Browsing around the internet we found that there’s a gap in information when it comes to the Thinnest Smartwatches in general, most articles are talking about the sleekest smartwatches in terms of bands, but when it comes to the body of the watch they give us wider options that don’t fit the description.

In the article below, we will list and talk about the Top Thinnest Smartwatches reviews in 2023. So you can find the best-looking and most powerful smartwatch for you.

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Top 5 Thinnest Smartwatches 2023 | Comparison Table

ModelScreen SizeDimensionsWeightPrice
Fitbit Luxe
0.96 Inches1.43 x 0.69 x 0.4 inches0.06 lb (26.2 g)Click Here
Garmin Vivosmart 4
0.75 Inches0.39 x 0.59 x 7.760.06 lb (26.2 g)Click Here
Pebble Time Round
1.0 Inch9.88 x 1.6 x 1.57 inches0.05 lb (28 g)Click Here
Fitbit Charge 5
1.04-inch 1.45 x 0.9 x 0.44 0.03 lb (15 g)Click Here
Mi Band 7
1.56 Inches‎3.94 x 0.79 x 0.2 0.01 lb(13.5g)Click Here

Thinnest Smartwatches Review in 2023

Fitbit Luxe

The Fitbit Luxe is one of the thinnest smartwatches to buy in 2023. 

Featuring a stylish and slim design, weighing just 0.06 Pounds (27 grams). With a slim band that is both sweat and waterproof and fits smoothly with the shape of the smartwatch body. 

The straps are also really easy to remove and swap, and the Flex comes with several band designs to choose from for different occasions.

Boasting a vibrant AMOLED display and a powerful battery life that can last up to 5 days. 

You can track your swimming laps using the Flex which is swim-proof up to 5ATM (50 meters) and comes with automatic lap counts, so you don’t even need to start the swimming feature, the tracker will start to count your laps from the beginning. 

When it comes to GPS you will need to pair the watch with your phone to track your pace and distance when running or biking or any other outdoor activity. 

Garmin Vivosmart 4

Another great smartwatch to have in mind is the Garmin’s Vivosmart 4, one of the slimmest on our list with an easy-to-read 0 .75 Inches display

The Vivosmart 4 is a well-rounded health and fitness tracker that will keep tabs on your stress levels, SpO2, calories burned, sleep, and workouts. If you’re an athlete or someone who prioritizes fitness, you’ll appreciate the accurate health metrics in this fitness tracker.

Packed with advanced health and fitness tracking options such as the body battery metric. A great feature that can calculate your body’s energy levels by accounting for heart rate, sleep quality, activity, and stress levels. You can use this data to decide whether it’s a good idea to work out or give your body some rest. 

Of course, you will also get the basic tracking like steps, calories, and blood oxygen level during sleep, just to name a few.

With a battery that can last up to 7 days, the Vivosmart 4 is one of the best in terms of juice from our list. The only downside for us is the lack of a built-in GPS or even support for a connected GPS.

Pebble Time Round

One Smartwatch that most people have on their mind when looking for a thin watch is the Pebble Time Round a beautifully designed tracker that will smoothly slip under your sleeve and will feel comfortable on your wrist. 

The smartwatch weighs just 0.9 ounces, and it’s as thin as 7.5mm. When it comes to its dial size, it just measures 38mm. Featuring 2 bands for you to choose from the regular 20mm leather band or a 14mm band for those looking for an even sleeker version.

When it comes to features the Pebble comes packed with functionalities for you to track your health and fitness. From activity tracking, push notifications, a built-in microphone, and sports scores, just to name a few. 

You can pair the watch with third-party “smart-straps”, which is one of the coolest features. You can punch in a GPS-enabled smart strap to launch location tracking.

It looks like a regular watch but can push your notifications right into your wrist, from incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, reminders, calendars, and more. 

The tracker can easily monitor your sleep, the steps you have taken, and all your health data and uploaded it to your smartphone using the compatible app.

You can get your Pebble Time wet but not submerged in the water since it’s only “splash-resistant”. For those that get bored easily with the same watch, you can change the watch face and swap the bands whenever you want.

Battery life plays a crucial part in choosing a smartwatch. Pebble Time Round has a good battery life of 2 days and it just takes 15 minutes to charge it fully. 

Fitbit Charge 5

The Fitbit Charge 5 is another sleek tracker that can do way more than just be thin and sit comfortably on your wrist. This High-end tracker will give you more insights on your health and fitness than you will ever need. 

With integrated GPS, Spotify support, and Active Zone Minutes to keep you motivated this tracker can do it all, including a wrist-based ECG app to monitor your heart health.

You can closely track your heart rate with 24/7 monitoring and a wrist-based EDA (Electrodermal Activity) sensor that monitors stress levels. 

Other health features include oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring and the ability to track skin temperature changes. The Charge 5 can also track your sleep cycles and after give you a full read and a daily sleep score to help you understand your sleep stages and habits. 

When it comes to the screen is sleek but also comes packed with a full-color AMOLED touchscreen display that it’s twice as bright as the previous Charge model and has an always-on display for your convenience. 

As mentioned at the beginning, the Charge 5 comes fully loaded with fitness features to keep you healthy and active. Is the only watch on our list that comes with a built-in GPS so you can even go for a run without bringing your phone with you. 

It also features 20 exercise modes and all-day activity tracking to help you meet your fitness goals. It’s also water-resistant up to 50 meters (5ATM) and can withstand pool workouts, runs in the rain, and other activities where it might get wet.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7

The Mi Smart Band 7 is the latest entrant in Xiaomi’s reliable line of fitness trackers. It’s a sleek and lightweight watch that weighs only 13g making it comfortable on your wrist, you would forget that you even are wearing it

This tracker is well-known not for only its high-end features that can track your activities and keep tabs on both your health and fitness, but also because it’s one of the most affordable watches that you can get not only from our list but in general.

Featuring a slim but large display area that’s easier to read and navigate.

Where you can choose from more than 110 different sports modes including outdoor running, treadmill running, indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, pool swimming, yoga, and more. The Mi Band 7 is also capable of automatically tracking five of the most common workout types. 

When it comes to battery life the Mi SmartBand comes with up to 2 weeks of battery juice with just one charge, making it the best watch on our list when it comes to battery juice, Its is a great partner for the outdoors, you can even stretch up to 20 days the juice in power-saving mode. 

You’ll also enjoy sleep tracking, all-day heart rate monitoring, and menstrual health tracking. Although a missing feature is the built-in GPS.


We hope that after reading this list you can find the thinnest smartwatch for your wrist, depending on your taste we handpicked the most affordable, packed with features, and thinnest smartwatches in 2023. 

If you would like to find a fitness tracker that will look good on your wrist may be the Charge 5 is a cool pick, for those looking for a more watch-looking smartwatch the Pebble Time round can be a good buy. 

But any of the watches on our list will be more than suitable for a thin wrist.