OK, if there’s a topic that we have been covering for over a decade on USA Fitness Tracker, is… You know it! Fitness Trackers! We already tested all the Fitbit models, Apple watches, Garmin, and all the other brands that are still making it year after year into the Fitness tracker Arena! 

But when it comes to Whoop vs Amazon Halo, we are talking about a whole new branch into the market, the way that both of these bands track your data, and the level of analysis and scan that you will get, it’s totally different from what we are used to having with every other fitness tracker until now.

Below we put together a full comparison guide to take a detailed look at the Amazon Halo vs WHOOP and give you all the details about each one!

Whoop vs Amazon Halo: Comparison Table

Amazon Halo
ImageWhoop Bandamazon-halo-vs-whoop-models-usafitnesstracker.com
At GlanceWHOOP analyzes your key metrics like HRV and resting heart rate to determine a daily recovery score, and shows you how to improveWith Halo, you will be able to track your activity, sleep, tone of voice, and body fat percentage.
SubscriptionYou can not use it without itWorks best with a subscription, but you can use some basic features without it
Display NONO
Band Material Super knit bandSilicon and soft-woven fabric
Steps counterNOYES
Heart Rate VariabilityYESYES
Resting Heart RateYESYES
Blood oxygen level YESNO
Sleep tracking YES + Extra InsightsYES
Strain CoachYESNO
Tone AnalysisNOYES
Battery Life4-5 days7 days (Tone disabled), 2 days (Tone enabled)
PriceCheck Todays PriceCheck Todays Price

Whoop vs Amazon Halo: Initial setup

For the initial setup, both trackers offer a smartphone app that will allow you to check all your health and fitness stats with easy-to-understand graphics for you to improve week after week. There’s also a guide with step-by-step instructions for you, so you can connect each tracker with their respective app.


When it comes to pairing your whoop tracker with the app the steps are pretty straightforward. 

The first thing that you should do is Sign Up for a new account. Then you need to confirm that the green LEDs are off. It’s best if you are not wearing the band during this part of the process. 

Inside the App you will have access to a complete guide to successfully sync Whoop with the app. 

Now one thing to have in mind is that for you to complete the setup you will need to wear the tracker for four full days before it starts giving you real data on your health stats. 

Once you complete your initial setup the band will start to sync your data to the app and retrieve your health and fitness data and stats.

Amazon Halo

The Amazon Halo setup takes longer to be completed when compared to the Whoop setup that we just discuss. Having a bigger range of features the Halo will need to configure different aspects of your persona to be able to work smartly. 

As an example, the app will need to record your voice to have a better track of your tone, so it can recognize you when using a voice command, so to complete this step you will have to read through a series of short sentences.

For those that want to measure and track their body fat, the App will need for you to upload a picture to be scanned and analyzed. 

It can sound daunting at the beginning, but once you get started there’s a lot of parts that you can easily skip or leave for later to fulfill.




There is one thing that set the Whoop apart from the Halo, the Bands, The Whoop features a much wider and thicker band that gives the watch a more robust and sporty feel

The Straps that come along with the Whoop are durable SuperKnit bands made of a thicker fabric, that will feel comfortable on your wrist.

Another advantage that the Woop fitness tracker has over the Halo is customization, you can choose from 34 different Bands styles and colors to match them to any occasion, you just open and close the gasp to exchange your bands. 

Last but not least when it comes to charging the Whoop allows you to charge the tracker while you’re wearing it. There’s some times that you don’t want to lose the data from the time of charging, so it can be helpful for those occasions

Amazon Halo


If you thought that the Whoop design was simple, the Amazon Halo one is even simpler. This band was created for people that want a more modest look, with a sleek band and three basic color options: black and onyx, blush and rose gold, and winter and silver. 

Featuring a beautiful Velcro strap that is really easy to put on and off, but it can be tough to get it to the tightness you need.

It doesn’t come with a clip on the dial but features a side button that helps you put the tracker on rest if you want it, that can also depending on pressing commands can perform different functionalities. 

The tracker is water resistant up to 5ATM (50 meters), so you can use it while swimming or taking showers, and the fabric that they use on the bands is also water and sweat-resistant, making it also safe from allergies and skin infections.

Fitness Tracking Features

When it comes to Fitness tracking there are two main differences the WHOOP features are more towards serious or professional athletes that need to check all their levels in different areas. You can measure your blood oxygen level, HRV, skin temperature, sleep insights, and so much more. 

On the other hand, the Amazon Halo comes with an array of fitness tracking features but, is most focused on the regular workout buff or enthusiast, that needs a record of their fitness and health but it doesn’t need to know every detail of their body process during the exercise.

Below we give you at a glance the main features of each tracker:


This band will give you extensive data on your overall health and fitness, it’s great to check cardiovascular patterns or problems, for example for those folks that are involved in cardiovascular strain, you can use the whoop bands to keep track of it. 

Besides checking your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and temperature can also keep tabs on your sleep. 

A great reason to have this tracker is the Whoop technology, which uses a learning algorithm that while you are using and feeding the tracker with data, the band will understand more and more patterns of your regular patterns so you can detect any anomaly 

Another cool feature is the Whoop journal which will keep tabs on your every morning. While your app processes the prior night’s sleep, you can reply to some customizable questions to make the App understand even better your health and fitness patterns. Questions can go from where did you sleep last night, to understand if that was your every night bed, or a different one, to did you drank alcohol or did anything different from your regular routine. 

Amazon Halo

The Amazon Halo is a regular fitness tracker that can effectively keep tabs on your activities and sleep patterns. But what puts this tracker into the next level is the other features and functions that come with the Premium subscription. Have in mind that to achieve this level of tracking you will have to pay a monthly fee of $3.99. 

Some of the features that come along with the premium subscription are at-home workout videos and programs, But not just a 5-minute preview of how to do the basics, they have 20+ minutes of full video workouts, all easy to find inside the app.  You will have videos on different theories, exercises for different muscles, stretching, and even meditation videos just to name a few. 

Another great feature that comes with the premium subscription is the body composition, a great tool that monitors your fat percentage, a better indicator of health than weight or BMI alone. You will also have a detailed overview of your daily nutrition, and you can also see tons of recipes, weekly menus, and more. 

In case you don’t want to acquire the monthly membership you can use the tracker in the regular mode, where you will have all the basic features that will be enough for more fitness enthusiasts, like activity tracking, steps, heart rate, sleep temperature, and calories burned.

Battery life

When it comes to Battery life both trackers claim a few days of juice with just a charge but is it true? how many real days can you be without the need for a charge? 

Below we give you their claims and the reality of the battery life of the whoop vs amazon halo. 


The Whoop comes with an impressive 5 days of battery life, which is pretty good when it comes to the life span of a battery most trackers can hold from 2 to 4 days. The High-end Fitbits can hold from 5 to 7 days so as a benchmark 5 days of juice is good enough. 

During our testings, the battery life holds up to 5 days without a problem with just one single charge, so the claim from the company is pretty accurate. 

The new version of Whoop comes with a more powerful battery that uses silicon anode and produces 17% higher energy density than the prior models, introducing a new charging technology that makes it possible to charge the device while you are wearing it. By just sliding the charger onto the tracker itself, you can charge your Whoop and at the same time, you can track your activities. 

Amazon Halo

The Halo comes with a charging clip that can fully charge the tracker in less than 90 minutes. Amazon claims that the tracker can last up to 7 days with a single charge. And up to 2 days of battery juice if you use the Tone feature enabled. 

Alotuhg on our test we realized that the battery life on the Amazon Halo can be drained way quicker than the one week that the company is stating. For us using different features daily the tracker can hold up to 5 days, and in case you use the Tone feature the tracker will be out of juice in just one day.


Now let’s talk business, both of these trackers come with a price and an extra subscription fee, that will make the overall price of the tracker change a bit. 

Alotuuhg it’s a different path that you will choose. on the Whoop side, you will have a free band and a $30 subscription fee, on the Halo side you pay for the bracelet first and then you monthly pay $3.99. 

It’s true that the membership of the Whoop is more expensive than the Amazon halo one, but it also comes with extra premium features that are worth it. 

In the end, both trackers are going to cost you, initially, around 90 bucks.


On paper, the Whoop band is cheaper than the Amazon Halo. To have it on your wrist will set you back just $30. Now, if you want access to the premium subscription and have access to the additional features (and you do), you will need to keep paying $30 each month to be able to read and access your tracking and data. 

There are different discounts depending on how long you sign the contract for a yearly subscription will drop the price from $30 a month to $24. 

Amazon Halo:

When it comes to the amazon Halo you are not obligated to pay for the membership fee, but it will change your fitness tracking experience, you will be able to just perform the basics. 

Priced at $99.99 the Halo will give you a 6 months subscription free access, where you will be able to have the full fitness tracking experience, after that if you want to extend your membership it will cost you $3.99 per month 

Amazon does not require you to sign up for a contract so you can quit the membership at any time.


At the end of the day, when it comes to Amazon Halo vs WHOOP, you can’t go wrong with either one. Because they offer similar but different things, it truly depends on what you want most and what your goals are. 

Depending on your fitness needs you will find that both of these trackers are a great choice. When compared we find that they can be both accessible and full-featured. 

For those looking for a full fledge fitness tracker, to take your exercises to the next level, the Amazon Halo will be more than suitable for your needs.  You can track your daily activities, and train with built-in workouts and even meditation programs, giving you a great deal of fitness tracking all packed in a beautiful band. 

Now for a more professional athlete or someone that needs detailed stats on their health, the Whoop will be way more suitable. With high-end features than can track every aspect of your health with 24/7 monitoring and detailed data on your health and fitness.