While the tech globe has actually been trying to find the most effective smartwatch recently, health and fitness bands seem to appeal a great deal more to the masses.

Brands such as Fitbit and the like have proven that there is a considerable market for fitness bands, and Samsung is likewise playing in this segment.

With the Galaxy Watch Active, Samsung has currently placed a gorgeous fitness-focused smartwatch on the market, but a smartwatch is not a physical fitness band, which is why we likewise have the Galaxy Fit and also Galaxy Fit as part of Samsung’s 2019 schedule of wearable devices.

We were able to test the Galaxy Suitable for a couple of weeks, and also this review will inform you if it’s a physical fitness band worth getting.



There’s no rejecting the Galaxy Fit births a solid similarity to Samsung’s Equipment Fit2 Pro, however in a more portable form factor.

Its lightweight aluminum instance measures 1.70 by 0.72 by 0.44 inches (HWD), which is a little cumbersome for my small wrist, but it still manages to look unobtrusive as well as classy. At 0.8 ounces, it’s additionally super light as well as comfy to put on throughout the day.

There are some neat layout touches too. Its display has a glass leading layer, where the Fitbit Inspire’s is plastic. The silver border is lightweight aluminum also. Samsung can have escaped making use of plastic, however, it didn’t. It matches the Huawei Band 3 Pro in this respect.

It’s not all great information. The Samsung Galaxy Fit’s strap is not just as good as the Fitbit Inspire HR’s or Huawei Band 3 Pro’s.

They use a standard watch-style bolt. The Fit has a loop-over silicone band that is fiddlier to fit, and also less comfy. There’s not many offers to the rubber utilized, and also as you’ll need it reasonably tight to achieve excellent heart rate analyses, you’ll usually wind up with some wonderful imprints in your skin after wearing it for an exercise.


The Samsung Galaxy Fit has a display similar to the Huawei Band 3 Pro’s. It’s a 0.95-inch 120 x 240 OLED panel. You obtain full color, and also enough pixels to present a number of lines of text on-screen without it all looking Minecraft-style heavyset.

It does not have an ambient light sensor, made use of to check the brightness of the setting as well as alter the screen intensity to fit. Nonetheless, we found that when you fiddle with it by hand there suffices power to take care of extremely intense days.

The Fit has a color AMOLED display screen that gauges 0.92 inches diagonally, which is large sufficient to show you numerous statistics simultaneously. With a resolution of 240 by 120 pixels, material looks dynamic as well as colors really stand out against the black history. It’s much better than the Inspire Human Resources’s screen, even if the bezels bordering it are still rather beefy.

Fitness Features

When it involves exercise, the Galaxy Fit has more than 90 tasks to choose from. Using the Samsung Wellness app, you can likewise create goal-based workouts for certain workouts. This consists of setting a target range, period, or shed calories.

It likewise sustains automated acknowledgment for tasks like the treadmill, strolling, running, elliptical machine, rowing, and also dynamic workouts. At the gym, I took place the elliptical exerciser to check this attribute out. After about eleven mins, it appropriately identified that I was on the equipment. After I was done, it took a couple of minutes to recognize I quit previously automatically ending the workout as well as syncing the info to my phone.


The Galaxy Fit provided strong, consistent lead to screening. Throughout a one-mile stroll, the Fit logged 2,074 steps to a 3DTriMax pedometer’s 2,316 steps, for a distinction of 242 actions. Outcomes for a one-mile run were similar– the Fit logged 2,027 steps to the digital pedometer’s 2,247, for a distinction of 220. The tracker fared also much better on an outdoor run. After running half a mile, the Fit logged 1,097 actions to the pedometer’s 1,127, for a distinction of just 30 steps.

For range monitoring, I compared the Fit’s results versus a Stryd footpod. When the Fit logged one mile throughout a walk on the treadmill, the Stryd logged 0.92 miles, for a difference of.08 miles. When the tracker struck one mile during my indoor run, the Stryd logged 0.98 miles, for a difference of just.02. On an outdoor run, the Fit logged 0.52 miles to the Stryd’s 0.58 miles, for a difference of.06.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy Fit has its issues, however, it additionally makes use of among the neatest chargers among sub-$ 100/ ₤ 100 trackers. Its fee dock is a little magnetized plastic baby crib with wireless charging.

You do not have to plug anything right into the band or line up any connector factors. The Fit just slots in as well as doesn’t fall out also quickly either.

The battery inside the Galaxy Fit is a 120mAh cell. Samsung claims it lasts 7-8 days of ‘normal’ usage, however, this is probably with the default setups applied.


The Galaxy Fit is perhaps the very first Samsung health and fitness band that goes head-to-head with ultra-mainstream options from businesses like Fitbit, Xiaomi, and Huawei.

It’s a little bit of a variety. There are nice touches to the design like a glass-topped display and also steel components, yet we’re not big followers of the strap.

Battery life is good, as well as it appears to have the ideal box-ticking functions. Yet its distance monitoring is horrible, at launch anyhow. At this price you can likewise obtain competing bands with either connected GPS or full GPS, which are important for any semi-serious training.