To remain on top of your health and wellness game, it makes good sense to sync your two favorite health and fitness tools.

For a while, individuals have been requesting a sync function between Fitbit and also Apple Health. Sadly, Fitbit still does not have strategies to implement a hassle-free sync attribute in between the two.

While downloading a third-party app another may not be your front runner, it does address the trouble. Right here’s how to do it.

Benefits of using Apple Health

You may be wondering why do I need the Apple Health App?

That’s an excellent Question! The Fitbit app and also internet sites are rather strong.

The main reason you ‘d most likely intend to use this workaround is that you’re intending to buy an Apple Watch when it releases sometime in early 2014 and also you would certainly such as a little connection to your health stats. You might also like Apple’s user interface to Fitbit’s.

You could also say that if you own a Fitbit, you need to own the data– not merely the capacity to accessibility Fitbit’s line of services.

What would you need?:

Sync your fitness: Sync Solver for Fitbit ($ 4.99 at App Store).

How to use Sync Solver to sync Fitbit to Apple Health

  1. When you’ve downloaded the Sync Solver for Fitbit app, open it and also press Sync Now.
  2. Next, your Apple Wellness app will open. You can choose to switch on all the groups or the ones you have an interest in syncing.
  3. You’ll be prompted to log in to your Fitbit account as well as asked for permission to your data, press Permit.
  4. After giving consent, open Sync Solver so it can start syncing. It could take some time, so hold your horses.
  5. Upon conclusion, examine your data on Apple Wellness to validate the sync achieved success.

Your work is pretty much done afterward. Sync Solver uses Apple’s background sync attribute. The application will immediately sync data from your Fitbit throughout the day.

You can always open up the application and sync manually, as well. Not everybody likes third-party apps, but it’s the most effective service offered up until Fitbit and Apple Health and wellness determine to make things less complicated.

Other Choices

Our favorite application.
When it pertains to choosing an application for syncing Fitbit information to Apple Health, Sync Solver is a popular fave amongst Fitbit community members and also we need to concur.

But Sync Solver isn’t perfect– it doesn’t have accessibility to Fitbit’s Partner API, so it can’t do intraday syncing, and it’s not likely to gain that capacity since several of its functions, like data exportation, complete straight with Fitbit’s premium registrations.

There are a few various other applications for iPhone especially made to bridge Fitbit and Apple Health And Wellness. One is called Wristband Supervisor, however, it doesn’t have virtually as numerous testimonials as Sync Solver as well as it additionally costs $1.99. SyncFit guarantees to do the very same point for $0.99, however the testimonials state it doesn’t function.

Can I use My Fitness Pal instead?

One big problem is that you can’t use a free app like My Fitness Pal as an Apple Wellness intermediary. Presumably as if you could– My Health and fitness Friend can obtain information from a [business] Fitbit [/business], and also it can also interface with Apple Health and wellness.

Yet the problem is that it won’t sync actions or miles logged to Apple Wellness. Some individuals, however, have actually reported that if you’ve obtained the Fitbit Aria scale, it’s feasible to import that weight information right into Apple Health via My Fitness Buddy.

Double stepping

One of the most typical trouble that customers face is that their steps are dual counted. Due to the fact that Health can utilize a more recent Apple iPhone as an action counter, often when utilizing a workaround [firm] Apple [/business] Health and wellness will count both the steps from both the Fitbit and also your Apple iPhone.

To fix this, browse toHealth Data > Fitness > Steps > Share Data in the Health App. In the corner, faucet Edit as well as move Sync Solver up to the top of the list of Data Resources– which will certainly prioritize it over the steps read by your iPhone.

Finally, you need to sync by hand or every day utilizing these kinds of workarounds. It’s due to the fact that these applications don’t have official Partner accessibility to Fitbit’s API, and that’s not likely to ever before be provided due to the fact that Fitbit not syncing with Apple Wellness is an organization choice, not an oversight.

Go with other fitness tracker

Occasionally, it’s simply unworthy the effort to flex an item into functioning a means it had not been made to function. It might be silly that Fitbit can’t sync with Apple Health and wellness (or Google Fit) but there are several trackers that do work with both. Jawbone’s UP line of wristbands can sync with Apple Health and wellness, and so can the Misfit Flash or Sparkle.

And also lastly, Fitbit’s software program is rather great and could be a much better fit for you than Apple Health is at the moment. Fitbit’s application offers details in a way that’s understandable, and also it’s got features for testing you and also helping you stay on par with friends.

And if none of these workarounds benefit you, the Apple Watch will certainly be out soon, which’s assured to function well with Apple Health.