A topic that is growing in popularity is which is the best smartwatch for nurses, since its a great companion for the long and hard work that the job requires.


Having in mind the big amount of hours they put on their job wearing a smartwatch makes a lot of sense for nurses. They need to always be on alert mode and on top of their game. Getting the best smartwatch for nurses will give them the ability to do their job more efficiently.

The best nurse smartwatch it must be waterproof, long-lasting, exceptional health and fitness companions, great battery back-ups. In this post, we look after all these aspects and come with the top picks.

Our first Pick is the Fitbit Versa if you would like to learn only about Fitbit for Nurses check our full review: Best Fitbit for Nurses in 2019

Best Smartwatches for Nurses in 2019 Reviews

Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

The Fitbit Versa is largely geared in the direction of monitoring activity and also workout. It can videotape information for sleep high quality as well as heart price to assist you to check your very own wellness.

As a registered nurse, you recognize just how important it is to stay in shape. Sleep plays a considerable role in your readiness for the job, particularly if you’re functioning long or uneven changes.

The Fitbit Versa can sync with your smart device to send you notifications for messages and other interactions straight to your wrist. If your phone is an Android tool, then you can send replies as well. Depending upon your work environment plans, this may be a proper method to handle job-related conversations and also info.

The Fitbit Versa (on Amazon.com) can track various other individual health information, such as the range you walk over the course of a day, as well as how many staircases you climb up.

Every one of this includes an easy interface as well as one button that regulates all of the modes as well as settings. There are a lot of applications and also storage for songs.

These features are less helpful for work, however, if you desire a watch that you can use for going to the health club, the Fitbit Versa can fill up that function also.

Apple Watch Series 4

The Series 4 is the most recent version of Apple’s smartwatch line. It uses countless renovations over the last design, the Series 3

The display, the speaker, the accelerometer, and also the gyroscope are all expanded or made extra sensitive.

It’s made with a lightweight aluminum case that is resistant to water, although it’s not a great idea to bring it also deep into any fluid or leave it in for as well long.

It has two various sensors for your heart. It’s loaded with an array of health and wellness monitoring devices.

For example, it has heart price monitors plus most of the bells and whistles you would expect from a smartwatch of this rate range.

There are displays for a heart rate that is also low or expensive.
For exercising, the Series 4 can instantly spot the exercise you are accomplishing and also record your movements and success as necessary.

When it comes to tracking workout task, you can establish your goals versus your pals or worldwide leaders or tap into mentoring to help you attain the appropriate kind.

On top of that, you have accessibility to the entire Apple ecosystem of apps as well as services.

The Apple Watch Series 4 is the conclusion of Apple’s efforts to build an all-purpose smartwatch, and also a lot of its functions are helpful to registered nurses.

Plus, because this is the most recent design, it is clear that Apple will certainly sustain it as well as roll out brand-new software application over the coming months to increase its value.

Samsung Gear Sport

As the name indicates, the Samsung Equipment Sport is initial and also leading an assistance device for Samsung phones.

It has some extra features that are only compatible with Samsung smart devices. If you like the appearance and feature of the Equipment Sport, but you don’t have an Apple iPhone or a Samsung Android phone don’t let that hinder you.

The Gear Sport will certainly work with both Android (non-Samsung) as well as iPhone phones. Samsung has actually also established the Equipment Sport to control a wide array of clever devices.

The Gear Sport can interface with your Samsung TV as well as other clever residence appliances like lights and also locks. It has all the typical fitness and also health and wellness monitoring devices, consisting of heart surveillance.

It is not likely that there will certainly be anything you can user interface with at the workplace so this will certainly depend totally on whether you currently own some existing gear you can regulate with the watch.

The onboard software also includes Samsung Pay, a near-field interaction tool that can conserve your settlement methods and also apply them at taking part sellers that have suitable systems.

Samsung has stabilized the energy of assistance software program with a variety of health-oriented devices as well as the smart-home connectivity.

While it is specialized, the Samsung Gear Sport has numerous features that make it one-of-a-kind among a crowded field of rivals. The Gear Sport is also relatively sturdy so it will hold up well at the office.

Keep in mind that it comes in numerous shades as well as not all versions are available with Bluetooth. If you do wish to use Bluetooth, its effective array has to do with 30 feet with a combined device. Any longer and you run the risk of damaging the link.

Huawei Watch 2

In lots of means, the Huawei Watch 2 is similar to the Fitbit. It has a rest as well as a heart monitor. In addition to smartphone connectivity, an exercise instructor for your exercise, as well as Google Songs compatibility.

It also has an integrated NFC app as well as Google’s digital assistant services. The Huawei Watch 2 has some helpful extras, too.
One of those is the capability to change the power intake for the watch.

This will certainly assist you to make sure that it can make it via a lengthy change or on-call duration, something that watches often has a hard time to handle.

It has a fairly powerful CPU also, the Qualcomm MSM8909W. While you might not necessarily respect the design of the CPU, what you must recognize is it will certainly keep the Huawei Watch 2 from lagging or crashing when you require it.

If you already have a Huawei phone, after that you can achieve much better connection and also software crossover with the Watch 2 than with a different phone supplier. Similar to the Samsung Equipment Sport with Samsung phones.

Fossil Sport

The Fossil Sport like a few of the various other choices is based around the Google collection of services. That suggests Google Pay, Google Songs, Google Assistant, and so forth.

These will be more useful to you if you already use Google services, so the Sport is better for registered nurses with Android phones. It will certainly still work with an iPhone, yet you will not obtain as much service crossover.

In regards to battery life, it does effectively with a 24-hour lifetime under low to modest usage. It features a quick battery charger so you can cover it off swiftly.

If you do not find the existing software program to be sufficient for you, it has complete access to Google’s Play store. That opens a lot of options for expanding the watch’s functions.

Essentially, action tracking as well as GPS, along with texting, will cover every one of your needs throughout work. It does have the capacity to track your heart price consistently so that you can obtain an accurate picture of its range over the course of the day.

The Fossil Sporting activity makes a great initial smartwatch for a nurse. It has an excellent variety of functions, however, it isn’t overwhelming, and also the menus are clear.

It additionally does not cost as much as most of its competitors so you check out and also see if a smartwatch is right for you without damaging the count on something you may not such as.

The watch is tough and splash-resistant, although it’s not a good concept to immerse it in water.

Things to have in mind before to buy a Smartwatch for Nurses

While any smartwatch in the prior list will be a great addition to your day we want to point out a number of things you ought to watch out when you’re picking out the best smartwatch for your needs.

What Features are You looking for?

A lot of these smartwatches are not inexpensive. Therefore before making that kind of financial investment you require to make sure the watch has what you’re trying to find.

Is the Smartwatch Waterproof?

This might additionally fall under what features are you looking for, however, I wanted to pull this out independently just to highlight it. As registered nurses, we view our hands a lot. You need to make certain that any kind of watch you have can deal with water as well as soap.

The Weight of the Smartwatch

This watch is most likely to get on your wrist for 8-, 12-, or 16-hour changes. Because of that, you want a watch that won’t start becoming heavy or uneasy on your wrist.