So what do you do when you run out time and also require to get your life in order? Makes good sense to get a smartwatch, however, what can they do as well as what can they do for you? Quit asking a lot of concerns as well as look into my review of the U8 SmartWatch.

You have been keeping an eye out everywhere to acquire a smartwatch, however, they are so pricey.

The U8 smartwatch is really budget-friendly and you can look for a GearBest coupon code to get it also more affordable, however, what makes this so different than its much more costly equivalents?

Pros +

  • Cheap
  • Make or Receive Phone calls
  • Allows you to listen to songs from your phone with it
  • Functions as an Altimeter, Barometer, and pedometer.
  • Can take pictures/videos through it from your phone.
  • Digital or Analog Watch user interface.
  • Informs you of inbound Facebook/Twitter messages.

Cons –

  • Brief battery life.
  • Software program to install onto your Android device does not work well.

U Watch U8 Features:

What comes on the Box?

  • SmartWatch
  • USB Cable television
  • Manual
  • Dismounting/Assembly Device for the watchband
  • Wall surface Charger

So in addition to a standard Analog Watch or Digital Watch, it is a clever watch and also does so far more. So allow’s get to the software program.

A few features of this watch until now, it deals with Android and also iPhone s7.1 or higher (I just tested on Android). It is readily available in Piano Black, Rose Red, Ivory as well as Stainless Steel; I am making use of the Piano Black variation in my evaluation as well as has a 1.48″ Capacitive Touch Display.

It has a lot of great features like permitting you to see what your camera sees on guard, solution and dial calls either using a dialer or your phone book transferred from your phone, pay attention to songs, act as a digital pedometer, barometer, Altimeter, Anti-Lost function that aids you find when you obtain also far from your phone (yeah, I have shed my phone sometimes), utilize your phones camera to translucent (rear camera), quit watch and check out messages from facebook and text messages. These are all functions I made use of as well as evaluated however I will certainly state I did have problems with the software application they desired you to use.

U Watch U8 – Design

The smartwatch has a typical look, a rectangle-shaped form aspect, showing off a 1.48″ TFT LCD screen with a 128 x 128 capacitive touch screen, do not anticipate an HD display, the U watch gives an okay graphics, not outstanding yet legible.

The U8 Smartwatch shows simpleness on its design with a power button on the side, and also a mini USB port as well as a speaker. It has a rubber band with stainless steel buckle.

It’s not a fully waterproof watch, so do not get thrilled on swimming in or showering while wearing your watch, it is not scratch proof either if you are clumsy anticipate that your watch will get some scrape. If you are not a fan of black shade, a climbed red and ivory shade might matches you.


Under the Hood– regardless of its drawbacks on the physical facet, the watch does have some excellent features. It has digital pedometer, measure, passometer. Software program and also application functions consist of hands-free call, quit watch, reminders, alarms.

Check SMS messages, and messages from social sites Facebook, WeChat, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype. You can additionally use the watch as a remote controller for phones video camera and songs in your phone. Well for the equipment see the specs listed below.


Overall it’s a pretty great watch, and also it’s risk-free to say “U8 Smartwatch” is just one of the cheapest smartwatch out there, it is compatible with both iOS and Android yet the business states that with iPhone there are some features that will not work.

In general it is an excellent watch thinking about the price, however, of course, there are some issues including pairing the watch with an Android phone, it’s hard to look for the upgraded and working.apk for the watch, the battery life is also an issue as well as some features don’t function, anyways some says it deserves the ready such an economical watch.

Please bear in mind, unlike the iPhone (which does work with this watch too) there are tons of various Android OS versions, watch/tablet configurations/manufacturers so it is harder for U8 to write software for all these variations so even if the software did not benefit my phone, that does not indicate it will not help your own.

I will repeat that there are lots of various items of software application contacted engage with mobile phones and also smartwatches, the truth that this will enable you to utilize them makes this such a terrific watch.

I would like to give this watch a 5, however as a result of the battery life and also software concerns, I will certainly need to provide it a 3.5. I would certainly have been a 3 or a 2.5 if the cost had not been so excellent however it is fantastic. An excellent starter watch to present you into the world of SmartWatches as well as maybe even something you stick to.

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