Tracking your fitness is the only way to actually achieve and measure progress. With proper tracking, your fitness levels can improve quickly and at a steady pace.

In 2021 health and fitness trackers are better than ever! giving us the opportunity to track depending on our needs. But the market is big and the choices start to get overwhelming.

Thas why we put together this list where you will find the 4 Best depending on your needs. Thees tracker can perform all the regular tracking activities plus some perks depending on the watch and brand behind it.

We are tracker experts so you can trust us that these top picks are the best in today’s market. So without further ado, below we give you our list of the Best Fitness Trackers Under $50 in 2021.

Best Fitness Trackers Under $50 Reviews 2021

Amazfit Bip

The Amazfit Bip is an affordable but capable tracker. With high-end features that will give you a full tracking experience for a quarter of the price of high-end fitness trackers such as a Fitbit or Garmin watches.

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It will lack some features compared with the previously mention brands, but depending on what you wish to track this can be a good or bad choice, as same as any other watch.

For regular tracking such as pace, calorie intake, runs, and activity tracking in general, the Amazfit Bip will do more than plenty for your tracking needs.

The Bip will also give you phone alerts, wake you up with a devoted alarm, and also track your exercises with built-in GPS, just to name a few, so for around $50, the Amazfit Bip makes a strong case for itself.

When it comes to battery life it’s also a great option since it can last up to 30 days with just one charge!

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LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

The Letscom is one of the most budget-friendly fitness trackers in 2021, we love the features and functionalities that you will get for just under $50.

A great tracker that will allow you to take your fitness stats to the next level!. It’s a great buy for those in the market for a low-cost tracker that can deliver high-end fitness tracking functionalities. At the same time is a great entry-level fitness tracker

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The LETSCOM is among the few budget-friendly physical fitness trackers that can track more than just steps. The gadget features 14 sports settings that can adapt to walking, running, hiking, swimming, and dancing. It can likewise adjust to even more comprehensive sports such as basketball, tennis, as well as yoga exercise.

The built-in heart price display is essential for obtaining proper details in real-time.

The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker can connect seamlessly to your smart device GPS to supply thorough data concerning your path, rate, and also range. Your phone will aid draw up a route which is really beneficial to walkers, joggers, runners, and bicyclists.

The tracker also features an OLED display with an integrated clock. You can see the display clearly in the outdoors, as well as even throughout the center of the day. It will automatically illuminate as soon as you turn the screen in the direction of you.

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The MOOV NOW is kind of like a personal health and fitness instructor that you can take with you any place you go with the day. It synchronizes with your phone and conveniently stays at hand during activities.

The MOOV NOW 3D Physical Fitness Tracker is an exceptional pick for running, cycling, swimming, and aerobic exercises.

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The model has 3 times the amount of sensing units as various other trackers. The sensing units make use of 3D Omni Movement Modern technology which permits it to track your precise movements such as speed, laps, strokes, as well as the type of sport (i.e. swimming).

The tracker is adaptable as you can wear it on the wrist or ankle joint. Users receive coaching and training. The training tutorials are fun, interesting, and also motivating. The digital instructor will certainly aid build muscle mass, keep your body in the best kind, and inform you when it is time for a break.

Honor Band 5 Sport

The Honor Band 5 Sport is economical also by inexpensive health and fitness tracker criteria. As a matter of fact, you could purchase it for the price of a takeaway, and also doing so would be far better for your wellness.

You get a shocking quantity for your money also, consisting of up to two weeks of battery life between costs, exact run and step monitoring, as well as environment-friendly credentials, many thanks to a band constructed out of recycled plastic bottles.

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It additionally includes the novel ability to attach the tracker to your shoe and measure more unusual points, such as your stride length, ground contact time, and also a lot more. This makes the Honor Band 5 Sporting activity especially good for joggers and also basketball gamers.

That claimed, not every one of these metrics were accurately tracked, with jumps and also foot strike pattern confirming particularly incorrect in our examinations. There’s likewise no GPS or heart price display, restricting its abilities as an overall health and fitness tracker. That arguably leaves it a little niche, yet offered just how little the Honor Band 5 Sport costs it’s hard to complain too much.