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The reality is that today’s parenting comes with a wide range of challenges, but one of the toughest difficulties is having the peace of mind that your kids are safe even when they’re out of sight.

As kids start to grow, they like to explore, push boundaries, and create their own rules.

The most heart-stopping question is without a doubt “Where is my kid?” In parks, at beaches or in any public setting, your child can wander out of view from one second to the next one.

However, today’s technology can provide some peace of mind in the shape of a lightweight GPS tracker for kids that can last a few days on a charge, and offers frequent and reliable updates on your child’s location.

We mention different types of trackers from watches, bracelets and even shoe GPS tracker for kids. We also talk about the regular trackers that are meant to blend in with your child’s backpack and work in the background, and some even give you the power to detect possible danger in your kid’s surroundings. 

We are going to review 4 different ways to track your kids with GPS plus the Id bracelets :

  1. Child Id bracelets
  2. Tracking bracelets
  3. GPS tracker for kids shoes
  4. GPS watches for kids
  5. Regular Trackers (backpack)

If well we review different GPS watches in this post we also have a more specific page about the latest GPS Smartwatches for Kids.

Technology inside the GPS tracker for kids

The different trackers have special ways to track your child. Some trackers for kids come with the geofencing technology that allows you to know when your kid moves into or out of a determined (by you) area.

Other trackers have the ability to enable your kid to send a “panic” alert, which makes the child feel secure, mainly on their first tries on getting their movement independence. Some of this gadget also comes with a water alert feature that will send you an alarm as soon as your kid is submerged in water. They also can provide phone calling functions.

As you can notice there’s a wild range of GPS trackers. Depending on the age of your kids, the features you seek to count on, and the functions, you can select the best GPS tracker for kids and be part of the smart parenting trend. So now let’s overview the most promising ones.

Child Id Bracelets

So our first reviews is not a GPS tracker for kids actually, we start mentioning the Id bracelets for kids, these ones don’t come with fancy tracking abilities is more an old school type of tracking but without a doubt worthy of mention.

These bracelets are a great way of having some piece of mind about your child, maybe in cases that the kids are younger than 4 years old. If you lose your small child in a crowded public place, kids id bracelets can help you find your son or daughter back. Think about all the times when you lost eyesight of your small child, at the mall, in a public park, while traveling, … You could have prevented a lot of stress if your child had worn a kids id bracelet.

Id bracelets for kids are designed in order to get parents and children together again. The reason why we think this is a great way of having a real track of your kids is that is easy to strap a bracelet on your kid’s arms and normally they like to have an accessory on their wrist. But the most important thing is that this bracelet contains all the necessary information for someone who could find your child wandering around or for police officials to identify your kid and contact you.

Kids id bracelets are specifically designed to keep small children and toddlers safeMoreover, they are also very useful for children suffering from any kind of illness. You can use them as a medical alert bracelet for kids and add all the vital medical information so your kid gets the help they need in case it gets lost and is found by someone. They are also perfect to use as travel id bands for kids on all your trips.

Another cool feature is that these Bracelets are inexpensive so every parent can afford them!  Increase your own peace of mind when it comes to your child’s safety. We selected the best kids id bracelets and travel id bands so you have an idea what you should pay attention too. Check them out below.

1. Vital child id bracelet for kids

GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-Vital-usafitnesstracker.comThe Vital id wristband for kids is an adjustable velcro bracelet for children aged from 3 to 9 years old (up to a 6-inch wrist circumference). The id wristband is waterproof so your child doesn’t need to take it off during swimming or showering.

It can be updated at any time in case you need to change your mobile number or other relevant information. Your kid will want to wear the child id bracelet daily so it’s washable.

With the package comes the Vital id bracelet for kids as well as 2 inserts (one spare one). Fill in the inserts with a waterproof pen (not included) and slide it inside the kid’s id bracelet where it is secure.

The Vital Id bracelet can easily function as a medical alert bracelet for kids since the inserts have room enough to add medical data about your kid. 

Check the current prices for Vital Id Child Safety child id bracelets for kids

2. Crocodile Infoband child id bracelet

GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-CROCODRILE-usafitnesstracker.comThis Id Bracelet stands out for its Safety Buckle which cannot be opened by a small kid hand so your child can’t remove it.

Add your mobile number and any important medical information on the wristband and others will be able to quickly jump to assistance in the case your kid gets lost.

The Crocodile Infoband child id is one of the few identity bracelets where two hands are needed to open it. So kids can’t remove this child id bracelet by themselves! The Crocodile id bracelet for kids is water resistant and bears a cool crocodile image. Like similar id bracelets for kids, the Crocodile Infoband helps children reunite with their parents.

Click to see prices for Crocodile Infoband identity bracelets

3. Travel id bands for kids

BEST-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-Vital-usafitnesstracker.comTravel id bands for kids are like the bracelets for kids but more focused on travel situations.

These travel id bands for kids show a call to action for persons who found your lost child. The bands say “If I’m Lost – Look Inside”, in both English and Spanish. Put your mobile phone number, your hotel address and maybe a flight number inside the id bracelet for kids – away from prying eyes.

Take out a new band from your pack (25 from each pack) of travel id bands for kids when you change your hotel or destination.  The travel id bands are also waterproof so your child can swim without you worrying it may get lost or ripped.

These travel identity bracelets are pretty straightforward to use. Add the vital medical information about your kid and use it as a medical alert bracelet for kids as well! 

Check the best price for Travel ID bands

Tracking Bracelets for Kids

What’s the difference between tracking bracelets for kids and id bracelets for kids?

Id wristbands are good when you lose your kid and someone finds them so they can identify your child and call to your mobile number. Tracking bracelets for kids are used by parents to track their child when they go to a public place where it could easily get lost.

The tracking bracelets for kids warn you when your child wanders too far away from you. Since no one wants to lose their kids at the mall, in a swimming pool, or at the beach.

Because you want to know if your child arrived at school or sports or music classes!  Kids tracking bracelets and medical alert bracelets for kids are also great tracking devices to have when traveling with your kids.

But what types of tracking bracelets for kids are today available and how do they work? Keep reading and check the best tracking bracelet for kids depending on your needs.

How to use tracking bracelets for kids?

Attach a tracking bracelet to your kid’s wrist or ankle, or to your their bag or clothes. Keep the receiver or your smartphone (depending on the id bracelet you choose) with you and get alerted when the kid exceeds a certain distance from where you are or if your child is submerged in water for too long.

Some tracking bracelets for kids come with an SOS button so your child can get in touch with you directly when it needs help. Use our complete review to compare the different features for tracking wristbands for kids below.

1. My Buddy Tag

Water safety child tracking bracelet 

BEST-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-Buddy Tag-usafitnesstracker.comThe My Buddy Tag is amazing since is a water safety tracker bracelet. Is the best choice for maximum water safety since it prevents accidental drowning.

Your kid wears the id bracelet while you get alerted on your smartphone via the special My Buddy Tag app. This tracking bracelet will also warn you when your youngster wanders too far away.

Also, have in mind that the My Buddy Tag child id bracelet is one of the few id bracelets for kids that comes with an SOS button so your child can get in direct contact with you at any time. 

The mobile app is FREE and there are no monthly fees. Buddy Tag and its app are compatible with iPhones running iOS 9 and above and Android devices using Android version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and above. Available in different colors.

Click to see current prices for My Buddy Tag

2. Ardi Guardian Angel

Track multiple kids child tracker

GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-Ardi-Guardian-Angel-usafitnesstracker.comWith the Ardi Guardian Angel tracking bracelet, you can track up to 4 kids. Put the ladybug id tracker bracelets on your child or put different on several children and keep the receiver locator with you.

Set one of the 3 different distances and get alarmed by your child locator when your kid wanders too far away.

When your child’s move beyond than the alarm setting distance, a 95 dB beep alarm will trigger both on the Master (the parent’s unit) and the Slave unit (which is worn by the kid). The Master unit will also play a melody and vibrates when the alarm is triggered.

A row of LEDs lights sequentially to indicate in which direction the child has strayed.

The ladybug design layout makes these id bracelets very attractive for small children and toddlers. Check that you get right child locator package depending on the number of kids you wish to track (containing 1, 2, 3 or 4 tags). 

See prices for Guardian Angel for id bracelet for kids

3. Mommy I’m Here

Easy to use tracking bracelet for kids

Best-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-Mommy I’m Here-usafitnesstracker.comThe Mommy I’m Here tracking bracelet for kids gives an alert whenever your kid gets too far away. Then you can push a button upon which your child’s Tag will start to sound an alarm and will tell your kid that his parent is calling them.

This tracking bracelet for kids is able to works over 150-feet, a radiance big enough for small children since you don’t want to lose eyesight.

It’s a really cute design and also pretty inexpensive for a tracking bracelet for kids.

This tracker also is really easy to use since no smartphone or software is needed. The child tracking bracelet and the parent’s locator are all you will need to track and keep your kids safe. This child id bracelet is easily attachable to shoes, belts, and so on.

Click to see the price for Mommy I’m Here GPS tracking device for kids

GPS Tracker for Kids Shoes

This is one of the most innovating and interesting ways to keep track of your small children. Instead of making them wear a piece of technology with them, what about putting the tracker device directly into their shoes?

Unlike smartwatches and other wearables, it’s pretty hard to forget your shoes when you go out. Which makes shoes a pretty clever place to put a GPS tracker if you want to monitor the location of your kid

Equipping shoes with GPS tracking abilities is a great way to help parents put their minds at ease. The prices normally range from $20 to $200, depending on the device and whether or not it comes with a pair of shoes.


If well the Loc8tor offers several tracking device options like finding your pet or keys, also features mini-homing tags, to help you find your children if you get separated.

Attach these small 5-gram tags to a child’s shoelaces or remove the adhesive backing and stick one under the shoe’s tongue.

This is today’s smallest, lightest and very best performing mini homing tag of its kind in the market

With a range of about 600 feet, these devices are best used in crowded areas where you might be.

The Locate mode is used to find your child with the Handheld guiding you to within 2.5cm / 1 inch. The Alert mode warns if your kid has crossed a predefined boundary.

Check for features and price on Amazon

GPS SmartSole

Best-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-SmartSole-usafitnesstracker.comThe GPS Smartsole is a smartphone hidden and sealed in an insole. It uses the same GPS and cellular technology as your smartphone, is charged like your phone, and requires activation and a data service plan.

Like your phone, it works cross country within cellular network covered areas.

The coolest feature is that the GPS SmartSole is discreet, non-invasive and your child one won’t forget to bring it with them or turn it on!

The SmartSole is automatically checking in with you every ten minutes, for less than the cost of a few days care in a “lock-down” facility.

Keeping your kids safe and independent at an affordable price- now that is peace of mind!

Check the price on Amazon or on their Website

Xplorer Smart GPS

GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-Xplorer-Smart-GPS-usafitnesstracker.comThe Xplorer Smart GPS shoes are the newest tracker from the GTX Corporation, that comes with built-in GPS as well cellphone and motion-detector capabilities.

In case of uses for a child, parents can program the shoe devices to text them if their kid travels more than a specified distance from a central location.

The devices transmit their locations in real time, so parents can log on to the tracking site from anywhere and use Google Maps to see where the device is.

These shoes are designed to be tracked nearly anywhere in the world.

Check here to go to the companies page

Nike+IPod Sport Kit

best-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-shoes-usafitnesstracker.comNike just launch this cool device that can be attached to your kid left shoe and is going to start to send signals to a receiver attached to your iPod.

They created with the intention of tracking your steps and overall health like a fitness tracker. But you can use it to track your kids at any given time

Users can upload all the different data to the Nike+ website to keep a record of their fitness levels. However, the technology in these devices also let you track the locations of users, even when their iPods are turned off.

So when you try to track your kids, there are different ways that you can track them like the adding the USB receiver on your computer or using another iPod and the Google Maps app.

The only downside that we found for this tracker is the low range that gives, it only transmits about 60 feet.

GPS Smartwatches for Kids

Now we get on the watches arena these next following GPS tracker for kids are going to allow you to be able to monitor your child’s location, and call them back if they get too far from you. The idea is not to be a burden on your kid but have an accurate location of them just in case and ensure that they are safe at all times.

Each of these devices on the following list includes a separate set of features, and obviously a different price tag. We recommend you to have in mind everything that’s here before making a final choice about which of the GPS tracking watches for kids you will get.

The hereO

best-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-hereO-usafitnesstracker.comThe hereO watch is probably the safest conscious GPS smartwatches for kids. At a quick glance, it seems exactly like a normal watch with a digital clock style. However, the device can be tracked by GPS for up to 72 hours.

Once you place it on your kid’s wrist, you can monitor their exact location until it runs out of battery.

It comes in several designs, all of which are extremely kid-friendly. Because of the layout, it looks just like any other child toy or accessory. Which means that predators likely won’t have a clue that it’s a tracking device if the worst case scenario happens.

Another great feature is that the tracker will also activate a tamper alert if it’s been removed by someone, even the kid. The alert it also provides the last known GPS info that’s pinged from the device when it’s removed.

An additional panic alert will automatically send location data to a group of family or friends (that you need to preprogram) in case of an emergency.

The device was funded via IndieGoGo company and will cost around $199 for the watch, charging dock, and 3 months of service. After that, an international service subscription will cost $4.95 per month.


  • GPS/WiFi/GSM tracking device
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Messaging with all family members
  • Supports over 120 countries, no roaming charge
  • Subscription: Required
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS
  • Colors: Lemon, Grape, Strawberry, Blueberry

GizmoPal 2 by LG 

best-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-GizmoPal-2-usafitnesstracker.comThe GizmoPal 2 is an update to the original model, which was a GPS tracking watch for toddlers and small children.

The biggest difference is the design of the device, which looks so much better all around.

The GizmoPal 2 it also comes with included fun sounds plus a voice clock – which calls out the time – to keep the child’s entertained.

At any given time you can open the GizmoPal app for Android devices and view your kid location thanks to built-in Wi-FI and GPS.

Parents can also set location reminders through the Android app, that will automatically give them the watch’s location and to show they were their kid is throughout the day.

Once you set your kid’s area boundaries, the watch will send notifications if it detects the kid is crossing them. This is great if they’re outside playing, or if someone is home watching them.

The watch also works as kid phone watch, so parents can call the watch and the kids may call out to predetermined numbers. It features built-in support for up to 4 different numbers. That way children can call their parents or siblings or any other family members when they need them.


  • 2-way voice calling with up to 4 contacts
  • Parental control from phone app
  • Call auto answer feature
  • Kid phone Watch
  • GPS location tracking and boundaries
  • Waterproof built with IPX7 compliance
  • Subscription: Required
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS
  • Colors: Blue, Pink


best-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-doki-usafitnesstracker.comThis Watch was created on a Kickstarter campaign and was in the preorder section for a while, but now is live and available.

The DokiWatch is a smartwatch for kids that comes with everything that you can expect from a name brand smartwatch, but there’s one feature that sets it out in front of the pack, the video calling support.

It also works as a kid phone watch offering messaging support, just like a normal smartphone, but it also offers a two-way video calling through the companion app. You don’t just get to hear your munchkin when they’re away, you can see them too.

It uses a SIM card and comes unlocked with support for any 3G mobile networks. To activate it you can just throw in a micro SIM card and sign-up for voice and data service through any wireless provider. All types of GSM and WCDMA networks are supported including Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and many more.

Your child will also win an electronic pet like the beloved Tamagotchi as well games, stickers, and plenty of customization options.

There are fitness and activity tracking modes too.

Check here to go to their website


  • Multifunctional smartwatch
  • Integrated video and voice calling
  • Kid Phone Watch
  • Tracking and safety through GPS and SOS
  • GEOfencing, fitness tracking and more
  • Subscription: Required
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS
  • Colors: Blue, Yellow, Pink, Grey

FiLip 2

best-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-FiLip 2-usafitnesstracker.comThe FiLIP 2 smartwatch is the new version from the original one. Is more than just a watch is also a wearable kid phone watch and “smart locator” for kids, updated to include additional features.

You can call your kid directly by dialing to the gadget, or you can pinpoint their location using GPS. It uses a combination of GPS and Wi-Fi triangulation methods to track location data instead of only GPS.

A really cool feature from the FiLIP 2 is the option to send text messages to the watch, although texting is a one-way feature. The kids can receive a message from their guardian, but not send them. Kids although have the option to call pre-programmed contacts while using the watch.

The app is available for Android and iPhone users. Once connected, parents have “one-touch” access to every feature they need.

Another of the new addition that comes with the FiLIP 2 is a dedicated “intelligent emergency” feature. At any time, your kid can press the red button on the side of the watch to activate the emergency mode. They must press and hold the button for a total of 4 sec so it’s unlikely for them to activate the mode by accident.

When the emergency mode is active the watch will automatically call the primary contact, and if there’s no answer it will continue through the list of emergency contacts until it gets an answer. During the call, it will record the conversation, including background noise. Finally, it will send an immediate update with your child’s location, and this will continue every 60 seconds until the emergency mode is canceled.

You can also designate safe zones – like home, daycare center, or school – and the device will ping alerts anytime your kid enters or exits a safe zone.


  • Make and receive calls with up to 5 contacts (kid phone watch)
  • Smart locator using GPS, GSM and WiFi
  • SOS button for emergency
  • GEOfencing, 1-way text messaging etc.
  • Subscription: Required
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS
  • Colors: Red

Regular Trackers

These trackers are the ones that you can give to your kid and maybe put it in the backpack or even a secure pocket, the difference between these trackers and the first ones that we mention is that these ones aren’t wearables but on the other hand you can put them on anywhere and have the same tracking features that any of the previously mentioned devices.


GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-trax-play-usafitnesstracker.comAn updated version of one of the most popular kid trackers, the Trax Play ($99) is a simple, no-frills device that handles the basics of letting you know where your kid is.

The most important feature is the geofencing ability that alerts you whenever your kid wanders outside an area that you designate. Have in mind that you won’t be able to communicate with your kid, but the Trax Play comes with a number of other great features that make it an amazing choice, particularly if your kid is too young to wear a GPS watch or carry a smartphone.

Comes protected by a flexible sleeve equipped with a belt clip. It also features a LED that blinks when it’s actively tracking someone and stays solid when charging; the color changes from red to green whenever the Trax Play needs a recharge.

Whatever this tracker may lack in flash is more than made up for when you use the app that comes with the gadget. Besides some cool features, the Trax Play app lets you set up multiple geofences, where you can designate specific boundaries. If your kid enters or exits the designated area with a Trax Play in tow, you get notifications via the app.

Another feature is an option to set a perimeter around your phone and alert you when the tracker gets too far away from you.

Amber Alert GPS Child Tracker

best-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-Amber Alert-usafitnesstracker.comAnother $99 tracker is the famous Amber Alert GPS, helping you keep your kid away from predators or sex offenders and comes with a handy SOS button for calling loved ones.

A downside from this gadget is that the activation process requires you to go to a nearby AT&T store to sort things out. 

The greatest feature from the Amber Alter is no other than the best GPS tracker that we ever test, tap into the Megan’s Law National Sex Offender Database so that when your child comes within 500 feet of a registered address, you get an email or push notification. It’s a very powerful tool for parents not accustomed to always looking up who’s in the neighborhood.

The Amber Alert’s  app allows you to designate ten different users that can be called in case of an emergency. Another unique feature is the speed alerts when the device detects it’s traveling anywhere from 35 to 90 mph, and create zones with radii from 1,000 to 10,000 feet.

The Amber Alert’s geofencing feature is really reliable and fast. The tracker will trigger a battery alert when your juice falls below 15 percent. Our tests showed about a day and a half of reliable power with a regular and consistent usage, in line with Amber Alert’s battery-life claims.


best-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-PocketFinder-usafitnesstracker.comIf kids have one thing in common is that they tend to break stuff. That’s why the PocketFinder is a great choice since is really kids-proof. This is the toughest and most durable GPS gadget on our entire list.

Its small size and ease of use make it the perfect companion for your kid during their day-to-day activities. It can be worn on the wrist or dropped in a backpack or pocket. It’s the smartest choice in case you are looking for a simple tracking device with extreme durability.

The PocketFinder uses GPS and GSM, and while it looks like a key fob for your car, it’s rugged and won’t break easily, making it the perfect little stowaway to keep track of your child.

This small and rectangular tracker will allow you to create your own custom geofences, so you can keep track of when your child leaves or enter one of them via alerts. There’s also a button that they can press to send you an SOS alert.

The US, Canada and Mexico plan is only $12.95 per month while the international plan is $29.95.


best-GPS-Tracker-for-Kids-AngelSense-usafitnesstracker.comProbably the most popular and beloved kids GPS trackers out there is the AngelSense and for good reason.

This tracker is packed with features. You can see your kids routes and transit speed, you’ll get notified when they’re coming home late or if they’re in a new place allowing you to listen in to their environment.

One of the newest features that appear is the AngelCall, that allows you to instantly call and speak to your kid whenever you need to. On top of all of that this tracker is available on Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Rogers, making it quite accessible in the US and Canada.

Although one downside is that all these extra services will cost you. It’s $45 a month for service, then $9 for AngelCall and ListenIn each.

As we said at the beginning of this article being a parent is hard but being a parent to a kid with special needs is even harder. There are many known cases where special needs children will wander off, often getting lost. AngelSense was created with one purpose in mind: to help protect special needs children.

How We Tested GPS Trackers for Kids

From August 2017 we’ve tested around 30 different GPS trackers for kids along with some generic GPS trackers.We conducted tests in both Los Angeles and the New York, using trackers to follow young kids both from afar and to find them in a crowd.

To truly understand what the trackers offered, we enabled all push notifications and tested all voice features, except for ones that would trigger 911 emergency calls. We also kept an eye on how the batteries in each of the gadgets held up as we traveled from spot to spot.

Following is the criteria that we consider to determine which GPS tracker for kids was the best performer:

Features: Besides the basics of tracking location, most GPS devices offer a ton of features, including one- and two-way calling and the capability to set up geofenced zones that alert you whenever your kid has left a designated area. We look at which devices went beyond the basics and how those features were implemented.

Ease of use: We check for gadgets that were easy enough for any small kid to use, but also we look for the ones that wouldn’t give parents big problems during the setup and activation process.

One extra tip that you can use is: be sure to activate your GPS tracker in as wide of an open space as possible and try to avoid doing it from inside a building. Trackers don’t work well in closed areas, especially at the beginning.

Design: We considered the size of the GPS tracker and whether it was something that a kid could easily carry around. We also check the durability of the gadgets, how strong they were and if they can handle typical falls on the ground.

Performance: You need a GPS tracker that accurately shows your kids location, with frequent updates when she or he is on the move. We put extra attention on how accurately each tracker pinpointed our location. We’ve found that normally, this type of devices work better in wide-open locations, with less accurate signals when we tested in dense downtown areas.

Price: Most trackers have the price point and then normally they come with a monthly service fee. We have in mind and check for what each GPS tracker will cost you on a monthly basis and whether you’re required to sign a service contract. We also check for those trackers that come with the cost of service in the initial price tag, such as offering the first year of service for free.


While most trackers that are included here will be great for the different type of kids and households, we think that you are going to be confident after this guide to understand the different ways to track your kids and be sure that they are almost as safe as if they were just with you.

At any moment that you or some of your friends are looking for a tracker be sure to check this review to find out which tracker can be useful. Let us know if you find some other tracker that isn’t on our list and you find useful as well.