As soon as you begin to consider a Fitbit for kids, either you would like your kids to begin with a healthy lifestyle or perhaps they have caught the exercise bug and are pulling your arm to get them one.

You realized that there’s a full line of Fitbit trackers that may be right for your little ones or teens.

Fitbit is an accessible brand and each smartwatch is keenly priced. This makes it the best tracker for parents of young kids, who could be unable to buy or probably won’t want to hurt their wallet buying an activity tracker for their kid or teenager. So please read on as we recommend the most effective Fitbit for your kid.

Name Best for Waterproof Rating
Fitbit Ace

Kids Created just for them No 4.8/5
Fitbit Zip

Battery ( 6 Months) No 4.5/5
Fitbit One

Attachable (good for
kids that loose stuff)
No 4.6/5

Fitbit Flex 2

Price (less than $60) Yes 4.8/5
Fitbit Alta

Design and Features No 4.6/5
Fitbit Charge

Advance Features No 4.8/5

Activity Tracker for Kids

Getting kids active could be either an issue that is significantly challenging or something that you just never need to worry about at all. for those who have a kid that is jumping around every single day then you might not want to help make them become more active. But you might wanna know how much energy and calories he is burning a day to have a greater control of his health

For those who have a kid that is jumping around every single day, then you might not want to help make them become more active. But you might wanna know how much energy and calories he is burning a day to have a greater control of his health

Best Fitbit for

Do you notice some kids would rather spend hours on their tablets, smartphones or computers instead of having fun with their friends in the playground? The power of technology provides a lot of fun games on the tips of your children’s fingertips.

For these kids, the current online game captivation doesn’t only prevent them from real socialization but will also prevent them from keeping healthy lifestyles. So why not get the best from new technologies and try a fitness tracker for kids to improve their behavior?

So why not get the best from new technologies and try a fitness tracker for kids to improve their behavior?

Kids with activity trackers are inclined to move more because of the goals that they have to meet. You may find your children asking for an evening walk, or perhaps a 20 minutes run. Consider this as a chance to bond and get fit together.

What is the Best Fitbit for kids?

Fitbits are wearable fitness monitors that, based on the model, can keep track of steps, your rest, and heart rate, and they can even give you little reminders to move whenever your level of activity is too low.

All Fitbit gadgets connect to the Fitbit app for iPhone or iPad, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile, that gives you a comprehensive review of your day-to-day step goals, weight goals, consumption of calories, along with more important health and fitness information.

Under Fitbit’s Terms of use, customers below 13 years old aren’t able to have personal Fitbit accounts, so when you do want to synchronize your children’s tracker with the Fitbit app, you need to create your own account and let her or him access it that way.

Getting your kids a Fitbit is the best way to help them to take control over their fitness goals and see progress in real-time. Most people realize that they often exercise much better when they are with a company and Fitbit can be that fun little friend that cheers your children’s upon their daily exercise goals.

What can a Fitbit do for your children?

A Fitbit for Kids will:

 Keep track of your child’s exercise

 Maintain your kid motivated to move

– Increase physical, emotional and social health of your child

– Warn you in case your child is inactive

– Alert you in case your child enters or exit a particular location (called “geofencing”)

Best Fitbit for Kids – Top picks kid Fitness Tracker

Without further ado, here is a list of the best kids fitness trackers of 2018 starting off, of course, with yours truly:

Fitbit Ace – Best Overall

Best Fitbit for Kids

Fitbit’s Ace is the first Fitbit created just for kids, plain and simple it is the Alta model with a focus on kids. In terms of its design, it is the same as the Alta, but the biggest difference is that you need to set up a family account to use the

Fitbit App to protect your kids from adult information. The app also comes with animations, goal celebrations, and information geared toward children.

The Ace has a small band designed for kids. It is splash proof and has a battery life of 5 days without the need of a charge. A feature that doesn’t come along is the heart rate monitor.

The Ace model was created with the purpose of encouraging kids from 8 years+ to start to think about their health and fitness and get them out for runs instead of sitting at home playing video games or on their cell phones.

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Fitbit Zip 

Best fitbit for kids -fitbit-zip-where-to-buy-usafitnesstracker.comThe Fitbit Zip is a cheap fitness tracker. And let’s be honest here, kids have one thing in common they break stuff!!

So you probably don’t wanna spend a lot of money in front, just to see if your kids like the Fitness tracker or how they break it in a few weeks.

So, maybe getting your kid the Fitbit Surge, that costs around $ 200, is not be the best decision.

The Zip is a very effective tracker and the best part is that your kid can see their progress in real time by tapping the screen without the need for a cell phone in order to view the app.

This tracker comes in 4 different colors and takes a replaceable watch battery, but bear in mind that it lasts up to six months without needing a charge.

The Fitbit Zip clips easily onto your child’s clothing, which makes it incredibly easy to use.

If you are looking for a good and cheap option to get your kids into a healthy lifestyle the Zip is the one for you!

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Fitbit One

The Fitbit One is another cool gadget and cheap as well!

Best-Fitbit-for-Kids-fitbit-one-usafitnesstracker.comJust like the Zip is great to carry on, and comes with a clip that helps to easily attach the tracker to your kid’s clothes.

For kids, the One is a discreet fitness and sleep tracker. Let’s be clear! This watch does not have a lot of cool features like the other ones, this one is more of a logger for parents since it allows them to track their kid’s activities and sleeping patterns. The clip mechanism is robust and sturdy, and the battery life from only one charge is from 10 to even 14 days!

We said before is like the Zip but it also has some more advanced features like it offers sleep tracking in addition to fitness tracking, stairs climbed and a cool OLED display. This model can also be set up to vibrate gently in the morning, to wake the kids up from their sleep without disturbing the whole family!

While the Fitbit One and Zip were a novelty back in 2012 when they were released, these days the metrics they track are pretty standard. But in case that you are looking for a basic tracker to measure your child’s activity, the Zip and One both represent a great pick due to their reliability and excellent value for money.

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Fitbit Flex 2

Another cheap Fitness tracker (and for less than a $60) is The Flex 2!

This is one of the slimmest trackers yet and for the first time for a Fitbit device is not only water resistant but is also Waterproof up to 50 meters!. Meaning that your kids will be fine wearing the tracker in the shower, the pool or even the ocean.

The Flex 2 can also automatically track pool swims including laps, duration and the calories that your kid burn during the exercise.

This tracker is 30% smaller compared to the first model and has a completely removable core unit and exchangeable slim, that come in seven different colors. This is perfect for children as you don’t want them wearing a bulky fitness tracker.

Features a basic LED screen that works by using color-coded lights showing progress toward a daily goal, and maintains your kids connected with call and text message notifications.

The Flex 2 also comes with an elastomer band that stays put on the wrist (a great feature for those kids that like to climb or are moving and running all the time). But, the tracker itself is removable, so you can put it into any compatible band. The kids can even tie it to a rope and wear it around their neck.

This is really a completely fledged fitness tracker. Although it doesn’t come with a heart monitor, it will handle health and fitness tracking essentials such as automatic workout tracking, reminders to move and personalized weekly exercise goals.

You can buy the Flex 2 that is available on Amazon and Fitbit’s website as well.

Fitbit Alta

best fitbit for kids

In case you found the other devices a little too simple for your kid, then the Fitbit Alta is the Tracker for your children’s needs. It offers all the same features as the Flex 2 (activity tracking, sleep tracking, auto sleep tracking) but this model packs an OLED display into its design. The screen is intuitive to use, so your kid will simply tap it to cycle through the diverse features and data.

For kids becoming teenagers, the Fitbit Alta is a great pick. Looks great and slim, the latest model has a new range of special edition that includes gold device detailing and contrast rubber straps.

The Alta can also be sync with a smartphone or tablet app to display all the data it collects. And like the other models, the bands can also be switched to have a wide range of colors in a single device

And let’s take into account the cool factor. There’s one area where kids will naturally compete: who has the best toys. Even into the teen years, this tends to continue with more of a focus on gadgets and accessories. Be sure that you provide your children with the most effective start at fitness by getting them the coolest and funkiest fitness trackers.

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Fitbit Charge

The Charge is the most advanced Fitbit fitness tracker from the list. It’s actually a good fit for teenagers since it provides call notifications on its screen. The battery life can go from 7 to 10 days! and it will automatically keep track of exercise and sleep. It also syncs automatically with any smartphone, plus it allows you to see activity progress in real-time directly on your wrist.

best fitbit for childrens

For teenagers and kids, the Charge guarantees to become a useful companion. Caller ID lets your kids see who’s calling them on the screen display, they can also set vibrating alarms to wake up peacefully in the morning. By using the Fitbit app the kids (or you) can log their food with a calorie estimator, and earn badges depending on the foods that they eat and how active they are.

The Fitbit Charge can be picked up online. The pricing depends on the color, with black being the cheapest overall.

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Common Questions

What is a Fitbit and what does it do?

Fitbit is the number one tracker on the market that can track your children’s pace, sleep patterns and in some cases even monitor where your children are with GPS

What is the minimum age for a Fitbit account?

As we mentioned before kids need to be at least 13 years old to have their own Fitbit Account, but if they are under 18 is best to review the service agreement with their parents.

Is Fitbit good for Kids?

When we start to search for the best Fitbit for kids, we end up talking with a lot of parents that use Fitbit for kids as well parents that use other types of smartwatches for children and we realized that on reality kids don’t talk about the calories they burned; it’s just not an issue.

But they really like to keep track of their steps and how much miles they do today and this week compared to yesterday or last week. 

They also use a lot the Fitbit app where you can connect with friends and compare or challenge your pals. They check stats like who has the most steps after school? who has more sleep hours and try to beat their own personal best. It’s just fun!

Do Fitbits tell you the time?

Most Fitbit can tell the time but in case of the Flex 2, you can not check the time, although you can set an alarm scheduling the time and it will vibrate at the alarm time that you need.

Can you Buy Fitbit for kids on Amazon?

Yes, all these smartwatches have a link to the store where you can find all the Best Fitbit for kids on Amazon that we talk about on this page.

Is Fitbit Accurate?

This is a really big question and the reality is that every fitness tracker or smartwatch out there are not 100% accurate. But on the Fitbit side, they put a lot of effort into this matter so let’s say that they are the most accurate on the market.

But to get the best from it is recommended for you to use it every day so you can have a real track of your activities and in case is not a 100 % accurate you can realize the differences between those days that you where sitting all day, and the difference when you work out, or you where walking all day. This way you can have actual statistics on how much calories and different metrics you were spending and how to improve your overall health.


At the end of the day, buying a Fitbit for kids is a great idea because it helps them take ownership of their exercise goals and overall fitness. Keeping them in an active lifestyle that helps them stay mentally and physically healthy.

No matter the ages of our kids, from newborns to teens, getting their activities monitored offers parents an enormous relief. Depending on your child, among the above-listed trackers for kids, you will find what you need to monitor your child’s activities and motivate them to keep an active way of living.