If you are searching for: find my Fitbit, let’s hope you are trying to know how to find your tracker in case you lose it.

In case that you already lose track of it, we are sorry!

But now worries!! Here you will learn how to find it!

We are going to give you different ways to find your Fitbit in the fastest way!

How To Find My Fitbit?

In the Fitbit community the tips that they give are the followings:

If you lose your Fitbit device, try the following tips to find it:

  • Check your dashboard to see the last time your device synced. If it synced recently, it’s likely that you can find it if is in a range of your phone.
  • If you use a clip-on device, check the clothes you were most recently wearing. 
  • Take your phone to the area where you think you lost your device and try to sync it. If your device syncs, it’s nearby. For more information about how to sync your device, see How do Fitbit devices sync their data?
  • Try using a Bluetooth locator app to help you find your device. For iPhone, try LightBlue Explorer. For Android, try Bluetooth Finder.

But in case that this Help does not work you can also check on their community forum Here

Other Ways to Find My Fitbit

Here we are going to give you 2 different apps that will help you to track your Fitbit one for Android users and one for iPhone or Apple users.

You can also Check Find My Fitness Band Which works for both companies

Fitbit Finder (Android)

find-my-fitbit-tips-for-tracking-down-your-fitbits-Fitbit Finder

Fitbit Finder is a good way to find your Fitbit if you have an Android Phone


Over 10,000 Fitbit task keeps an eye on located already! Shed your Fitbit? Discover your lost Fitbit quickly & conveniently in mins with Fitbit Finder. Save loan by finding your shed Fitbit instead of changing your Fitbit.

Loads of 5-star testimonials like these:

  • ” terrific!– This functioned flawlessly. I looked for a whole week and might not locate my Fitbit yet I used this for 3 mins and also discovered it.”
  • ” Fantastic!!!!!– I had actually lost my Fitbit on walking in the timbers, we looked all over, however, had no luck. I returned the following day after locating this app and found it in the fallen leaves as well as the dirt of the trail!!! I never would have located it without this application!”
  • ” Perfect– Basic as well as perfect.”

The world’s first, the initial– Fitbit Finder– is back with a significant update!

  • Universal Fitbit support – including the most recent Fitbit Ionic, Charge 2, Alta HR, and Flex 2 designs
  • Complete iPhone 11 as well as iPhone X support
  • Money-back assurance

Fitbit Model Supported

  • Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Surge – fitness watches
  • Fitbit Charge 2, Fitbit Alta HR, Fitbit Charge HR – advanced heart rate and fitness wristbands
  • Fitbit Flex 2, Alta, Fitbit Charge, Fitbit Force, Fitbit Flex – fitness wristbands
  • Fitbit One – clip-on fitness tracker
  • Fitbit Flyer – wireless fitness headphones

How it Works & Benefits

Fitbit Finder pays attention for the Bluetooth radio signals that your Fitbit sends to your phone or computer system and after that displays the family member toughness of those signals as you move around, so you can zero in on where you lost your Fitbit. Fitbit Finder additionally gives audio feedback.

  • Release Fitbit Finder.
  • See your Fitbit in the app. If you do not see it, transfer to one more room and also try once more.
  • Walk gradually. As you get closer to the Fitbit, the audio triggers will certainly increase in regularity and also the status will transform from weaker to more powerful.
  • When you are within a few feet of the Fitbit, the condition will transform to greatest and the audio motivates will beep swiftly.
  • Discover your Fitbit!

Additional Benefits of Fitbit Finder:

  • Audio feedback makes it unbelievably simple to use without needing to stare at your phone.
  • Historic distance tracker shows you whether you’ve strolled more detailed or further away from the lost Fitbit.
  • Works inside in addition to outdoors.
  • Any person in the family can make use of the application to find their lost Fitbit.

Track Your Fitbit with an iPhone

You can also track it down using an iPhone APP

You can utilize Find My apple iPhone to track down your misplaced apple iPhone, but what regarding Bluetooth gadgets that don’t supply a similar attribute, like your Fitbit? You can track that down, also, with the aid of your Apple iPhone as well as a little good luck. Keep reading to discover how.

Discovering something so tiny can be quite challenging, yet with a little preparation and also logic, there’s a possibility of success. Yes, I found my Fitbit, yet not where I expected. Without some planning ahead of time, I never would certainly’ve tracked it down.

It’s actually all about reducing the variables to trim down your search area. I started with some experimentation to identify where my Fitbit had not been.

I began by seeing if I can sync my Fitbit. The device specifications claim you require to be within 15 feet for the Bluetooth link to kick in as well as move information.

Sitting at my desk where I spend a lot of my time gave me effective sync, so I had a respectable concept where to begin looking. Sadly, my work desk is along an exterior wall surface, so I couldn’t dismiss the path through the lawn to drop off the trash.

I might sync also at the end of the lawn furthest from my work desk, however within that. Based on the recorded Fitbit sync range, that meant mine was most likely in the lawn.

Searching my course didn’t show up anything, so I went back inside to see where else I can sync. I figured as soon as I ran out array once more, I would certainly be closer to narrowing down precisely where to look.

And after that I discovered an issue: I can sync from all over indoors. That suggested either my Fitbit went to my desk, or its sync variety was in fact above 15 feet. Given that I was certain my Fitbit wasn’t at my desk, I needed something that would certainly give me even more Signal toughness info.

One of my friends suggested I try BTLExplorer for the iPhone. It’s a free application planned for testing Bluetooth tools, however, it had simply what I needed: the capacity to track real signal stamina.

Click Here to Download the BTLExplorer app

I had the ability to swiftly figure out that my Fitbit actually wasn’t outdoors because the signal strength was also weak despite the fact that I had the ability to sync, so back indoors I went. As soon as inside, I stood in the facility as well as the corners of each space as well as checked the signal toughness.

The higher the worth, the much better the signal. Outdoors, I was seeing around -95 dBm, as well as indoors the signal, jumped up in between -88 dBm as well as -69 dBm till I got much closer.

Thanks to the signal toughness feature in BTExplorer, I removed fifty percent of my area– as well as it’s all about reducing by fifty percent when trying to find something you can not discover: First, I dismissed the yard, so I only had fifty percent as much room to look. Following I dismissed half of my inside space.

Next, came the truly thorough component: strolling a grid in each room looking for the toughest signal points. I lastly narrowed my search to two areas, and also a fast tour back outside to inspect signal toughness showed my Fitbit had to remain in my bedroom.

As you limit your search area, you boost your search time because you move slower and also look closer at every piece of information. It took around half an hr to concentrate my search on one-quarter of the area.

However, the Fitbit One does not have a speaker, but it does have a vibrating alarm system function. I establish an alarm so I might pay attention to the shaking motor and after regarding 10 more minutes discovered my Fitbit along the wall surface behind a box. Complete-time spent Fitbit searching: concerning 2 hrs.

My Bluetooth signal stamina when I was about a foot away from my Fitbit jumped to concerning -50 dBm, and when I was only inches away it climbed over -40 dBm.

Below’s the TL; DR variation:

  • You require to have a concept of where to begin your search, so backtrack your steps.
  • Constantly search in a grid pattern. Looking arbitrarily usually results in frustration.
  • Keep functioning to decrease your search location by fifty percent, after that lower that location by half.
  • Usage tools to make your search much easier. In my instance, it was a Bluetooth signal toughness application.
  • If you can from another location trigger a sound on the shed tool, do.
  • Had this been one more Bluetooth device, like a headset or stylus pen, I might’ve utilized the same strategy to track it down, also.

My perseverance saved me the $100 of buying a brand-new Fitbit, as well as the pain of finding it on the flooring later on. Regrettably, I had not been able to track all the actions I took to hunt it down.