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fitness-trackers-reviews-usafitnesstracker.comFitbit Comparison: What is the difference between Fitbits?
Fitbits Compared: Features, Prices, GPS, Displays, Batteries, Waterproofing and More. We resume which is the best activity tracker that fits your budget and fitness levels!….


Best Fitbit for Kids 
As soon as you begin to consider on a Fitbit for kids, either you would like them to begin with a healthy lifestyle or perhaps your kids have caught the exercise bug and they are pulling your arm to get them one…


fitness-trackers-reviews-usafitnesstrackerFitbit Blaze Watch

The Fitbit Blaze watch is the company’s first major attempt at making an everyday watch. It’s somewhere between a smartwatch and a fitness tracker and picks a little from both. but is it the right fitness device for you? Read on to find out…


fitness-trackers-reviews-CHARGE-2-usafitnesstrackerFitbit Charge 2 Review

The Fitbit Charge 2 replaces the popular Charge HR, with interchangeable straps, new sports features, and larger display…