Fitbit Alta HR vs Charge

If you are looking for a comparison of the Fitbit Alta HR vs Charge 2, you probably want a fitness tracker that will take care of your fitness stats as well as your heart rate.

There is a big number of similarities between these 2 Fitbit models, but the difference is what makes them stand out.

This review explains to you the biggest differences and similarities so you can choose the watch that suits all your needs. From features, price, design and much more.

Fitbit Alta HR vs Fitbit Charge 2: Comparison Table

FeatureAlta HRCharge 2
Heart Rate Yes No
GPS NoOnly Pair with your phone
Waterproof No No
Accelerometer Yes Yes
Interchangeable Bands Yes Yes
Battery LifeUp to 7 Days Up to 5 Days
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Fitbit Alta HR vs Fitbit Charge 2: Design


In terms of design, both trackers are slim, although the Alta HR has a smaller screen, which can be good in terms of style but maybe not the best when it comes to notifications.

The aesthetic look from the Alta HR will give you extra comfort when it comes to wearing the watch 24/7. It will blend with different types of clothes so you can use it both at the gym as well as in the office.

The Alta has a small win regarding comfort, but it looks and feels more like a watch designed with women in mind.

However, some of the deluxe leather straps look very professional for those men that have an office job.

When comparing these 2, the Alta HR is the sleekest model. It is 25% slimmer and just 15mm wider. But don’t get us wrong, the Charge 2 is not that wide compared to the other trackers.

The display is bigger on the Charge 2 but it is the same monochromatic OLED screen with a polished silver body and bands made from a textured elastomer that you can exchange from a wide range of colors, finishes, and materials.

The screen in both cases will show your activity stats and the time, and you can change the stats that you want to have at a glance as you prefer.

However, there are some differences here. The Charge 2 comes with a stainless steel clasp, which you won’t get on the Alta HR. On the other hand, the Fitbit Alta HR has attracted the attention of a wide array of 3rd part band makers from the beginning, so you will find a greater amount of colors and customizations to choose from.

Fitbit Alta HR vs Fitbit Charge 2: Features

Fitbit Alta HR vs Fitbit Charge

When it comes to features, both watches can track the basics, such as calories and steps, and have access to the Fitbit App.

However, the Charge 2 comes with some extra features that you won’t find on the Alta HR.

One cool function that comes along is the ConnectedGPS that will track your runs in the most accurate way by using your phone GPS. The Charge 2 can also detect automatically your workouts and comes with the Relax mode that gives you guided breathing exercises.

The Alta HR comes with the Cardio Fitness Score that is similar to the VO2 Max reading, but on our test, the Fitness score is not the most accurate or precise.

So depending on your sports needs is when the decision gets real. For people that would like to track their workouts or runs, the Charge 2 is going to be a better fit. On the other hand, the Alta HR is a greater companion for those that would like to start to track their fitness level, their heart rate and be part of the Fitbit ecosystem with goals set, challenges and taunts with your friends.

When it comes to similarities, both trackers can monitor your heart rate, track your sleep patterns and give you extra motivation with the Fitbit App.

Last but not least, you can get notifications on both watches, receive calls, messages and calendar events on your wrist. You can also use some third-party apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Having said that, you will get more comprehensive data on the Charge 2 since it has a bigger display with extra room to show your data.

However, you won’t be able to make a call from your phone but you will be able to see who is calling. This feature works great in both trackers.

Fitbit Alta HR vs Fitbit Charge 2: Activity tracking

Fitbit-Alta-HR-vs-Fitbit-Charge (2)

When it comes to tracking your daily activity, both trackers can perform well and accurate.

The Charge 2 is a complete tracker that can give you information on most of your daily activities without the need to input data on the watch. It does most of the tracking automatically since the SmartTrack can recognize most sports, such as running and cycling. You will also get VO2 Max reading with the Charge 2, which gives you extra information on your cardio metrics.

The Charge 2 also offers the PurePulse technology that will track your heart rate even when you are resting, so you can take data on your heart rate 24/7 with this tracker.

The Alta HR is similar to the Charge 2 in the basics, such as steps and calories count as well as heart rate monitor.

However, you won’t have the VO2 Max on the Alta HR.

Another miss from the Alta HR is that you won’t be able to sync to your phone to use the GPS, so for those that want accurate data from their runs, they won’t be able to get it right with the Alta HR.

Fitbit Alta HR vs Fitbit Charge 2: Price

These two are really close when it comes to price.

The basic models can be found on Amazon for $ 117 in the case of the Charge 2 and for $129 the Alta HR.
But the prices will vary depending on sizes, colors, and bands. And there’s always different weekly discounts that you can get on Amazon, up to 50%.

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Fitbit Alta HR vs Charge 2: Battery life


On paper, the Alta HR has the advantage here, with up to 7 days of battery life instead of the 5 days that you will get with the Charge 2.

On the other hand, we tested both trackers and used them on a regular basis, with heart rate monitor and sleep stages on, plus 4 days of exercises tracking. Both watches were on for 6 days.

To charge the tracker you need to plug the proprietary charging cable into a USB port and that’s it!


On the basics, both trackers come with the same features and functionalities that most Fitbits come along, such as steps and calories count, and sleep and fitness tracking.

The Alta HR is a good looking tracker that does what Fitbit does best: performs as a top lifestyle tracker that will give you data on your steps, calories, sleep and heart rate.

The Charge 2 comes with some advantages though, with a bigger display and some extra features such as VO2 Max and a SmartTrack that will help you improve your runs or exercises.

In terms of design, the Alta is a better choice. However, for runs, the Charge 2 is going to be the best companion.

Besides that, both trackers can perform at a good level to get you to a healthier path improving every week and every month!

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