Fitbit is entering into the headphone industry with the Fitbit Flyer, a $130 in-ear cordless sporting activities design that can be found in lunar gray and also nightfall blue, is completely sweatproof and also provides 6 hrs of battery life together with 2 sound settings.

But how good is it? Is worth the price tagline? Learn all about it on our Full Review.

Pros +

  • Resilient, exceptional design, Comfy fit, Excellent sound top quality
  • Sleek, sweatproof, Good sound high quality
  • Can connect to numerous gadgets all at once

Cons –

  • No IPX ranking, Wing suggestions cause ear exhaustion
  • High cost, No IPX ranking, Wingtips trigger ear fatigue
  • No health and fitness monitoring capabilities.


The style is pretty common of this kind of fitness-oriented earphone yet it does have a few identifying features. The included sporting activities wings and also fins, which assist keep the buds securely in your ear, are incorporated into the bud as well as can be snapped off and traded out for a different sized wing or fin.

The earbuds are made up mostly of plastic as well as silicone, however, the aerospace-grade lightweight aluminum accents make them look far more costs. That’s not to state the plastic makes them feel low-cost nonetheless– I believe it’s quite clear that Fitbit took the design process really seriously with the Leaflet.

The cord linking the earbuds is level as well as rubbery, and also it’s barely visible on your neck. On the right side of the cord, regarding two inches below the earbud, is the control module/microphone.

This is how you’ll play/pause, miss tracks, increase/decrease volume, and gain access to your voice assistant. The module isn’t as well big or hefty, as well as is easy to make use of throughout exercises.

Music Performance

With no certain health and fitness features, the Flyer’s efficiency eventually comes down to appear high quality. For Fitbit’s very first foray into audio, the sound is surprisingly solid and also healthy.

The earphones let you toggle in between two sound setups: Signature, for day-to-day listening, and Power Increase, which intensifies bass for those thumping exercise playlists. We’ve located that Power Increase gives the very best outcomes for offering you exciting sound during your workout, also if it makes the overall audio signature a little bit much less balanced.

The earphones produced some enjoyable bass with Power Boost on. They managed our bass test track, The Blade’s “Silent Shout,” without a tip of distortion even at optimum volumes.

The kick drum hits seem happily thumpy regardless of not producing head-rattling vibrations in Signature mode, yet with Power Increase you actually obtain some solid grumbling for an exciting audio.

Yes’ “Roundabout” offers a common sense of the audio trademark. It’s largely balanced, with a mild focus on the low-mids and also high-mids. The acoustic guitar notes in the track’s opening come clear but lack the higher regularity presence to offer much more than a tip of the structure of the string tweezes.

The electric bass seems punchy in Trademark mode, with a well-rounded existence that does not have very deep vibration. The vocals come via prominently in the mix, yet do not get over the percussion. Power Increase provides the bass a lot more slappy, fashionable presence, yet it pushes the greater frequencies of the vocals and also high hat out of the spotlight.

Industrial songs noticeably take advantage of Power Increase being turned on. The driving guitar riff in KMFDM’s “Ultra” is energetic and also noticeable in the mix, however, the bass drum hits backing it does not have a lot of their power and the general noise isn’t quite as frantic as well as overbearing as it needs to in Signature mode.


Among the nicer functions on the Fitbit Ionic is the fact that it includes 2.5 GB of storage for songs playback when you get on the go. The entire factor Fitbit made the Flyer is since it required an audio item to sell together with the smartwatch. So, as you’ve most likely guessed, you can pair the earbuds with the Ionic.

The Flyer functions excellent paired with the Ionic.

The earbuds feature Bluetooth 4.2, which suggests it sporting activities a 32-foot variety and also supports A2DP, AVRCP, HSP, and also HFP accounts. They can be paired to as much as eight tools, as well as can be at the same time linked to two tools.

That’s specifically convenient if you have your Flyer paired to your Ionic and also your mobile phone. Also if you’re paying attention to music with your Ionic, the Flyer will communicate phone calls (if your is smartphone nearby).

Ease of Use

The Fitbit Leaflet is an unbelievably very easy to utilize accessory for any fitness-focused private seeking to listen to their music on the move. As an example, the reality that it uses Bluetooth implies that it can conveniently be linked to a selection of listening gadgets.

Additionally, this tool still has a cable that stops both buds from separating which will certainly make it less complicated for preoccupied people to keep close tabs on it. Finally, the Quick Billing feature together with the absence of any kind of friend app or software program suggests that the Fitbit Leaflet can be run almost as quickly as it’s obtained of package.

On the other hand, many of these features which boost the Leaflet’s utility can likewise hamper it. Some people do not like Bluetooth functionality due to the fact that it can be difficult to pair with some listening gadgets, it will not work at all with tradition hardware, and also it will create the combined gadget’s battery to drain at an accelerated price.

In addition, the absence of a companion app makes it alongside impossible for individuals to adjust functions such as EQ or power usage. At the end of the day, whether this product is very easy to use will come down to personal choice.

Battery Life

Fitbit says the earbuds can lasting up to six hrs on a solitary charge, and I ‘d state that’s almost precise. I have actually been able to achieve a little over five hrs with regular usage. That’s not the 8 hrs that the Jaybird X3 uses, however it’s still pretty good.

When you do require to bill them, it will only take an hour or 2 to charge from vacant to complete. Fitbit also says you’ll get one hr of playback after a 15-minute cost.

The Leaflet charges through micro USB, and also there’s a tiny wire included in the package. Its a very small cord, so be careful you don’t lose it.


The Fitbit Flyer has many functions that create an excellent beginning set of cordless earbuds. They’re created with a specific simplicity that makes the experience pain-free and worry-free yet audiophiles with a choice for premium consumer electronics will likely be dissatisfied with what it has to supply.

There are several attributes absent in this product’s layout that can be discovered in various other earphones as well as earbuds with only a very little cost difference. Nonetheless, this item from Fitbit is still useful by itself and can certainly fit many individuals as they perform a range of exercises.