Fitness trackers and Smartwatches have been around for over a decade and year after year the improvements in their features and functionalities are more impressive.

From GPS tracking to Heart rate monitoring these gadgets can help you improve both your health as well your fitness levels in just a few months of wearing them.

But in the last few years, they developed new features for the senior population that will offer a piece of mind to both the user and their family. With SOS buttons and fall detection these trackers can quickly give a call to your personal contacts and even to your local authorities to take care of any emergency.

Having a fitness tracker can also improve your overall lifestyle, a study conducted by AARP, stated that 45% of adults over 50+ years old reported increased motivation for healthier living after six weeks of using a wearable activity or sleep tracker and 67% of them felt that such wearables were beneficial for their life.

Below we give you a list of the Top Fitness Trackers For Seniors in 2023

Easy Fitness Trackers for Seniors in 2023

Apple Watch Series 7


Price: $399.00 – from Amazon

A really easy-to-use Fitness Tracker for Seniors is the latest apple watch model the Series 7, which can give a wide range of health and fitness tracking features that can not only keep you in shape but also track health conditions and have your overall health in check. 

With high-end features such as blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), heart rate tracking, overnight respiration, sleep monitoring, pre-made workouts, and more. 

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When it comes to heart rate tracking the watch can alert you if it detects a high or low heart rate, irregular heart rhythm, and more. Making it a great partner for seniors the Series 7 can also detect if you have close contact with loud sounds and determine if it could damage your hearing. It will also be able to make Emergency SOS and both local and international emergency calls. 

It can also automatically seek help in case the watch detects a hard fall, the tracker will automatically call emergency services and your designated emergency contacts in case that is doesn’t detect any movement after the fall.

Fitbit Charge 5 


Price: $149.95 – from Amazon

Another great fitness tracker for seniors is the Fitbit Charge 5, offering great health and fitness features and advanced trackings like skin temperature, blood oxygen levels, and ECG, for seniors that keep themselves active. 

Just like the Apple Watch this tracker can monitor and track your heart-rate 24/7, and your temperature. It also includes a SpO2 sensor that can estimate your average blood oxygen saturation levels and range while you sleep. 

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The Charge 5 comes with multipurpose electrical sensors to track your sleep, stress responses, and vital signs. It can also assess your heart rhythm for atrial fibrillation and offers irregular heart rhythm notifications. 

With a compatible electrodermal activity scan app (EDA), the watch will monitor your sweat level and check if there’s any stress response, and in case you have, it will offer suggestions to control the stress.

Garmin vívosmart 5

Price: $149.99 – from Amazon

The third watch on our list is the Garmin vívosmart 5, another great companion for seniors looking for a reliable and easy to use fitness tracker.

As a regular tracker, you will be able to track your calories burned, sleep patterns, steps, and more. You can also use higher-end features such as smartphone integration that will give you access to phone notifications right on your wrist. By pairing the tracker with your phone you will be also able to piggyback the GPS from your phone and have GPS tracking, so you can track your distance and pace in a more accurate way. 

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A great feature for seniors is the LiveTrack option that can send information on the exact live location to your preprogram emergency contacts, so in case of any incident, the tracker will reach them right away. 

The Vivosmart 5 also excels in sleep tracking, so if you are looking to keep tabs on the quality of your sleep, this is a great option to consider buying. 

Medical Guardian’s MGMove Watch


Price: $74.95 (+$34.95/month)– from Amazon

A great Tracker for elders is the MGMove a stylish and discreet watch that comes with all the most important medical alert features, including a help button, 24/7 professional monitoring, and advanced location tracking. 

For those folks that are looking for a tracker that can monitor the activity and locations of the senior, this tracker comes packed with safety features such as 24/7 access to a TMA Five Diamond monitoring center, two-way talk with a monitoring center agent, GPS location detection, and caregiver location tracking through the My Guardian portal or app. 

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The Freedom Guardian also includes common smartwatch features like on-screen SMS messaging, calendars, reminders, and more. If you’re on the go, you can even use the voice feature to reply to messages by just speaking. 

It’s a discreet tracker, featuring a large and square touchscreen display with easy-to-see and use icons, and just 2 different color versions, you can choose from either a white model or a black one.

Angel Watch Series R Assist GPS Smartwatch for Elderly


Price: $149.99 – from Amazon

Some of you might know the Angel watch as a kid’s watch, but they launched a new model that its called the Series R, which is a similar-looking watch but with seniors in mind. 

The tracker can assist seniors with features such as sedentary alerts, that will keep them moving, medication reminders, and automatic fall detection.

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Some features that come along from the kid’s watch but are also great for seniors are GPS tracking, location history, video calling, and a three-second SOS button that will give you an extra peace of mind. 

Other features that can be helpful for seniors are Body temperature monitoring, Heart rate tracking, Blood pressure, and glucose monitoring, Sleep patterns, and the regular fitness tracking features such as steps taken, distance covered, and calories burned. 


After all, we give you a picture of the best Easy Fitness Trackers for Seniors in 2022 for you to buy. There’s some trackers that are more toward the seniors that want to have a healthier lifestyle and create a balance, then the first 2 either the Apple Watch or the Fitbit model can cover more than what you would ever need.

When it comes to a senior that wants to have a quick response over an emergency, then the last 2 trackers on our list ( MG move and Angel Watch), are the most adequate for them.

Closer to the middle we found the Garmin model that comes with the Live Track feature and it’s also a high-end fitness tracker. But needless to say, you wouldn’t regret trying any of the trackers on our list.