Activity tracker for kids tends to be durable, affordable, easy-to-use and almost always include a fitness-driven “game” element.

Most of them are designed to be fun for the entire family and really encourage parental engagement. While many are meant for individual use, others are made for multiple users (several family members, schools friends, etc).

You will also find a lot of family features which allow parents to keep in touch with their kid’s activities and fitness levels, as well as set tasks and challenges, reward them with points, and more

But do kids really need fitness trackers in the first place? And can they actually be good for them?

How much activity kids need to do?

From birth to preschool:

  • From 0 to 1 year, even little babies should be motivated to move, together with tummy time and other floor-based play. From 1 up to 5 years old they need to be physically active for not less than 3 hrs throughout the day.

For school kids:

  • Kids at this age will need at the least an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise each day, including activities that enhance muscles and bones like climbing, dancing or gymnastics 3 times per week.

How does an Activity Tracker work?

The simplicity behind fitness trackers it was made them so popular. You are going to choose one based on what you want to track and based on the work out routine that you have.

That’s why there’s no best fitness tracker, each one is unique. For example, the Jawbone Up design is sleeker than most, and it measures the steps you take, your sleep patterns (including how long it takes you to fall asleep and the duration of your sleep) as well the calories you burn.

Fitbit Wireless measures the steps you take as well how many stairs you climb, which can be excellent if you’re looking to become more active (and it is a little cheaper than most trackers).

Even the smartwatches are designed to be used on your wrist, some people wear them in other places such as their ankle. However, for the best results, you should wear it on your wrist throughout the day and night.You can also wear it in the shower.

By the end of the day, check your data on the mobile app that is going to variate depending on which tracker you have. This process is normally wireless, although you can even link the tracker straight to your device if you like.

Benefits of activity tracker for kids

Activity trackers include a variety of benefits, especially for kids that still are in the ages of growth and development.

    • Put them on track for a healthy lifestyle: Simply by buying a fitness tracker for your kid, they will start to think about exercise, diet plan, and sleep patterns. By simply using it on their wrist, the tracker reminds your kids about the value of being healthy.
    • Gives you awareness about their fitness: As a parent, you can get your child’s fitness data available on the app, so you can see how much they are walking, exercising, sleeping, etc. With this awareness, you can think about ways to make your kids healthier.
    • Allows parents and kids to set goals together: Along with your new awareness about fitness levels, you’ll be able to sit down together with your child and talk about it. You could set goals that you both desire to accomplish, for instance, a specific number of steps a day. This really is a fantastic bonding time since you come together toward tangible goals.
    • Improves the child’s health while they grow up: The health advantages are priceless. You will notice results from working with your kid such as improving their health, whether it be losing weight, eating healthier or sleeping better.
    • Prevents obesity, diabetes and other diseases: Today in America one of every three kids is obese or overweight. Children are growing up with a variety of health conditions and are inclined to diabetic issues and heart difficulties, but activity tracking helps to reduce these problems.

Best activity tracker for kids

Today’s kids have many things that keep them entertained. But the problem is, the majority of this things don’t encourage an active lifestyle. Online games are immersive and fun however they are played being seated, and tablets and smartphones are great for merely thumbs exercise.activity tracker for

In fact, going outdoors and being active appears to be work of fiction to a lot of kids these days. But what if you, being a parent, could make physical exercise as entertaining as a video game? And what if you can get your kids to become more active and truly enjoy it?

Well, that’s exactly the goal of the games with kid’s fitness trackers. Listed below, we’ve created for you a summary of the best activity tracker for kids. So let’s get started:

Best Activity Tracker for Kids 2023

Before diving down into in-depth reviews of kids activity trackers, here is a quick look at our best picks:

       Name Ages Our Rating          Price
      Fitbit Zip

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Lime

13+ years       5/5 View on Amazon
Garmin vivofit JR.

Garmin vivofit JR. - Broken Lava

4-9 years       5/5 View on Amazon
LeapFrog LeapBand

LeapFrog LeapBand, Blue

4-7 years     4.7/5 View on Amazon
       Sqord Pod

Sqord Activity Tracker - Activity Band with Fun, Motivating Game App, Points and Awards for Kids and Families. Indestructible, Waterproof, No Charging, kidSAFE Certified.

8-14 years      4.6/5 View on Amazon
   Nabi Compete

6-14 years     4.6/5  View on Amazon

According to a study, Approximately 17 percent of U.S. youth have obesity, which is an alarming situation for all of us.

A child under 5 years old should spend at least An hour every day in a physical activity like a quick walk or run. Encouraging the kids can be quite a difficult thing to achieve but thanks to technology, now we have plenty of cool gadgets that play a significant role.

You can use an activity tracker for kids such as the Fitbit as an incentive to get your child involved with physical exercises. Kids love cool stuff and activity trackers are a fun way to encourage your children for outdoor activities.

Best Kids Activity Tracker Reviews

1. Fitbit Zip

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, LimeAges: 13+ years

Fitbit is the number one brand on activity trackers since day one. The Fitbit Zip is a wireless activity tracker which can be used to monitor steps, distance, and calories burnt throughout the day.

This is actually the cheapest activity tracker in their entire product line. The first reason why we recommend this for kids is its low price. we all know that kids tend to break or misplace things very often. So giving them a fitness tracker that costs $250 won’t be a wise idea.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

The Zip can be used to set goals, track your kid’s progress and earn badges for the goals they accomplish. It comes with a free  Android and iPhone app that allows you to access the data right from your smartphone. Kids may also share their progress with friends and compete with them.

Another cool feature about this tracker is the battery life that is good for up to 6 months. Something to have in mind is that is only waterproof but is not swimming proof so your kids can use it in the shower but not in the pool.

The screen not only gives fitness data but it also displays time as well, so no need to wear a wristwatch or get back to your smartphone just to check time. The Fitbit Zip is a clip based wearable tracker. So your kids can clip it to their shirt, belt or pocket.

For parents that will like to have more control on their kids activities something to have in mind is that Fitbit Terms of Service state that you need to be at least 13 years of age in order to use their services. So only parents can create an account under their own name to use the app.

We already have another post with the best Fitbit for kids. You can check it Here

2. Garmin vivofit JR.

Garmin vivofit JR. - Broken LavaAges: 4-9 years

This is a great choice for those who have a higher budget and want something from a good brand name that deals with kid’s fitness trackers.  The Garmin Vivofit Jr is marketed for ages 4-9 but it’s definitely not one that looks too childish so your kids can use it for many years. It offers some fantastic designs available which are ideal for any type of children’s preferences.

This tracker incorporates a built-in battery that doesn’t require recharge and will last for One year. After the battery is out of power, it’s easy to change it and get a new coin cell. Its elegant yet comfortable design is designed for 24/7 wearability and can be used during swimming or when kids take a shower as it is waterproof.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

The greatest thing about the Vivofit is the concept of rewards that encourage your child to accomplish physical exercises. They earn virtual coins after they complete assigned tasks and the coins can then be claimed for rewards that you have got agreed on.

Something else that we like is the smartphone app that allows you to add multiple kids and keep track of their physical activities all in one dashboard. It automatically syncs along with your phone and you can track their steps, sleep patterns, physical exercises, and chores data. You, being a parent, can designate tasks right from your smartphone and then keep an eye on their progress.

Have in mind that It is designed for wrists up to 145 mm so it fits perfect for kids up to 9 years but it might be too tight if the wrist is bigger then that.

3. LeapFrog LeapBand

LeapFrog LeapBand, BlueAges: 4-7 years

For those who have young kids and would like to get them active then this is probably the greatest gadget that is out there.  It truly motivates the kid to get active by using games to get them moving.  

The LeapBand come with a virtual pet that your kid will need to keep healthy by jumping, being active and many others and it also comes packed with 50 built-in challenges which are more than enough to get your child started. These challenges include dancing, moving, hopping and much more. This games along with other built-in rewards motivate your kids to participate in healthy physical activities.

For the price, it really is a lovely little toy and it could be the perfect stocking filler if you are searching for something for Christmas.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

The parental controls enable parents to set up playtimes and challenges. The gadget comes with an accelerometer along with a rechargeable battery. It is water-resistant and may be used during swimming as well.

Even though it’s not the very best fitness tracker for kids, it will be safe to call it one of the most effective choices at such a cost-effective price tag. You will get what you pay for, and these features are absolutely worth every penny.

4. Sqord Activity Tracker

Sqord Activity Tracker - Activity Band with Fun, Motivating Game App, Points and Awards for Kids and Families. Indestructible, Waterproof, No Charging, kidSAFE Certified.Ages: 8-14 years

The Sqord Pod is a child’s SAFE-Certified and waterproof activity tracker for kids that motivates them to accomplish healthy activities. A study made with 5th graders determined that children working with the Sqord were able to enhance their exercise levels by 55%!.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Just like the other tracker the Sqord pod does not require re-charging because it includes a long-lasting battery that will work for over 9 months. After that, you can simply replace the battery for a very low cost.

Once you download the Sqord App you can get started by creating your character. As soon as children begin accomplishing activities and collect points, they can claim these points against some rewards. Generating extra points implies doing additional cool things using your character. The app will allow children to get in touch with other players, challenge them or send them high-fives.

5. Nabi Compete

Ages: 6-15 years

The Nabi Compete is a tracker for children that lets them compete in different contests along with other collective tasks. These gadgets play an important role in direction of a healthy lifestyle for the kids. Nabi Compete is able to calculate calories burned and steps covered throughout the day.

While using the app you can track activities accomplished and calories burnt, children are able to understand the concept of miles and calories with regards to the food they ingest. Kids can choose a pet of their preference, and there are actually more pets that they will unlock when they’ve earned specific points by finishing activities.

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Something to have in mind is that the measurements could be way off most sometimes. It also lacks some key features as compared to other trackers that we review like no digital display or custom challenges.