The Polar Grit X Outdoor GPS Sportswatch is an uncompromising combination of rugged and durable, yet lightweight design, top training features, and the possibilities of Polar Flow, the ultimate training platform.

Polar Grit X comes with built-in GPS, compass and altimeter in training mode, and Polar’s unique Smart Coaching features that make sure you’re ready for your future adventures.

Polar Grit X provides long battery life and recommends the energy, nutrition and time it takes to run the roads. This is the first watch created specifically for extreme durability adventures – going against Garmin and Suunto .

Indeed, Polar Grit X is not designed for short runers. With a sturdier appearance than the Vantage V, the battery life is longer than any previous Polar watch and has more unique features, which indicates that it is not a copy of Garmin.

Polar Grit X – Design

The Polar Grit X looks extra outdoorsy than any kind of Polar with several of the robust layout language of a Garmin Fenix 6, however at simply 64g, it actually feels more like a Leader 945 or a Vantage V on the wrist than it does a chunky Suunto 9, Coros Vertix or a Fenix.

It includes a 47mm stainless steel case (in black or silver) as well as a fiber glass strengthened polymer back cover which most likely makes up that 30 percent weight saving versus the Fenix 6. That agility was a welcome touch versus the much heavier Fenix 6 Pro during our 45-mile, 9-hour ultra trial run yet some might likewise feel it leaves the Grit sensation more affordable.

Literally, the Polar Grit X strikes an equilibrium between durable build as well as streamlined style. Though it is difficult enough to pass a number of army resilience tests– consisting of water resistance to 100m– it’s much less overtly sturdy than its Garmin or Suunto counterparts. Same goes with the silicone band, which is durable yet comfortable, with 22 adjustment choices as well as a premium textured surface.

Regardless of its charitable 47mm diameter, the stainless steel covering isn’t beefy or troublesome. At 13mm deep, it rests reduced sufficient to fit under a lot of sleeves, while an enhanced polymer back keeps the weight down to 64g. That’s 16g lighter than the Fenix 6 as well as makes the Grit X really feel even more like a running watch than its heftier outside rivals.

Polar Grit X – Sports tracking

In regards to sports tracked, the Grit X includes 130 accounts– so it’s safe to claim if you do it, the Grit X will track it. Or at least, tag distance, time and also calorie burn appropriately.

The essential is running, cycling, swimming as well as treking– as well as naturally subtleties and variations in each.

For walkers, there’s a devoted sporting activity setting that lets you prioritise your training sights to include an altitude chart, make use of that magnetometer compass and also include fields like total ascent as well as current altitude.

Walkers can of course also use Hillside Splitter, FuelWise which Komoot transmitting but there’s absolutely nothing beyond that to especially appeal to the fast packers and path walkers.

Race for fuel and nutrition

FuelWise goes beyond the time-based alerts you can set like Coros and Garmin, using the intensity of your efforts – combined with your height, weight, age and gender – to give a more accurate reminder when eating in a sustained effort of 90 minutes or more. There is also a hydration alert but it’s a simple alarm in which you choose the time between reminders.

To prepare for your workout, tell Grit the estimated duration and intensity based on your heart rate area and the size in grams of your carbohydrates. Grit then reveals your estimated total carb needs and the number of servings, a great help when you prepare how much food to take with you.

During running or cycling, it will beep on the watch to remind you to eat. Reminders have been spread at different intervals, it has increased as intensity has dropped and hunger has been predicted more than once.

However, we see similar reminder messages broken down and since you don’t have to admit you’ve eaten, they’re very likely to be missed. A simple push of a button to say that you have fed will solve that and the screen view of your feed so far will be a great addition.

Polar Grit X- Calories Tracking

After workouts, you get a breakdown of the fuel sources used, broken down into carbs, fats, and proteins, including a really useful chart that shows what you’ve burned during your workout.

A report of the time we eat and any feed we ignore will be great. But even so, this is a great tool that is not available on other watches.

Hill track

With the Hill Splitter feature, it will automatically detect when you climb or descend and provide segmented stats for that workout. Real-time statistics include increase/decrease, speed, number of climb/decrease, and increase/decrease of this segment.

In our tests of longer runs and performing hill representation, this feature was very slow. The Grit X constantly took up to 0.2 miles / 200m to realize we were up a neat hill. That limits its use for repetitive workouts up and downhills.

In terms of mountain trails, the data you feel is limited compared to Garmin, ClimbPro . You cannot add heart rate or strength indicators to the screen to see how hard you work in the segment or see the remaining distance for this climb. You also can’t see the detailed information in Polar Flow statistics. Overall this feature feels lacking.

Navigation and map

Another outdoor feature that comes along is route planning and navigation provided by Komoot.

Komoot itself is one of the best tools for planning for running, walking and cycling on a remote, rugged track that surpasses Garmin’s route planner and Polar’s own tools.

However, setting up Komoot-Polar is difficult and if you want to use Komoot’s third-party mapping service outside your local area, you have to pay an extra subscription fee. Not great for this kind of remote adventure, or even those who can travel the country for long distance races.

It must be said that the turn-by-turn directions on watches are easy to follow and guide us to success through some forest trails that are difficult to follow. You don’t have a TOPO map and that makes it feel a bit sparse.

You get more details including a map, estimated time to destination, and a slope chart of your entire journey on Garmin’s Komoot deployment. Although that does not provide turn.

Polar Grit X – Band or Straps

Although this is a persistent adventure watch, Polar Grit X is a regular sports tracking tool that has a lot in common with Vantage V and Ignite.

You have 130 customizable sports modes to keep track of everything from running to skiing. Swim tracking skills along with stroke detection, lap tracking and SWOLF efficiency scores.

Deep sleep-sleep monitoring and automated nervous system recovery overnight you can get, though more professional-level Recovery Pro orthopedic tests are supported.