When comparing the Fitbit Blaze vs Surge you have a hard choice to make, both are at the top of their game when it comes to fitness tracking.

They are similar in terms of functions and features, but at the same time, both the Blaze and Surge had some unique points that make them different. We review each point so you can have a clear picture on which one is the best for your style, fitness needs, and budget.

Fitbit Blaze vs Surge Comparison Table

Calorie Count
Yes Yes
No Yes
Battery Life5 Days
7 Days
Compatible with Android and IOS
Yes Yes
Heart Rate Monitor Yes Yes
Goal Setting No Yes
Compatible with MyFitnesspal
No Yes
Compatible with Smart Scales
No Yes
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One big difference between these two is without a doubt the look, is true that both sport a big screen and the same buttons layout ( one on the left and two on the right ) but when it comes to style those are the only similarities between these Fitbit’s.

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The Blaze is a more stylish tracker than the Surge and it can be mistaken for a Smartwatch. It’s sleek and to be honest one of the best looking Fitbit’s on the market. With a cool metal finish and a color display, you can wear it at any time on any occasion, from the gym up to a meeting this tracker is going to look good on your wrist

The Surge, on the other hand, has a more sporty look, featuring a rubber and plastic clad and a big screen that monochromatic giving the clear win on the looks department to the Blaze.

When it comes to available colors the Blaze comes with exchangeable bands but you will have the same watch face. You can find the regular blue, black or plum bands but you can also get more premium straps that have an extra cost and get leather bands with steel frames, metal link bands also with frame and for those looking a more sporty look you can have a nylon band.

The Surge instead can change the entire outlook so you can choose between black, blue or tangerine.

Something to have in mind is that neither of these trackers is waterproof, so you can not track your swim with them.

So for those looking for a sports watch, the Surge is the best choice, and for those that need a tracker that can be worn 24/7 even at the office, the Blaze has the advantage.


As we said at the beginning on the basics functions they are similar both watches can track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and can collect data on different sports such as running, biking, weightlifting and more!

But they have unique differences that will make an impact depending on your personal needs.

The biggest feature that comes together with the Surge is the built-in GPS. With this function on, you will be able to track your movements such as running or cycling with the highest precision that is available. Is true that both watches can track your distances but the GPS gives extra accuracy so for those people that are more serious about running or tracking their movements this feature will make a big difference.

The Blaze can track with GPS as well but you will need to pair your phone with your watch and bring the phone along as well for your runs to be able to track with GPS data.

The feature that makes the difference for the Blaze is the FitStar integration that will work as a personal trainer giving you a collection of workouts for you to exercise anywhere from the gym, to your apartment you will have a bunch of routines to try out. One thing that we didn’t like about the FitStar addition is that you have only a few free exercises and then you need to pay for extra workouts.

When it comes to notifications bothe tracker can display on the screen calls, messages and calendar events. But the Blaze gives you a more friendly experience and is easier to pair up with any hone even iPhones. The Surge can also give you the same notifications but is a more clunky experience and much harder to read at a glance.

On the plus side the Surge is better at working as a regular watch, when it comes to checking the time the Surge gives you at a glance 24/7 the time of the day, since the monochrome LCD screen is always on, the Blaze will need to be started by pressing the button so you can check your time, so is not a big deal but with the Surge you don’t need to do anything just check and you will have your time just like a standard watch

Battery Life

The Fitbit Blaze and Surge come with the regular battery life that you can get with most Fitbit trackers, but thanks to a recent software update the Surge has the upper hand, with 7 days of full battery lifespan that sound better than the 5 days that the Blaze come with.

Another advantage of the Surge is when it comes to battery spent the monochromatic screen will end up spending less battery that the full-color display that comes with the Blaze.

And something that we found pretty cool from the Surge is that if you wish to track non stop with the built-in GPS you will have 10 hours of full battery which is pretty impressive for a regular tracker.

When it comes to charging the devices there are differences too
To charge the Surge you just plug the proprietary USB charging cable into the port found on the backside of the trackers face.

The Blaze instead needs some extra work to charge, you will need to pop the tracker unit out from the aluminum frame, and clip it into a USB cable featuring a housing to hold the Blaze as it charges. So is not the ideal situation to charge

So when it comes to battery life the clear winner is the Surge without a doubt.


When it comes to price both trackers are almost identical to the original Version of the Surge is currently at $215.89 and the Blaze is at $199.95.

Although the real difference appears when you ask your self what are you looking for from the watch itself?. With a better display and sleeker design, the Blaze is a strong competition.

But for those that are committing on getting into the best shape possible or are serious about their training the sports functionalities that come along plus the built-in GPS will make the Surge the best pick

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After this VS review, the differences are more clear. These 2 Fitbit models are the best pick for different types of people.

When it comes to the Blaze you will have a  fitness tracker that will look good on any occasion so you are going to be able to track your data 24/7. Is a good tracker for people that are starting out into the fitness world and want to become a better and healthier version of them self.

The Blaze can accomplish all the basic tracking needs, so you will be able to track your steps, calories burned during exercises as well sleep tracking and guided breathing that can help you improve your overall health.

On the other hand, the Surge is the clear choice for people that are already into an exercise routine and wish to get the most from their workouts and take them to the next level. With a durable build and a strong battery life and all the cool additions of functions and apps that will help you get in the best shape that you can accomplish the Surge is the best companion

Having said that the Surge is not the most comfortable tracker to use since is a bit bulky when the Blaze is stylish and comfortable.

So depending on your needs, the difference is pretty clear. Choose wisely and get the best tracker for you!

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