only 9.4mm that makes you comfortable in all activities without worrying about the watch causing your hands to get stuck in sports while the design is still fashionable.

Honor Magic Watch 2 – High-end Display

On the new Honor Magic Watch 2, Huawei has upgraded the Amoled screen with a much higher sharpness and unit brightness for outdoor sports than the Honor Magic Watch version 1.

Experience the image, the copper faces Great sharp lake. Pixel density is up to 462 ppi (on Apple Watch Series 5, Apple’s latest pixel density is only 326ppi). 1.39 inch screen (454 x 454 pixels) on 46mm version, 42mm version 1.2inch screen size (390 x 390 pixels)


The Huawei Honor Magic Watch 2 comes with notification right from your wrist, but that not all you can also make calls with it!

On the 46MM version, there is an additional speaker, mic for talking directly on the watch or listening to music right on the device.

Another cool advantage is the Bluetooth calling feature that will allow you to Stay in touch for a long time, you can make or receive calls while playing sports or when your hand is having trouble using the phone .. Always stay in touch with your family and friends.

The HUAWEI Honor Magic Watch 2 comes with capacity for up to 500 songs and easily pair with other Bluetooth headsets. You can enjoy music from your favorite list without a phone when jogging or exercising.

Then you will also have the TruSleep 2.0 technology, that will give you a full track of your sleep. The HUAWEI Honor Magic Watch 2 can scientifically monitor and diagnose 6 common types of sleep problems while providing suggestions for better rest.

And, while you sleep the clock will monitor your heart rate, analyze your breath, and give points on your overall sleep quality.

You can also track your stress levels. Track stress all day, all day health care with HUAWEI TruRelax technology. Relaxation training by breathing relieves stress and regulates mood in time.

As you can see you can do it all with this smartwatch track your activities all day. The Huawei Watch GT 2 Smart Watch Track your exercise progress throughout the day such as your step count, calories burned, number of times you stand up, and moderate to high-intensity activity time.

Battery Life

With the new Honor Magic Watch 2, Huawei’s new generation upgrade with HUAWEI Kirin A1 self-developed chip ensures high performance and extremely low power consumption, dual-chip design, and smart energy-saving technology. , battery life lasts you up to 2 days in a row.

Magic Clock 2 is automatically optimized for longer battery life without affecting performance.

Sometimes the 46MM version can be used for 2 weeks continuously with usage: always monitor heart rate, exercise 90 minutes / 1 week, listen to music 30 minutes / 1 week especially with continuous exercise with GPS, and follow continuous heart rate monitoring for over 30 continuous hours.

For the 42MM version use 1 continuous week with use: always monitor heart rate, exercise 90 minutes / 1 week, listen to music 30 minutes / 1 week especially with continuous exercise with GPS and tracking continuous heart rate for over 15 continuous hours.