Year after year we see Xiaomi improving over time, the latest Mi band series always keep up with new features and the last model the Mi Band 3 was just last year taking names!, with a 5ATM water resistance, a heart rate tracking and an OLED display for just $25!.

So now with the Mi Band 4, they are not only going harder but also keeping the price below $50, making it a killer deal!.

What’s even more you can get it for a discounted price on Amazon today for just $33!

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There’s no other tracker in the market that can deliver all these tracking functions for that price.

Lest Start by stating some Pros and Cons and then proceed to review the Xiaomi mi band 4. So you can understand if its the right tracker for you.

Pros +

  • Chep Price
  • Connected GPS
  • 20-day battery life
  • Fitness, health, and sleep tracking
  • Smart features and customization options

Cons –

  • The Mi Fit app is not the greatest looking App
  • The Heart rate sensor can have some lag when working out at high-intensity



When it comes to looks the Mi Band 4 didn’t improve much from its predecessor. With a sleek design that will feel comfortable on your wrist.

In terms of differences in design, the Mi Band 4 comes with a more subtle button located at the bottom of the screen, which is more aesthetic with the tracker. Although the biggest upgrade is the screen that is a 0.95-inch full-color AMOLED display that will give you a full-color pallet on your watch.

And with a maximum brightness of over 400nits that will allow you to watch your screen even with the sun mirroring on your display!

The band that you will get with the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is made of silicone and feels comfortable on your wrist. You can easily detach the band and swap it for another.

Of course, you will need to buy a different band if you would like to change it. But there’s plenty on Amazon for a cheap price. So you now can give a different look to your watch depending on your clothes to match or for different occasions such as work, exercise or a dinner party at night.

At the bottom of the body, the tracker has the optical heart rate sensor that protrudes a bit from the watch, but not enough for you to feel it or to leave a mark on your wrist after wearing it for a few hours.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 price and release date

The Mi Band 4 is on a sale, the regular price rounds the $70 but is on a global offer where you can find it for around $40 on most retailers in the US. Although just now the price has a discount that puts the final price on $33.

Check Todays Price on Amazon >

There’s another model that offer NFC payments but is only available for Chinese credit cards and vendors and is more expensive as well.

Fitness and Health Tracking


For such an affordable tracker the Mi Band 4 has it all! Waterproof up to 50 meters, Connected GPS and Heart rate monitor all in one slim tracker. It can also track the basics such as steps, calories, pace, distance traveled, active and resting, and sleep.

A downside for runners is that the GPS is only connected meaning that you need to carry your phone with you to pair it with your tracker and get GPS tracking. It’s not a big deal for us, even carrying your phone with you is not uncomfortable, although it is not ideal.

The tracker will track 24/7 not only your step but your daily movements. Although it won’t track your heart rate all the time. To track your heart rate you need to use the Mi Fit app on your phone and activate the heart rate tracking.

The only other way to start the HR tracking is by starting a programmed workout on your watch that will start to track and get data on your heart rate, as well your stats from the workout such as durations, laps, etc.

As we just mention the Mi Band 4 comes with some cool features such as the programed workout modes. You can track and record exercises such as treadmill, cycling, walking, outdoor running, pool swimming, and the regular “exercise” workout.

And for swimmers, there’s also some cool tracking included. The MI band 4 can not only be submerged up to 5 ATM ( meters) deep in the water but it also can recognize five different swimming styles and record 12 different data sets, like swimming pace and stroke count.

Xiaomi Mi Fit app


The Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app is a cool and easy to understand interface where you will find all your stats.

The App is really straightforward to set up using your smartphone. You can customize the tracker as much as you would like from downloading fun watch faces through to setting alarms and event reminders.

You will find 3 different sections on the app: friends, workout, and profile. The Friends tab is where you can connect with your friends or family to check their progress and motivate your self by adding goals and achieving them with your loved ones being part of your progress, that’s when the Profile section comes in handy.

The Profile tab is where you are going to add all your goals, data of your profile, and your activity and health info.

Then the Workout tab is where you will find 4 sub-sections: status, running, walking, and swimming. The Status tab will show your current goals and activities for the day. While the running, walking, and swimming tabs are only used for when you are performing any of these activities that you need to start manually from your smartphone(using the app).

Works with Android 4.4 and above, or iPhones running iOS 9.0 and above. You just need to download the Mi Fit app to your phone from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Battery life

This is another strong point from the Mi band 4 with a 135mAh battery that can last up to 20 days depending on your use and type of activity or training.

When it comes to charging the tracker is also pretty easy. You take the bands out and charge only the body of the tracker and slot it into the proprietary charge.