Fitbit Trackers exist to help you live a healthier life by tracking your fitness objectives. After listening to success stories, it’s most likely you’ve thought about buying one for yourself. Maybe you’re attempting to drop weight, training for an event, or just wish to make healthier selections on a daily basis.

There’s no denying that Fitbit tools are interesting gizmos that might be an excellent workout friend for numerous people. But is a Fitbit the right gadget for you?


Regardless of which model you select, you’re making a financial investment. Prior to you head out and purchase one, ask yourself these easy Fitbit questions to see to it deserves the expense.

Do You Workout Regularly?

This is the very first concern to ask yourself since it’s a catch that many individuals fall into. Basically, a Fitbit is not a magic bullet that will instantly give you the inspiration to exercise.

Some individuals provide every reason conceivable for why they do not work out. They assert that they can not start until they have appropriate clothing, or up until the weather condition changes, or until they have the right gadget. However the reality is that it’s not these secondary facets that prevent them from starting– it’s themselves.

If you do not have the inspiration to regularly function in the direction of your exercise objectives without a Fitbit, purchasing one is not mosting likely to all of a sudden alter your methods. A physical fitness tracker is implied to track your habits as well as provide you workable information.

Know yourself as well as whether you’ll actually commit to a plan. Somebody that will not go with a stroll today due to the fact that they’re waiting for their Fitbit to show up in the mail tomorrow will certainly constantly find a reason to prevent exercising.

Basically: If you don’t exercise routinely and also intend on a Fitbit alone inspiring you to do so, don’t buy a Fitbit.

Will You Actually Wear It and also Use It?

Once you’re dedicated to working out, you need to make a decision if you’ll actually wear your Fitbit on a regular basis. If you do not like the sensation of using a watch or bracelet, you won’t like a Fitbit either.

For a physical fitness tracker to do its job, you need to wear it almost all the moment. Stopping working to use it throughout a walk or in the evening implies it will not videotape your actions as well as sleep properly. And also if you get it only to have it being in a cabinet, what’s the point?

You can clip the smaller Fitbit Zip on your pocket, however this fundamental tool can just inform you so much. Less-expensive devices like the Flex 2 merely break in with a little connector, while the higher-end devices like the Charge 3 make use of a band similar to a watch.

Those with sensitive skin might wind up with irritabilities from using the Fitbit all the time. If your job avoids you from putting on a watch, you can’t wear your Fitbit during the day either.

Regardless of which Fitbit tracker you use, you’ll need the cost-free application to access all the info it gathers. Will you set up those applications on your phone to stay on top of your progress, or disregard them?

Health and fitness tracking pointers and also techniques will not matter if you do not consistently engage with your gadget as well as application.

In other words: If you can’t devote to putting on the gadget mostly all day, daily, do not buy a Fitbit.

How does a Fitbit work?

Throughout the day, these easy watches can keep an eye on the number of steps you take, calories you burn, heart price and hours of sleep. They combine an OLED (a natural light discharging diode), altimeter (that detects height adjustment), a heart price monitor, as well as lots of individual metrics to send to you a fusion of information about your health and fitness (or lack thereof) for the day.

What are the main +PROS of Using a Fitbit Tracker?

Boost your willing to workout

Fitness trackers hold individuals liable, not only to themselves however likewise their good friends. Most of the times you can sign up with competitors and networks to aid support your health and fitness and also challenge each various other to increases task. For some individuals, this makes trackers like the FitBit worth the loan alone.


Immediate responses are powerful in fitness. The chance to set tiny attainable targets and obtain a small little celebration from the tracking tool when you accomplish them is encouraging. Being able to sync the gadget to a program on your phone that reveals your progress, as well as turning points, continues continued success for lots of people.

Increase your movement

I know you have them, buddies, who are 100% stressed with hitting their 10,000 step everyday goal. The fact is that although the gadget increases activity, there is no guarantee that 10,000 steps will assist you to accomplish your current health and wellness goals. With that said being claimed, I am 100% in support of anything that helps people obtain their body moving more.

We have actually moved into such a sedentary lifestyle that any inspiration to boost total health and wellness is a good one in my publication. So buy one for Grandma that sits also lengthy or your close friend who lately transferred to a desk work if it lights a fire under them to move their body. What makes Fitbit worth the cash is people utilizing it to its max potential, as well as being extra energetic really helps.

Also, the value of something so straightforward as walking can have a profound impact on health and wellness. To see the worth, take a look at the graph provided RIGHT HERE at that highlights the effect of strolling every day based upon range took a trip and body weight.

What are the main -CONS of Using a Fitbit Tracker?


It is tough to actually understand if the calories and also range on the tracker are accurate. It is hard to include biometrics and formulas that assure precision in information for the masses.

Not for the Elite Professional athlete

A lot of these tools are geared for the average individual. They allow you to track task, food, weight, sleep and some allow heart price. If you are an elite or very competitive runner, it is beneficial to seek out a much more specialized monitoring device.

Results by itself

Although tracking devices can be awesome to raise motivation and screen progression, real outcomes originate from putting in the work. The use of a Fitbit or various other tracking device is simply a benefit to help keep an eye on development as well as make the trip a little bit much more pleasurable.

What Makes Fitbit Different?

Have you listened to the tale concerning the production of Fitbit the business? It’s pretty trendy. Essentially, two guys with large thoughts produced an item with little sensors that changed the health sector.

What is important concerning Fitbit all at once is that they have actually created a line of products that meet the requirements of numerous fitness levels. In addition, in a testimonial of numerous fitness trackers, Fitbit prevailed for precision.

Fitbit Models

The Fitbit Flex and Alta are baseline monitoring devices that enable you to keep an eye on movements and also basic rest timing and also are at a reasonably affordable price point under $100.

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A step up in the Fitbit line are the Alta Human Resources and also Charge Human Resources which include the exact same functions as their reduced designs however also enable you to obtain text and call notifications, in addition, to display heart rate and also which can be an enormous benefit to physical fitness as well as health awareness. They retail for simply over $100.

On top of the Fitbit product line is the Blaze which can account for multiple health and fitness types but likewise includes GPS link options. It has a larger screen as well as has a genuine watch-like feeling and face which lots of favor.

Their newest item (lately changing the Rise), the Ionic, has all of the attributes of the Blaze however is the only item that additionally has integrated GENERAL PRACTITIONERS, is water-proof, is able to send text and also receive phone calls, as well as stores songs.

All of these functions assist make it a strong opponent of the Apple Watch. The Ionic retails for about $270 which can possibly be a fantastic financial investment in your wellness and also a way of life if used constantly.

Syncing with a food accountability device

I need most of my clients to use a digital food journal to enhance liability. If you intend to learn more regarding my favored one and also some of my secret tips, you can see them here. The capability to sync the gadget with MyFitnessPal as well as have an all-in-one location to assess food and task is without a doubt a really interesting option for those wanting to really change their way of life.