The Best smartwatch in the market has a new series, even though is still far ahead from the competition, they launch a new model that comes with some cool boost that makes the Apple Watch Series 5 one of the best smartwatches in 2020.

With a cool always-on display some key new features and a software update the Series 5 is the best smartwatch in 2019, although its not a huge difference from the Series 4, and for the price-conscious the Series 3 can be also a good buy in 2019.

Pros +

  • Always on Display
  • WatchOS6 with Cycle training
  • Compass
  • New Apps

Cons –

  • Still 18 hour of battery Life
  • Not compatible with Android

Improvements from The Series 4 at a glance:

  • So the biggest improvement is the always-on display that we already mentioned before, it was long overdue with all the other major players like Fitbit, Samsung, and Pebble that already feature the always-on display, it was a feature that was lacking on the best smartwatch.
  • Then you have the Compass that will help you with location when navigating using maps.
  • Another upgrade is the International SOS trigger on cellular watches that works without the need for a cellular contract

So that’s mainly it, then you have a premium version that cost extra that comes with titanium and ceramic finishes that looks awesome but for some extra bucks.

So the biggest improvements are for those that like outdoors activities and will like to get in the wild with no worries, you can usee the compass and in the worst-case scenario the SOS trigger, but the lack of a better battery life will give you only 18 hours of juice, so you will need to go for short adventures, or take some power charger with you.


When it comes to design the latest Series 5 looks just like the previous Series 4. You can choose between the 44mm case and the 40mm for those who have slimmer wrists.

The case is still a graceful 10.7 mm, and it weighs around 36 grams. It’s barely noticeable on your wrist, and the curved case is wonderfully ergonomic.

The days of the being upset over the Apple Watch not being round are over. It has actually ended up being a really cool designed watch, as well as Apple’s improvements for the Series 4, where the visible area of the screen was enlarged without increasing the size of the body, making it a really attractive and classy timepiece.

The presentation and build quality that comes along the Series 5 is also very elegant. You will get an elongated box that is really stylish with the watch wrapped in a soft and tiny bag.

The Straps come separated from the case, and the sports Version come with 2 bands to choose from, one medium and one large

The case is delicate but long-lasting, as well as even the aluminum design, which is the least expensive, feels exceptionally premium quality. The matte finish space grey of the body combined with the white Sport Band is simple, elegant, as well as wonderfully made. It’s as stylish as you can get it.

If you are wondering about the stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic Apple Watch, you will get an even more premium watch although there isn’t an extremely substantial difference in texture or build.

Yes, they’re much more resilient, and also you do get additional “brag” factors, yet that’s about it. Nobody will certainly know unless you tell them, so stick to the lightweight aluminum (it’s 100% reused so it’s better for the setting anyhow) as well as invest the remainder of the cash on developing a collection of different straps instead.

The design of the Apple Watch Series 5 hasn’t altered because there is simply no need. The only means to go from here is, when the technology allows, to make the case also slimmer and also the bezels smaller. Until after that, it’s magnificent.

An always-on Display

Right here’s the biggest difference between the Series 5 and 4 the always-on display, which will show you the time 24 /7. It doesn’t seem like a really big improvement in terms of smart watches but it was the one thing lacking on the Apple Watch.

It wasn’t a major problem, as the Watch responded so promptly when you raised your wrist, but it does heal the pain point of not being able to give it a quick look to see the time. A not-so-subtle wrist-raise to check the time wasn’t ideal either.

The Series 5 doesn’t just show you what time it is. When non-active, the display reveals you a dimmer variation of all the details on your watch face.

You can choose from a wide array of watch faces and all are customizable so you can get a personalized watch face and change it from time to time.


Another of the new updates with the Series 5 is the Compass that will help you move around using maps, and allowing you to find new routes without getting lost

Apple is opening the Compass API to third-party apps, as well as is likewise utilizing it in its very own Maps application to enable a function that reveals you which instructions you’re facing, is an excellent feature being a lot more necessary when camping or hiking in farther areas.

It must be noted that particular watch bands will certainly disrupt the Series 5’s integrated magnetometer. Primarily, any kind of band with a magnet in it will shake off the compass’s capacity to perform, so if you’re heading out for an adventure, leave the Milanese Loophole or Modern Clasp at home.

Health and Fitness Tracking

Unless you’re hyper-focused on one specific sporting activity, like running marathons or an additional type of extreme training where you require certain metrics, the Apple Watch is the only fitness as well as health tracker you’ll ever before need to wear.

It will keep track of your steps, calories, per hour movement, leisure, VO2 Max information, hrs invested standing, and also exercise monitoring for every little thing including swimming and also biking, as well as extra uncommon tasks like yoga exercise as well as elliptical training.

All this is offered somewhere else, yet where Apple does well is the comprehensive picture it develops of your health and wellness in time, as well as the additional tracking that has in fact saved lives.

It all adds up to a solid factor to continue using the Apple Watch, which’s not something you can state about any other smartwatch. The longer you wear it, the more information is gathered, and the more fads become apparent, aiding you to alter your lifestyle right.

There is rather actually a new fads tab in the Activity application on your iPhone (it requires 180 days of activity data to start seeing these fads), yet it provides abundant data on your task level in time.

Battery Life

Has the always-on display ruined the battery life? No. It’s possible to obtain a complete day (concerning 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.) and after that half the complying with a day out of a single charge.

Re-charging takes concerning an hr, and a top-up mid-day would quickly see it last for the rest of the 2nd day of use.

Your very own usage will differ, and expect battery life to lower if you use the call includes on a mobile Apple Watch, or an extended period of physical fitness tracking with GPS and also heart rate monitoring.

Also then, a day should still be possible. This is likewise the case with the smaller 40mm Apple Watch, which we likewise examined.

While it’s all-natural to charge a smartwatch every day, as well as there are brand-new functions placing added stress on the battery in the Series 5, it’s frustrating the brand-new version hasn’t handled to stretch the battery out to 2 days with regular use. Raising the use-time such as this would likewise make the enhancement of sleep checking most likely.