All Fitbit trackers and watches are waterproof, which implies they’re rainproof as well as splash-proof and can stand up to even the sweatiest workout. You can swim or bath with particular Fitbit gadgets.

Fitbit was just one of the early pioneers in the fitness-tracker game, but something it avoided in the early years was waterproofing. Up until the Flex 2 that is. Announced in 2016, the band is really slim and lightweight, and the initial one you can swim with.

The Fitbit Blaze is a ‘smart health and fitness watch’, a kind of hybrid in between a physical fitness tracker as well as a smartwatch.

What do you overcome Fitbit’s previous models? A color touchscreen for a begin. This allows the watch to perform more advanced features, such as real smartwatch alerts, and song control. This model is splashproof, but not waterproof. So you can not track swim with the Blaze or dive with it

This was certainly one of the most functional Fitbit that you could purchase at launch however it’s less unsightly than its successor, Ionic. It might be worth getting if you can discover it economically– around Black Friday, as an example.

What do waterproof numbers suggest?

If you have actually checked out that your smartwatch or tracker is waterproof to 50m, this does not indicate you can dive to 50m listed below the water while putting on one.

The number rather refers to the static stress that the watch can endure. Fifty meters of fixed water stress is easy to attain, even in fairly shallow water. It will just survive reduced depths if it is maintained completely still, which clearly won’t be the case when you’re swimming or diving.

Below a general guide to what waterproof numbers suggest:

  • 30 metres: Splash-proof as well as waterproof in percentages of water. To put it simply, ideal on a rainy day or for doing the depleting.
  • 50 metres: Suitable for swimming in a pool or the sea, and also for showering. Not ensured to be dive- or dive-resistant, nevertheless.
  • 100 metres: Great for all swimming and superficial diving.
  • 200 metres: Can withstand diving, however not in deep ocean waters.

We can reveal today that no Fitbit to date has made it to the 100 or 200-meter degrees of waterproofing.

Also, while some water-resistant wear isn’t suitable for deep-sea swimming, Fitbit seems all right, according to the forums. The only suggestion is to wash them off after a dip in the ocean, to stop a build-up of salt.

Which Fitbit’s are Waterproof?

We recommend though that you choose a Fitbit that has actually been developed from the start to be water-proof.

As stated you currently have plenty of options including the Flex 2, Ionic, Versa, Versa Lite, Charge 3, Inspire and also Inspire HR.

We have a page where you can find all the different Fitbit models that are swim-proof up to 50 ATM – Check Here

What is the Fitbit Blaze good for?

We already have a full review for the Blaze, that you can check Here, But at a glance the best features from the Blaze are:

Battery life: Up to 5 days Heart-rate tracking: Yes Sleep tracking: Yes GPS: Via connected phone Waterproof: No Touchscreen: Yes Screen material: Gorilla Glass NFC payments: no Bluetooth: Yes Smartphone notifications: No

So those are the main features from the Blaze in case you would like to learn more about it check our full review.