Have you ever before spent an hr or more looking the house inside out trying to find your pet cat just to find it hiding 2 steps from you?

This is a regular situation among pet cat owners and also a very frustrating one. As a feline owner, you care deeply concerning your cat’s safety and security, and in some cases, you simply wish to know where your pet cat is so you can make sure it is all right.

A pet cat tracker allows you to find your feline faster than browsing on your own.

By connecting a tag to your cat’s collar, you can identify its area based on GPS, Wi-fi, or mobile technology. Keep checking out to find out more about cat trackers and also to see our leading 5 picks for the very best cat trackers.

Best Cat Trackers in 2020

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor


The Whistle Pet Cat Tracker is a task tracker that is made use of to keep an eye on both the pet cat’s health as well as place. It makes use of live GPS tracking with AT&T network and Google Maps. Works with any kind of phone or computer.

The mobile app uses the SMS capacity to send out messages that can assist in situating the cat on a map. It is able to work with both Android as well as Apple iPhone platforms. Its appeal stems from the truth that it is an award-winning pet dog tracker.

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You can specify your “Whistle Area” to ensure that you get alerted whenever the feline leaves that zone. The gadget conveniently moves over the collar of your pet cat hence providing you constant real-time area information for your cat.

The gadget likewise allows you to create several risk-free zones’ depending upon your motions. The battery life is up to 20 days.



Tabcat is a preferred tracking gadget that lets you continue top of the location of your pet.

Affixing conveniently to your feline’s collar, the gadget is lightweight (6 grams versus GPS tags which are normally 30+ grams), yet durable sufficient to remain on whatever they get up to.

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The directional mobile phone picks up the signal from your feline and afterward tells you which way to walk to locate them. A solitary red light tells you’re in range and afterwards as you stroll in the ideal direction and also obtain closer lights most likely to amber and after that green directing you right to your cat.

Tabcat can track your pet cat approximately 122 meters in clear view as well as guide you right to their place, within 2.5 centimeters.

The business claims, regarding 70% of consumers they have actually talked to said their feline found out to find back by itself when they pushed the locate button. Doing this triggers a little beep on the tag. It appears you can educate them to link the beep with a treat.

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker is an area monitoring device that attaches to your animal’s collar so you can monitor them any place they go. If they ever ask yourself outside of the marked zone, the gadget sends a message and also email messages to let you know.

You can after that find your pet on a map making use of the complimentary mobile as well as an internet application.

The business has actually upgraded Tagg recently with numerous brand-new features, consisting of a temperature level sensor that informs you if your family pet remains at risk of overheating on a warm day or cold in chilly problems.

Tagg likewise monitors their task and also physical fitness levels throughout the day ensuring they remain active and also healthy.

Tractive GPS Tracker

The tractive GPS tracker will certainly constantly allow you to recognize where your pet dog or cat is using a net web browser or the totally free mobile applications for iOS and Android.

The gadget enables you to set a Safe Zone for your pet dog. As soon as it leaves this area, you’ll get an alert directly on your smart device. With the Live Tracking Setting, you will see the trace where your animal was as well as where it is headed now.

The incorporated light not just helps to find missing animals in the dark, but additionally boosts the visibility of your animal when opting for a stroll near to roads.

Tractive makes use of GPS as well as interacts with cell phone towers, which enable you to track your family pet 24/7.

Weenect 2 GPS Pet Tracker

Weenect Cats allows you can find your feline any time, regardless of where they are. The GPS tracker is linked to your mobile phone via a mobile application to make sure that their area is presented in real-time on a map.

You can find and also check your straying animal with among 3 settings: Map (Google Map), Compass and also Radar. The tracker sends an upgraded placement every 30 secs whatever the distance. In addition, you can get the GPS chip to call from your phone or computer.

But that’s not all. Weenect Cats is also the world’s initial GPS phone for cats! Yes, it’s not a typo– if you’re not at home, phone call and also reassures your feline from wherever you are.

The gadget is ultra-light, weighing just 25g. A full recharge only takes 3 hours as well as lasts as much as 4 days in standby setting. The product is equipped with a SIM card (provided). It for that reason calls for a subscription to cover the service charge.

Finding the Best Cat Tracker

A Cat tracker is exactly what it seems like– a tool that enables you to track your cat’s task and also determine its location. This is a beneficial tool to have on hand if you have an outdoor cat that you want to keep track of or if your indoor pet cat has a habit of sneaking out.

Cat trackers provide a wide array of valuable features, and everyone is various.

Here are some essential points to try to find in a pet cat tracker:

Tracking Innovation– Most cat trackers utilize a mix of GPS as well as cellular innovation to offer online monitoring, however, non-GPS trackers typically count on Wifi or proximity to a mobile app.

Battery Life- A pet cat tracker doesn’t do you any kind of great if the battery is dead, so search for one that uses long battery life as well as keeps in mind that GPS will certainly drain pipes the battery much faster.

Task Monitoring- In addition to tracking your cat’s area, some tools can additionally monitor your feline’s sleep and also task routines to assist you to keep your cat healthy and balanced.

Mobile Application- If you’re looking for your cat outside of your home, it is essential to be able to track its place using a mobile device.

Added Features- Many cat trackers supply additional attributes such as live notifies, place history, online fencing, as well as activity monitoring.
As you can see, pet cat trackers are a terrific resource for cat proprietors. Keep reviewing to find out about our top 5 picks for the best feline trackers on the marketplace.

Price– One concern you require to ask yourself prior to purchasing a cat tracker is what is your budget plan? You might also require to discover the numerous repayment alternatives. A great tracker will cost you between $75 and $200.

With net connectivity charges, you might incur an additional $40 to $70 annually on a GPS tracker. With the GPS tracker, you will certainly incur the price for the gadget as well as the data aspect. An RF tracker like Tabcat will cost you a one-off expense of say $90 as compared to the GPS trackers. No extra memberships are needed for RF trackers.

Difference between GPS and Radio Frequency

Global Positioning System is an acronym for Gps. It is an international navigation satellite system that gives you place as well as time-related details anywhere in the world.

As long as there is a clear view between the device as well as 4 or more GPS satellites, the location of the place will certainly be established in all climate condition.


The GPS is a system had and also operated by the United States federal government and has the ability to run individually from any type of internet or telephone function. It allows you to track something overtime on either PC, smartphone or tablet computer.

Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency trackers, on the other hand, uses Radio Frequency (2.4 GHz) in sending out and also obtaining messages in between the tag and also the receiver.

The stamina of the transmitted signal in between the tag as well as the phone is an indicator of the range and also instructions.

You will certainly be able to understand the instructions to follow and also the distance to cover to be able to reach your target things. The RF trackers are more affordable and also much simpler to operate when contrasted to the GPS trackers.

The GPS trackers on the various other hand provide much of the trackable data as contrasted to the RF trackers. In fact, the RF trackers supply nearly none of the trackable data. With GPS trackers you can likewise record the cat’s activities at the comfort of your phone.

This is not the case with the RF trackers. If you are consequently not curious about obtaining tons of information on your cat’s activities, then RF trackers are the optimal selection for you.

If on the other hand, you have an interest in obtaining all the details about your feline, after that investing in a GPS tracker is essential.


Typically several sorts of trackers are offered on the market. In regards to dimension, the tiniest tracker considers about 4.2 grams whereas the biggest one evaluates concerning 50 grams. You require to think about the size of your cat in selecting the right size of a tracker.

A 50 grams tracker as an example might be fine or an impediment to the activity of your pet cat. Tiny trackers might be excellent for cats but additionally features the negative aspect of shorter battery life.

You as a result require to stabilize in between dimension and also battery life for your cat’s optimal tracker.

The majority of GPS trackers come with mobile apps that make them very easy to utilize as compared to the RF trackers. Not all the apps that include these trackers may be helpful to your pet cat. You, therefore, require to do some research to recognize which apps you might require for your tracker.

The SKIN tracker as an example provides you performances like calorie monitoring, digital fencing, distance covered as well as full throttle. In selecting the most effective tracker for your feline, you likewise need to consider the range of capacities offered on the marketplace. Various other factors like price, battery life, and spending plan might also enter play.

Recognizing the habits of your cat will likewise go a long means in making the best selection. As an example, if your feline remains inside, after that choosing a much less modern tracker will certainly do. On the other hand, if it endeavors mainly outdoors, you need to invest much more in a GPS tracker.

If you need extra capacities for checking the general well being of your pet cat, after that choosing a tracker with integrated activity display is recommendable. Unlike in the past, the feline trackers now come with modern-day GPS capabilities with lots of functionalities.

Most of these capabilities have actually been well thought out. They consist of activity discovery (to help in conserving the battery), Google maps assimilation, mobile apps, task tracking as well as quality cameras. Future trackers are most likely to improve significantly in the context of size, longer battery life as well as video clip recording capacities.