The Garmin Fenix 5X is the largest of the Fenix 5 models (Fenix 5 Plus, Fenix 5S Plus) and is at the date the most powerful of the bunch!.

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And we are not only talking about the battery life that is the greater on the 5X but also is the best of the Fenix 5 smartwatches when it comes to tracking abilities, thanks to the myriad sensors and software smarts enough to help you record a wide variety of exercises and different sports.

The Fenix 5X can accurately track different activities such as running, cycling, and swimming, as well it can easily record outdoor sports like hiking or paddleboarding.

Another advantage that you will get with this tracker is the ability to get smartphone notifications on your wrist as well as sleep and activity tracking, alongside built-in heart rate monitoring.

Garmin 5X: Design

The Fenix 5X is a large tracker, with a 51mm case comes in at 4mm larger than the Fenix 5. It’s robust and ready for outdoor activities with a durable case and a cool face design.

With a chunky, rugged, and metallic build the Fenix 5 is a typical Garmin watch. Featuring silicone bands and exposed screws, brushed metal buttons, and a sapphire glass screen that will make it look good on any situation even with his sports looks.

When we said that you can wear it everywhere, we meant everywhere! even up to 10 ATM (100 meters) underwater!. So you will never need to take the tracker off and wear it 24/7, tracking all your activities, and have fun!.

The screen has a 240 x 240 resolution and is sunlight-ready plus features a memory-in-pixel color display, meaning that it will spend the minimum amount of battery life when on and still will give you the best performance when you get the sun on the screen.

Having in mind that the screen is not the biggest, you may have trouble to check at a glance all your data, but having in mind that you can customize your layout to show you what you wish, you can have the best data depending on your exercises and routines.

Garmin Fenix 5X: Activity Tracking

The built-in GPS that comes along with the Fenix 5X is one of the fastest to connect ever. By using a steel EXO antenna bezel can connect supers fast and track the most accurate data each step that you take. There’s no competition when it comes to GPS tracking if you ever try to connect with any smartwatch you would realize that there’s close to no competition when it comes to connecting to GPS.

With the battery life that you will get you are going to able to track all your activities day and night with no problem.

Another cool addition to this watch is the ability to swim with it up to 100 meters deep, and besides the high-end Garmin there are no other smartwatches that can go so deep into the water

Making changes on your display is really easy, so you can get different stats depending on your preferences. Having in mind that you can also get really in-depth stats for your health and fitness the Fenix 5X  will help you to upgrade your workouts and health.

You will also get really accurate data on distance and elevation giving you a real way to improve your levels no matter if you are a pro athlete or a newbie into the fitness world

The Fenix 5X is one amazing companion for the outdoors with an accurate barometer, thermometer, compass, and gyroscope, plus the built-in GPS, GLONASS and accelerometer all included. So you will have a trooper when adventuring on outdoor activities and will let you know as well about climate and warn you if there’s a storm coming your way.

You can control all your smartphone notifications right from your wrist, just like music or messages and calls, which can be great when you have your phone on a bag and don’t want to reach to find out what is going on.

When it comes to tracking your cycling the 5X will give you an impressive range of tracking options like using Strava Live Segments and connecting to ANT+ sensors for cadence, power and more.

Garmin Fenix 5X: App

garmin fenix 5x

The Fenix 5 uses the Garmin Connect app that has a reliable ecosystem that is going on for years now so it has a variety of apps to choose from with reviews and helpful in-depth statistics to get the best from your workouts.

You have amazing features to choose from such as the ability to check your heart rate overlaid against elevation on a graph, or tracking your route on a map with waypoints for future planning.

The Garmin Connect app allows you to check out all your exercise stats in seconds using a connected phone or in more detail on a computer.

You can use it in both Android and iOS, and is really easy to use and navigate and you will get in-depth charts that you can also modify in order to see what you need.

The app works with all the Garmin devices and gives you a wide array of choices to get different types of data from health and fitness to dog monitors, so you can get overwhelmed with all the options that you will find on the App which is a downside that we hope Garmin takes care of it, since you probably will need sports and fitness tracking more than other types of apps that can only get you lost in a sea of apps.

You will have included the Strava app that is great for cyclists, with features like beacon and live segments right there on your wrist as you exercise. After your workout, you can easily have these uploaded, as the watch auto uploads data over Wi-Fi when you get in.

But checking your watch while on a ride is awkward, despite the big, clear screen. The best solution can be strapping the watch to the framework but may need some padding to stay facing you if your bar tape is thin, as well you will lose the heart rate tracking unless you have an HR strap.

Garmin Fenix 5X: Battery Life

In terms of battery life, there’s only amazing news with the 5X, you will get 12 days using it as a regular smartwatch and by using constant GPS tracking you can be using the smartwatch up to 20 hours wich compared with most trackers is an incredible stamina.

You have also the ability to turn on the UltraTrac feature that will reduce the use of the GPS radio so you can get even more battery juice.

When it comes to charging the device you will have a smooth dedicated connector that clips in easily and works either way around. By using a USB cable connection on one end so it will plug into mobile chargers, laptops, wall plugs or anything that has a USB port to charge.

Should I buy the Garmin Fenix 5X?

If you’re an outdoor person that likes to get on adventures to hike or camp there are not many trackers that can bring you all the peace of mind tath you will get with the Fenix 5 from long-lasting battery life to climate warnings and high end tracking features this tracker is a must.

As well if you are a pro athlete or would like to get your workout on a higher level the amount of tracking features that you will get with this tracker is close to unique.

For people looking to track cycling, swimming, golf or pretty much any other sports you will get a reliable tracker that will last forever.

However, if you would like a tracker for runs, the Forerunner 935 would be a better fit since has a lighter body and is a cheaper option


In 2020 the Fenix 5 is one of the best GPS sports trackers on the market. It’s rugged, well connected, and offers a wide variety of sports to track accurately, as well as includes smartphone notifications such as WhatsApp messages, and includes color maps.

The battery life is excellent, and you are going to be able to use this as a daily activity tracker without the worry of damaging the watch since it comes with a sapphire screen and an incredible water resistance up to 10 ATM.



Garmin Fenix 5X
  • Battery
  • Display
  • Performance
  • Software
  • Design


The Fenix 5X is the most complete fitness tracker and the best companion for outdoor adventurers. But in case you don’t need the most accurate outdoors data this tracker can be quite pricey, so it may be not the best fit for all your needs. Check On Amazon–>