The Vivosmart HR is Garmin’s 2nd generation Vivosmart, launched in late October 2015.

With the course of time, it was evolving and adding some upgrades, and new features such as the included wrist-based Heart Rate Tracking, as well as the Swim Tracker, and Waterproof ability of 5 ATM (50 meters).

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But it’s still a good buy in 2020? What about the Price? Is it worth it? Learn all about the Vivosmart HR and find out if its the best Tracke for your needs.

Pros +

  • Automatic Sleep Tracker
  • Fully Water-resistant
  • Always-on touchscreen display with optional backlight; crisper display than initial Vivosmart
  • Phone signals and alerts.
  • Automatic wireless syncing, syncs whenever you open the app or sync through the charging cable television to your computer.
  • You can check your data on the Garmin site or the App.

Cons –

  • You can only charge it with the original charger.
  • Heart rate is not extremely precise.
  • No Smart training or customized feedback.

Garmin Vivosmart HR Overview

All-time Low Line The Garmin Vivosmart HR does health and fitness and heart price monitoring just about in addition to the Fitbit Charge HR while including smartphone alerts, also, all in a compact bundle.

I’m fussy when it concerns health and fitness trackers. I want a device that can stay on my wrist for extended time periods, and that doesn’t have to be charged every couple of days.

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One that does not need to be eliminated each time I shower or go for a swim. I additionally want one with the latest bells and also whistles, which means some type of heart-rate tracking along with smartwatch-like notifications.

The Garmin Vivosmart HR comes rather close to satisfying all of these requirements. It’s a part physical fitness tracker, component smartwatch. As a physical fitness tracker, it covers all the bases: it determines daily tasks (steps, floors climbed, etc), heart rate throughout the day and automatically tracks rest in the evening.

All of these functions approach the Fitbit Fee Human Resources, one of our favorite fitness trackers. However the Vivosmart has two remarkable benefits: it can display phone notifications (iPhone or Android), as well as it’s water-resistant (in this situation swim-and-shower water-resistant). However, those rewards come at a cost.

The tracker is bulkier than the Charge HR as well as Jawbone Up3, and also Garmin’s mobile application isn’t as fine-tuned. Those things matter to many people, myself consisted of. Regardless, the Vivosmart is still among the far better physical fitness trackers we have actually examined and also worth considering, specifically if you’re seeking a great fitness tracker that can get notifications like a smartwatch.

Is The Garmin Vivosmart HR Waterproof?

Like the majority of physical fitness trackers, the Garmin Vivosmart HR isn’t technically water-resistant. Rather, it’s waterproof. Meaning that you can use it in a water deepness of as much as 50 meters without having problems.

What does water resistant mean?

Look meticulously and also you’ll observe that wearable gadgets such as the Garmin Vivosmart HR aren’t water-proof, yet instead water immune. For the Garmin Vivosmart HR, this distinction implies the item can be put on during surface swimming, superficial snorkeling, and also comparable tasks. You can also wear it in the shower or bathroom.

With that being claimed, the Garmin Vivosmart HR can not track swimming tasks like various other physical fitness tools such as Garmin’s Vivosmart 4, which we recommend below.

Absolutely nothing is water-proof.

It is very important to note that no wearable tool is absolutely water-resistant. When you remain in the market for physical fitness gadgets or smartwatches, aim to see just how water immune they are as well as determine if that suffices for the activities you enjoy the most.

While a lot of (yet not all) physical fitness trackers in 2019 are most likely to endure in a shower or swimming pool, some are a lot more long-lasting than others.

As an example, the Garmin Vivosmart HR has a 5 ATM ranking, which means it can withstand pressures equal to a depth of 50 meters. Other products, nonetheless, include an also far better 10 ATM MACHINE score.

These products can endure forces equal to a depth of 100 meters. Advised activities include bathing, swimming, and snorkeling, yet not deep water scuba diving and high-speed water sports.

What Garmin says.

On its water spec web page, Garmin discusses how it checks its products for water resistance. The company keeps in mind: “We carefully test our tools to ensure they’ll endure the tasks for which they were developed. You need to keep in mind that even if a tool is over a deepness it is ranked for, it could still experience water ingression if it goes through a task that produces stress on it that exceeds that depth ranking.


The design of the Vivosmart is very similar to the Fitbit Charge HR, yet bulkier. It features the same type of wraparound band, with a standard watch fastening clasp. It’s secure and likely will not diminish your wrist, but you need to wear the band reasonably limited so that the optical heart-rate sensing unit can get a precise reading.

The sensor protrudes slightly from the rear of the device, which ended up leaving marks on my skin. The very first couple of days were a bit uneasy. Yet, unlike Garmin’s previous heart-rate watch, the Leader 225, the Vivosmart offers constant heart-rate monitoring throughout the day. It’s a welcome enhancement.

Similar to the Fitbit, the Vivosmart likewise tracks actions, distance, calories burned, floorings climbed up and energetic minutes. It also instantly determines the deep and also light sleep you attain each evening (an estimation, but beneficial for day-to-day sleep logging).

The band also consists of a quiet alarm system that will certainly buzz delicately to wake you up in the morning, remind you to get up and also move after being inactive.

The sensing unit sticks out slightly from the back of the device, which ended up leaving marks on my skin. The first number of days were a little bit unpleasant. However, unlike Garmin’s previous heart-rate watch, the Forerunner 225, the Vivosmart offers continuous heart-rate monitoring throughout the day. It’s a welcome enhancement.

Just like the Fitbit, the Vivosmart additionally tracks actions, distance, calories melted, floors climbed as well as active minutes. It likewise immediately measures the deep and light sleep you accomplish each evening (an estimate, but valuable for day-to-day rest logging).

The band also consists of a quiet alarm system that will hum gently to wake you up in the early morning, advise you to rise and relocate after being inactive.

Who should Buy the Vivosmart HR?

The Vivosmart isn’t as discreet as the Fitbit Charge HR or Jawbone Up3. It’s large and also can be a little bit of an eyesore, yet the device does an excellent task at tracking heart rate and also activities.

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If you’re not yet prepared for a full-blown smartwatch however are still curious about receiving smartphone alerts on your wrist, the Vivosmart deserves looking into. I would additionally advise it to anybody that desires a tool you do not need to remove in the shower or the pool.

If you have close friends or family members that have a Fitbit, however, I recommend you buy the Fitbit Fee Human Resources. Buddies do not allow friends to track health and fitness alone.