Do you keep hearing about this Fitbits? You would like to know what is all the buzz around it? Or maybe you just got one and wonder how to use it or make the bets from it?

In that case, this guide is for you, below we are going to give you a complete review on “What is a Fitbit?” as well as “What does a Fitbit do?”

At a glance, Fitbit is a well-known company that makes fitness trackers and smartwatches that can track your steps, workout, heart rate, weight, and much more. They use a dashboard where you will get all your data tracked.

What is a Fitbit Tracker?

As we said before the basic answer on What is a Fitbit? It is a step tracker, and a way to measure just how much exercise you have each day. Similar to the little waist clip style digital pedometers from decades ago … yet a lot more sophisticated and also extra precise.

Fitbit has products in two main groups: smartwatches and health and fitness trackers, along with some devices. The company is most widely known for its fitness trackers since they have a wider range of models, there are 4 lines: Charge, Alta, Flex, as well as Ace.

They also feature 3 smartwatches models: The Ionic, Versa and now they create the Fitbit Charge 3 that comes with some smart features as well.

Some are worn like watches and others clip onto your clothing. They additionally presented an extremely cool range that wirelessly connects with your Fitbit tracker!.

It’s generally 100 steps up from an old-fashioned digital pedometer. It needs a computer system in order to bill as well as in order for you to see all the data and also features. It pairs perfectly with a smartphone also given that they have an app. Do you NEED a phone? No, you can simply use your computer system yet I truly feel like the application is a huge added advantage.

Fitbit Models

The Fitbit Charge line is one of the most sophisticated (and greatest valued). It ships with 2 bands, in size small and also large, and comes in a couple of colors. Some scandal sheet Cost versions support Fitbit Pay, the business’s mobile payment application.

You can also check our Fitbit Comparison where you will find information on each model and how they compare

Charge health and fitness bands have features including a touchscreen, mobile phone notifications, task as well as health monitoring, automatic workout detection, and also water resistance so you can take it for a swim.

The Alta HR is virtually as progressed as the Fee. It features a built-in heart price display, as well as it tracks rest. You can obtain alerts on the band for calls, messages, and also calendar tips too.

The Alta health and fitness band has less sophisticated sleep monitoring and also lacks a heart price screen, however otherwise shares the very same features. Neither Alta fitness band is water resistant sufficient for swimming.

The Flex band is most likely one of the most popular Fitbit (as well the cheapest). It’s swim-proof so that you can track your laps, has automatic exercise recognition, and also shows telephone call and also message notices.

Ultimately, the Ace health and fitness band is created for kids of 8 years and older. It’s a small device that connects to a wristband and also tracks actions and also physical activity and can present incoming telephone call notices if attached to a mobile phone. The Ace is splash-proof, but not swim-proof, so a youngster can use it in the shower, however not in the pool.

Fitbit has 2 lines of smartwatches, Versa and also Ionic. If well we mention before that the Charge 3 comes with smart features is not labeled as a smartwatch per se.

The Ionic, released in 2017, has a touchscreen, built-in GPS for physical fitness tracking, as well as rest and also calorie tracking. The watch is additionally water resistant to 50 meters, so you can use it while swimming.

The Versa, released in 2018, has a somewhat different design yet shares the majority of the same functions except for integrated GPS. To utilize GPS while working out, you have to connect the watch to your smartphone.

Fitbit Pay is offered on the Ionic and also special editions of the Versa for mobile repayments.

Accessories-wise, Fitbit has a smart scale (Aria) that syncs with the Fitbit app, cordless earphones (Flyer), and also substitute wristbands.

How Fitbits Work and What Fitbits Do.

While there’s an array of Fitbit products that do different things, the health and fitness bands as well as views all track steps. Several can identify usual workouts, such as running and cycling, and also some can track swimming.

You can after that consider the Fitbit application to see your progress by day or by week and also adjust your goals accordingly. If your Fitbit has GPS, you can also see a map of your route, pace, and also altitude.

You can include Workout Shortcuts on the application or the Control panel for workouts that aren’t automatically acknowledged, such as yoga. There, you can add goals for each workout, based on time, distance, or calories burned. After that, you’ll be able to start and also end that workout on the fly.

Fitbit trackers use an accelerometer to determine your activities. The accelerometer takes the movement data and equates it right into electronic measurements, which it exactly how Fitbits count your actions, and also gauge the range you’ve traveled, calories melted, as well as rest top quality.

For actions, Fitbits make use of an algorithm to try to find motions that suggest an individual is strolling. If you’re driving on a rough road, this motion can register as steps, so be cautioned. For the very best results for gauging distance as well as calories burned, see to it to gauge your stride and log it in the Fitbit application, and also keep your weight up to day.

The Fitbits that count floors– trips strolled up– make use of an altimeter that finds whether you’re reconstructing or down. If you’re increasing, it signs up one flooring for about every 10 feet you go.

What is Fitbit Pay?

Considering that Fitbit gadgets operate on an exclusive operating system, they do not have access to mobile settlement platforms from other parties, consisting of Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, as well as Google Pay. Fitbit Pay collaborates with Android, iOS, as well as Windows phones, and also is available in greater than a dozen nations consisting of the USA, Canada, Australia, Singapore, as well as a handful of European nations.

You’ll additionally require to connect your account to a suitable bank; Fitbit keeps a running list on its internet site. At the register, Fitbit Pay jobs similarly to the competitors.

What does a Fitbit Track?

So. The main feature of all the Fitbit versions is to track the number of steps you take each day. The same goes with other task trackers, like Jawbone as well as Garmin Vivofit brands.

The reason this would be valuable info is that your daily activity level can inform you if you are leading a sedentary life, a reasonably active life or an energetic life. An inactive way of life is coming to be really typical as well as can contribute to numerous illness over time.

Workdesk work, TV and also surfing the net (hi there!) are all coming to be big components of our days. Unless you bought a strolling desk or placed a treadmill before your TV, it’s most likely that those activities belong to a sedentary life.

Your health and fitness tracker will come pre-programmed with a step goal of 10,000 actions daily. It’s sort of an approximate goal, which you can alter, yet has been quoted and also made use of by individuals worldwide as a basic healthy goal.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that 10,000 STEPS are impractical for some individuals, so a Fitbit can also be used to just enhance your task, whether you never ever intend to reach 10,000 actions or if you blow 10,000 get out of the water every day.

In either case a Fitbit can assist you track your development.

The various other basic info that they videotape is your calories melted as well as a range you’ve strolled.

Relying on the design you might likewise locate attributes like:

  • Sleep monitoring
  • Heart rate tracking
  • GPS tracking
  • Songs storage
  • Phone call & text notifications

Fitbits vs. Smartwatches.

Some smartwatches do all or the majority of the above including the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, as well as versions that run Use OS (previously Android Wear). Usually, these watches are a fair bit a lot more expensive than a Fitbit physical fitness band and also even more than Fitbit’s Ionic as well as Versa smartwatches.

Nonetheless, Fitbit’s smartwatches have accessibility to fewer apps than Apple, Samsung, as well as Wear OS watches, since it works on the Fitbit OS. Additionally, the interface takes a look at acts differently from the one running on your smartphone.

There are limitations in how you can engage with notices. Advanced smartwatches let you do a whole lot without having to secure your smart device, including responding to messages and also answering phone calls (LTE models just).

Like Wear OS smartwatches, Fitbit OS watches work with both Android as well as iPhone. When it involves mobile repayments, Fitbit enjoys collaborating with Fitbit Pay, while the others collaborate with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and also Google Pay, specifically.

Think of Fitbit smartwatches as the lower price entry-level device contrasted to the huge individuals. If the price tag is too expensive on the more advanced smartwatches, take into consideration giving a Fitbit smartwatch a try to see if you also like using a smartwatch.