Let’s be honest there’s nothing worse than having to go for a run and carry your phone in your pocket, and don’t get me started with those arm phone holders.

That’s why a standalone smartwatch with SIM card support is all you need, go freely for a run listening to your music as well tracking your distance and in case you have a call you can answer it right from your watch with no need for a phone!. #blessed

Today, we take a look at the Best Standalone Smartwatches that come with a SIM card. These watches can receive and make calls as well send out SMS messages!. Just add a SIM cars to it and Get Ready to Rumblee!!.

Best Standalone Smartwatches with Sim Card – Tops Picks

These are the watches that we recommend over all others. If this is your very first smartwatch then you might want to begin with our customer’s guide additionally down the web page.

Apple Watch Series 4 – BEST PICK

This is the fourth model from the Best smartwatch in the market the Apple Watch. There’s a new series 5 but the price is not worth it to make our list yet.

Apple (for once) have paid attention to consumer comments regarding failings on the previous versions, and also the Series 4 sees a significant renovation in interface design, battery life, and fitness monitoring.

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It’s the largest display of an Apple Watch yet and also comes in two options of dimension. The larger 44mm dimension offers a remarkably detailed and also receptive touchscreen that dovetails wonderfully with a straightforward as well as user-friendly user interface style.

Core to the Series 4 redesign is the boosted physical fitness monitoring. A new electronic heart sensor checks your heartbeat and informs you when you could be exaggerating it. It will certainly tell you precisely what you require to be doing to accomplish your physical fitness goals. Automatic workout discovery means you don’t need to hang out establishing your watch up either.

But we’re not right here to speak about health and fitness tracking. The Apple Watch Series 4 has the ability to make as well as obtain phone calls, messages, and also work like a walkie-talkie with other Apple Watch users. Yes, you can speak to your wrist just like in the sci-fi movies!

A note of caution though. To be able to use the mobile data you need to have an Apple iPhone 6 or later that utilizes the very same provider.

A few final improvements with the Series 4 are the enhanced CPU rate which is up to 2 times faster than the series 3, a much bigger display, and also the haptic feedback from the digital crown.

We like this device as well as it’s presently the very best standalone smartwatch on the marketplace. However, it is costly.


  • 64-bit dual-core S4 processor.
  • Electrical & optical heart sensing unit.
  • GPS & Integrated mobile.
  • 977 sq mm ² present area.
  • Swimproof.
  • Digital Crown with haptic responses.
  • Sustained OS: iOS.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE

Keeping the classic watch face on (they are unpredictable), the Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is the newcomer in the sector. It’s the most up to date model of the Samsung Equipment LTE smartwatch collection.

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At the same as the Samsung Gear S2 (coming up later), it works with an eSIM. An eSIM in fact allows you to pick which service provider you would certainly such as without being linked to the certain service provider related to the SIM card. You’ll have to be careful to use the same carrier as your phone to make certain maximum compatibility.

The display is 1.3-inches as well as utilizes new screen technology for wearables called “Corning Gorilla Glass SR+”. This material is more powerful than ever and avoids scratches basing on the screen.

This watch is seriously difficult as well as Samsung state it has “military-grade toughness”. It’s likewise water immune up to 50 meters that makes it appropriate for swimming.

The OS has been upgraded with a lot more powerful chipset as well as raised RAM under the hood. This amounts to a far better customer experience yet does not drain the battery as you ‘d anticipate. Battery life for the 42mm (LTE) version is an impressive 2 days. What’s even more, it can be billed wirelessly.

New to this variation is the turning bezel which streamlines the user interface, a lot more, making it much easier and faster to make use of than ever before.

Samsung Gear enjoys work best with Samsung phones. So if you are a Samsung smart device proprietor, this might be the one for you. It’s likewise quite well valued when compared to the Apple Watch and is available in significantly more affordable (however still not exactly low-cost). It’s one of the very best LTE smartwatches out there.


  • 1.3-inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.
  • GSM (850/900/1800/ 1900), HSPDA (850/900/1900/ 2100).
  • Dual-Core 1.0 GHz, 768MB Ram, Exynos 7270.
  • Powered by Samsung’s own Tizen OS 2.3.2.
  • 4GB inner storage.
  • Standalone: Yes, however only the provider changed variations.
  • Supported OS: Android & iPhone.

Samsung Gear S

The Samsung Gear S is a charming looking smartwatch with a rounded Super AMOLED display screen. The display size is larger which is an advantage and the touchscreen is very smooth.

This is the initial Samsung smartwatch that supports a mini-SIM card and allows you to make phone calls and send out as well as receive messages. Although, you have to get in touch with your mobile phone at first for it to work.

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Samsung makes solid items, so you don’t require to fret about the development quality. Gorilla Glass 3 makes it also more powerful.

One thing you might not such as about is that there is no cam and also no 3.5 mm jack for your headphones.

Some claim that it just works with Samsung phones as well, so you need to keep this in mind.


  • 2.0-inches Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.
  • GSM (850/900/1800/ 1900), HSDPA (850,900,1900,2100).
  • Twin Core 1.0 GHz, 512MB Ram, Adreno 305.
  • Powered by Samsung’s very own Tizen OS.
  • 4GB internal storage.
  • Sustained OS: Android.
  • Standalone: Yes, however, it requires combined with a smart device once.

Samsung Gear S2

Samsung Gear S2 is the initial eSIM enabled smartwatch on the market. eSIM is a programmable SIM, not a physical sim card, and also it enables you to select which service provider you would love to use. You can find out more about eSIM right here.

A word of care concerning making use of eSIMs though. They are still not sustained by every provider, so do your research study prior to starting.

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As a matter of fact, the international variation of this watch won’t work standalone. You have to obtain the service provider changed variations which include a little registration from your provider. The US variation is supported by the huge providers like AT & T and also Verizon.

This tool is effective and also has almost the same configuration as the Samsung Gear S except the display size is minimized to 1.2-inches as well as the chipset is a somewhat faster Exynos 3250.

This is a seriously attractive looking watch. We like the silver variation best but the conventional grey looks excellent also. Is this the best standalone smartwatch in terms of looks? It’s definitely up there in our point of view.


  • 1.2-inches AMOLED capacitive touchscreen.
  • GSM/UMTS (850/900/1800/ 1900).
  • Double Core 1.0 GHz, 512MB Ram, Mali-400.
  • Powered by Samsung’s own Tizen OS.
  • 4GB interior storage space.
  • Standalone: Yes, but just the carrier customized versions.
  • Sustained OS: Android.

Why Smart Watches aren’t that Smart?

If you read this you possibly don’t care concerning all those functions perhaps you have actually used a smartwatch long enough to know this or you merely are clever enough to realize that smart-watches are not really as smart as they assert to be. That’s rather wise for somebody aiming to obtain a smartwatch. (Word play here planned) ideal standalone smartwatch 2019

Nevertheless far the advertising most likely to make you obtain one harsh reality is the performance of a smartwatch is totally depending on your phone.

How does this make it better than a typical watch not to mention a ‘smartwatch’?

Extra significantly in today’s era of enhancing reliance on our phones, we don’t need a ‘smart-watch’ that will just make us obtain more depending on them. All this moment we have actually had this mirage of a ‘wise watch’ until now where the marketplace truly has a smartwatch or a ‘smarter watch’ I ought to say; a Standalone smartwatch.

What is a standalone smartwatch? And why it is much better!

A smartwatch is merely a sidekick, however, a standalone smartwatch is when the sidekick becomes the superhero!

A Standalone Smartwatch is a lot more than an average smartwatch It goes a lot beyond being merely an expansion now operating without any dependence on a smart device.

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You can currently make use of the smarter enjoy entirely on cellular and also LTE connectivity which is primarily exactly how a smartphone functions. I can go on and on yet I’ve highlighted the two significant reasons a standalone smartwatch is smarter than a smartwatch.

  • No more Smartphone tethering: In today’s age of Immense smart device dependency a standalone smartwatch does not need you to sync or connect to your mobile phone to work
  • Nearly like a mobile phone: A standalone smartwatch that permits you to make/receive calls, surf websites much like a routine mobile phone.

Should you Buy a standalone smartwatch? And also why you must NOT!

Yes! If you want to really get that whole experience of an authentic clever smartwatch that doesn’t need you taking out your phone all the time. The freedom alone warrants investing a little added to obtain the whole bundle.

NO! If you desire something to entirely change your mobile phone. I won’t market you something based on the wrong information. A standalone smartwatch will certainly not replace your smart device entirely. It won’t do EVERYTHING your phone can do.

You’re buying a smartwatch to change your smartphone sometimes when it’s inconvenient to use your large phone like whilst working out or in a meeting you get the point.

A smartwatch is an expensive financial investment let alone a standalone smartwatch. The mobile connection making the smartwatch totally independent is a significant interruption.

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There will be downsides as well as limitations, nonetheless, a smartwatch reasonably not change a smart device entirely. We still require our bloody smart devices however what a standalone smartwatch will most definitely do is decrease our reliance on our phones.

We do not actually intend to live without our phones we just not want to need to utilize our phone ANYWHERE. Assume needing to send a fast message during a conference without pulling out that big phone.

Which standalone smartwatch should I get?

Standalone Smartwatches are like those dot-com companies right before the crash everybody’s discussing how fantastic they are however truthfully there’s a lot are a lot of spunk items on the market.

Thus I have actually composed this no bs write-up to inform you on what a standalone smartwatch truly is and what are the ones you ought to consider standalone smartwatches evaluates 2019

You are most likely reviewing this to either update your current smartwatch or to obtain a standalone smartwatch for the very first time. A few of you are most likely asking yourself just how to use a standalone smartwatch in your daily regimen to handle your days, in sports or even for your company.

Maintain reviewing this short article due to the fact that I will undergo whatever you need to recognize whilst purchasing a standalone smartwatch as well as what are the best offered on the marketplace.

How we selected the best standalone smartwatches

Before we get involved in the comparison and also the review I’ll speak about the key metrics we used to contrast our smartwatches and exactly how each metric is important. This will certainly additionally provide you a great idea regarding what makes a good standalone smartwatch.

Battery life: A standalone watch depending on mobile connectivity would suggest a good deal of power usage. Without a good battery life, your fancy standalone smartwatch will not stand the examination of time (the wordplay here is strong in this one: P).

Connectivity: This set’s apparent however it’s important that the standalone is defined right into what connectivity you are paying for that is 3G, 4G LTE or WIFI.

Hardware: Being able to look excellent and connect to cellular is not enough it is as essential to functioning without any bothersome lag or inconvenience. Thus we chose our leading choices based upon efficiency.

Show: For your standalone smartwatch to genuinely be standalone you require a great display to be able to articulate as well as recognize the display.

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