The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR provides a selection of features to assist you to keep track of your life.

It not only keeps track of your heart price while putting on, but it can also assist you to track your rest patterns and also activity level throughout the day.

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You can utilize it while in unfavorable weather conditions or even while washing your hands as long as it is not immersed for long. Keeping an eye on your tasks throughout the day can bring about much better choices that can influence your health and wellness in a favorable method.

Whether you are trying to drop weight or just keep much better track of your general health and wellness a health and fitness tracker can be a major benefit. This tracker additionally gives you reminders of text as well as calls you have actually gotten.

This set additionally has a range of workout settings so you can easily see how everyone influences your day. As an example, you can connect it with your smartphone and see details like just how much you went and also exactly how quickly you did it.

These sorts of features assist maintain you encouraged as you see enhancement in your performance and also It is quite inexpensive and can help you reach your health and fitness objectives extra easily as a result of the fact you will certainly have the ability to track specifically what you have been doing

Fitness Tracker Features


More than anything, LETSCOM smart bracelet is a sporting activities health and fitness tracker which intends to keep you on the move through its vast variety of functions. Just how does it do that? This tool has a digital pedometer to track the total number of steps you have taken during the day.

This includes running and also jogging as well as the actions you take to most likely to the restroom. This provides you a concept of just how close or how far you are from achieving your everyday steps goal.

Aside from that, it has a calorie count recorder which maintains you familiar with your day-to-day calorie intake and also loss. This makes weight management much easier as what and just how much you consume is no longer a presuming video game.

Sleep Tracker

Did you know that weight management is part of your exercise and also majorly concerning eating a good diet and obtaining sufficient sleep? Certain you can count your sleep hrs by noting your time of going to sleep and leaving it. Yet how do you get a concept of your sleep high quality? LETSCOM smart band includes a rest screen that tracks your light in addition to deep rest. Your deep rest is the corrective part of your sleep and also consequently determines how freshened you awaken.

Battery Life


Low batteries are a large NO! What usage is your physical fitness tracker if you can’t use it in times you’re going to exercise because of low battery? LETSCOM keeps such concerns at heart and also offers you a battery life of one week on standby setting as well as four days on operating mode, that goes without needing to recharge. You can constantly prolong it by minimizing LED use.

Heart Rate Monitor

Although not made for medical purposes, LETSCOM includes a highly accurate HR sensor that monitors your heartbeat, allowing you recognize its highs and lows throughout the day, which is particularly crucial when you exercise, as it lets you track the strength level of your workout.

Phone Tracker

One more hassle-free way to discover your phone whenever you lose it is by using the LETSCOM clever band. Unlike any other gadget, you have the smart band on your wrist all the time as well as will not require to make an extra effort to locate your phone. When you push the trick, you enter the Find Phone User Interface. If you want the phone to ring, just dual click the key.

Water Resistance

A crucial function that every physical fitness tracker needs to have is water resistance. Sweat launched by your body throughout exercise makes your band wear and additionally messes with its working. Besides that, you likewise need a waterproof fitness tracker if you swim regularly. LETSCOM tracker does not hinder your daily exercise as well as lets you run without fear.


Various other attributes include a sedentary alert that alerts you to get up if you’ve been sitting for also long, notifying for a call, messages, and other application notifications. Among the most intelligent functions is the Wrist Sense which immediately brightens up the display when you turn it in the direction of you. Another interesting feature is the Remote Camera Shooting which allows you to regulate digital photography shooting.

Extra Features

Suggestions to keep you relocating, GPS linked, alarms, remote electronic camera control, step record, car rest (records average deep, light, conscious), active hrs, calories burned, receive calls, present texts as well as informs from social media, long battery life.