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Depending on what you wish to track your needs are going to be different, as well depending on your age, sports that you practice (or not) and type of diet that you have the range of gadgets gets even wider.

So let’s start by saying that if you are looking for a good activity tracker you have already heard about the Fitbit brand, the one that is on top of the market since day one.

If you are a Fitbit enthusiast we have the Fitbit Reviews where you will find detailed information about each Fitbit model, as well the Fitbit Comparison where you can understand the difference between the Fitbit’s available today on the market.

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In case you want to track something more specific you can check our reviews about

-Fitness Tracker for Cycling

-Waterproof Fitness Tracker

-Weight Loss Tracker

And if you are looking for a tracker but you are on a budget you definitely want to read our Smartwatch Under 100 Review.

Reviews for Kids:


Getting a Smartwatch for your children 

In case you are not sure on how an Activity Tracker can help your kids we explain the benefits of having a tracker for them. Once you are sure you need a tracker we give you different options on the best smartwatch for kids.

When kids start to develop they discover them self and the world that is around them, and if well is a great way for them to socialize and understand their surroundings is also a worry that you can’t stop. Thas when GSP Tracker for Kids becomes a handy tool. We cover the different options on how to track your kid from child Id Bracelet to Gps Watches.

Reviews to Lose Weight:

Losing Weight with a Fitness Tracker

When you start your weight loss journey you are going to notice that depending on your metabolism you are going to have different results, and tracking which are the most effective ways to lose weight is a MUST, to understand what helps you the most and focus on that.

Having a tracker can help you understand your body and check weekly on your progress. If you are looking for a Fitbit option we also have you covered.

Reviews Depending on Sports:


Best Sports Fitness Trackers 

If well most Fitness Trackers out there have you covered when it comes to regular tracking (pace, distance, etc), depending on your sports activities some trackers are going to be a better fit. That’s why we found the latest trackers that gather the best features depending on your needs.

Swimming Trackers  – Cycyling TrackersRunning Trackers for Women.