There are several Fenix 6 designs, however considering the specs, the closest tool would be the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro which has an RRP of ₤ 600 while the Leader 945 is ₤ 519.99.

There is clearly a considerable layout distinction, the Fenix array does a far better work of being a laid-back daily watch than the Forerunner 945.

With the Fenix array being the flagship design for Garmin’s customer lineup is it worth it over the Forerunner 945 which is often viewed as a cost effective Fenix?

With the release of the Garmin fenix 6 in 2019, and also the Forerunner 945 just a couple of months prior, Garmin is providing two exceptional watches with the latest and biggest technology. But they both come with a high price point.

The FR 945 has a smooth look and individual experience, added training features, and also boosted safety and security attributes with occurrence messaging. The fenix 6 is a sturdy, versatile watch that looks as excellent in the office as it does outside.

If you are a runner, swimmer, cyclist or triathlete that wants a robust look for a great deal of different activities, with comprehensive statistics and attributes, look no more than these 2 choices.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro vs Garmin Forerunner 945 Features


Both Garmin watches are water immune. Nonetheless, the Garmin Fenix 6 can be consumed to 100 meters under water. The Garmin Forerunner 945 can just be used up to 50 meters. The classification of the Garmin Fenix 6 corresponds to 10 ATM MACHINE and also the FR 945 to 5 ATM MACHINE.

After an upgrade you can likewise utilize the pulse sensing unit under water with the FR 945. This makes both the Fenix 6 and also the FR 945 suitable for swimming.


Both watches have four different run profiles to pick before your workout: running, interior track running, treadmill running, and trail operating.

For outside runs, conventional stats include GPS-based distance, time and speed. You’ll additionally obtain cadence (actions per min) and also a contrast in between your existing stats (throughout an intense run) and also your ordinary health and fitness level.

Garmin switched over to a Sony GPS chip to extend the battery life of their watches. The GPS is suitable generally, but some runners complain of tiny errors for outside runs (it ought to be noted that all customer GPS gadgets are a little inaccurate to differing levels). You’ll obtain a recap of your workout that includes training impact, VO2Max, recuperation, and training condition.

For interior operating, GPS is switched off. Your rate, distance, and also tempo are all calculated with the accelerometer, which when we checked, was very precise. You can additionally adjust treadmill follow you go for the very least a mile.

A brand-new feature for the fenix 6 is PacePro. Note: this function is a little different on the fenix 6 vs 6 Pro. Yet they essentially do the exact same thing by supplying customized speed assistance based upon altitude and also individual preference. Any person who has attempted to preserve a regular rate on a hilly training course knows it’s difficult to run even splits.


The short answer is that battery life on both versions has to do with the very same.

But once you dig into several of the sophisticated battery features on the fenix 6, things get a little much more nuanced.

If you simply use each watch as a smartwatch, you’ll rise to 14 days of battery life with each. Switch over to GPS setting as well as you’ll obtain 36 hrs. GPS with music (only available on the fenix 6 Pro) reduces battery life better to about 10 hrs.

However brand-new in the fenix 6 are power monitoring choices to personalize which features you desire switched on or off. This means you can see which features are the greatest battery drains, and turn those on and off. Also better, you can do this on the fly if you are running low on battery throughout a workout.

With so much customization, the battery life swings in the fenix 6’s support. Since all points being equivalent, having the alternative to pick what attributes you want and also don’t desire in order to maintain power is an action above the (still excellent) battery in the 945.

Which one is the Best?

There is not a lot of difference between the two designs, you pay a costs the boosted appearances of the Fenix 6 Pro, and also some small specification enhancements. This comes at a price of weight.

Severe runners/swimmers might be far better off with the Forerunner just for the weight benefit. Individuals that do multiday endurance events will likely choose the 6X Pro. Past that, it will certainly be a subjective selection.

Comparing the Fenix 6 Pro to the FR945, I think the ₤ 70 is reasonable for the costs develop as well as far better display. Garmin has currently done well with the Fenix crossing over right into the casual/style market and also this is clearly their objective below.

I mean one debate can be made that the Fenix 6 Pro is a bit meaningless, the appearances are not that different, and also the features are the same. It is the Fenix 6S with its elegant looks and smaller kind or the 6X Pro with its unbelievable battery life that are both watches that truly distinguish the Fenix 6 collection from the Forerunner 945.