The latest upgrade of one of Fitbit’s most beloved Smartwatches is here!

The Fitbit Versa 3, the smartest tracker from the Versa bunch. Its the first Versa model that comes with onboard GPS. Yes! FInally!. We sound like a broken record already but a Built-in GPS its a must!

At least for Runner athletes and cyclists, there’s no other way than built-in GPS. You dont wanna carry your phone with you every time you need to go for a run.

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There’s also a built-in microphone and speaker. so now you can make and receive calls from your watch. Fitbit Pay and Music storage are also available on the Versa 3, so from now on you can leave your phone behind!.

Fitbit Versa 3 – Design and Display

When it comes to design there no surprises we get the same oval face that most people love. Although in terms of size the new Versa 3 it’s a bit thicker than the previous model, the measure of the body are: 40.48mm x 40.48mm x 12.35mm.

The display it’s the same as the Series 2 a 1.58-inch screen with a 336 x 336 resolution.

A cool upgrade that comes with the Versa 3 it’s the easier to swap bands. Now you just touch a button and the bands detach from the body easily.

They named the ‘Infinity Band’, its a simplified silicone designed to be more comfortable for sleep and everyday wear.

You can also buy different bands to exchange. There are sport bands in black, white, and rose, then you have a special collection from Victor Glemaud with a combination of colors, inspired by wellness, inclusivity, and sustainability and made with recycled plastic fibers.

You can choose between: Metallic Gold / Black, Layered Black / Red , and Chevron Red / Gold. Then you also have a few woven bands and a black premium leather band

In terms of colors, the Versa 3 comes in Black, Blue, and Pink.

Smartwatch Features

The Versa 3 came out at the same time with the Sense, the so-called “Health Watch”, so in terms of smart features, most reviews focus on features that are lacking on the Versa 3, rather than explain which smart features are included.

So the ones that are not included are the ECG app, to take medical-grade heart rate readings that can help detect signs associated with conditions like atrial fibrillation (afib), and the stress monitor, that work with an EDA Scan.

But those 2 come for at least $100 dollars more. And with the Versa 3, you have the most important of all features the Built-in GPS.

With the Versa 3 you also have the ability to pay with your wrist using NFC payments, so now you can use your watch to pay for your groceries, or whatever you need to pay.

A cool smart feature that is also included is the Women’s Health Tracking feature that allows women to track their menstrual cycle, giving them insights, and preventing symptoms such as headaches and cramps.

Another feature that most people want is the hands-free calling, now you can make calls via a Bluetooth connection to your phone, or even send them to voicemail in case you would need it.

Then You have the Spotify app and the ability to store music on the watch. Allowing you to run, or bike along paired with your music, giving you the total smartwatch experience.

Another great smart app that comes along is the Alexa feature, which gives you voice control over your smart appliances and devices, as well as perform tasks on your watch.

Fitness Tracking Features

Obviously here is where the Versa 3 shows its true colors.

When it comes to fitness tracking no one does it better than Fitbit, and we know all about it!.

The Main Features are:

  • Built-in GPS
  • Heart rate tracking
  • Water Resistance
  • Exercise modes
  • Sleep

Let’s start for the beginning, the Built-in GPS, its the greatest upgrade on this watch, not manny Fitbit devices come with GPS included so this feature makes a big difference.

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As we mentioned at the beginning this feature helps to track your pace and distance in a more accurate way. Now with built-in GPS, you dont need to carry your phone with you so you can track your runs, rides, and swims without the need of your phone.

Then you can get all the maps and routes of your routine, you can watch the maps live, and when you are back home check your full workout routine and maps. You can also sync the data to Strava (or any third-party app).

When it comes to tracking your Heart the Versa 3 can do it all!. With a 24-hour heart rate and activity tracking sensor ready.

You will have the upgraded technology of the PurePulse 2.0 heart rate sensor technology, that has improved from the prior Fitbit models in terms of accuracy on the generation sensor and an upgrade on the algorithm.

Then you will also have one of the best features from Fitbit the Active Zone Minutes, where you will find all your data on every pump of your heart. It will help you to improve with goals and smart data.

You can swim and track your laps using the Versa 3 as well, you can submerge the tracker up to 50 meters, in the pool or the sea.

It’s great to have it even if you dont swim since you don’t need to take the tracker out of your wrist every time you are in contact with water, it can get pretty annoying after a while.

It’s true that regular trackers can handle some splash, but if the tracker is not swim-proof, you can not take a shower with it, or sometimes even washing the dishes can be problematic, so having a waterproof watch it’s a pretty handy feature to have.

The Sleep features are also a big plus on this smartwatch. Fitbit its tracking sleep patterns for a few years already, and they are improving over and over on their sleep tracking department.

Now with the Versa 3 you can get insights on Sleep Stages and a Sleep Score to better understand your overall sleep quality.

There’s also an altimeter to track elevation and the 20+ exercise modes are bolstered by automatic exercise recognition for a range of activities too.

You can choose between: Run, Bike, Swim, Yoga, Bootcamp, Circuit Training, Elliptical, Golf, Hike, Interval, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Tennis, Treadmill, Pilates, Stair Climber, Spinning, Walk, Weights, and Workout.

Battery life

We put a special section for battery life since they battery its also improved on the Fitbit Versa 3 you will have 6 days of battery life, its one more day than the previous model but at the same time, the main factor here is the charging speed.

The Versa 3 can now charge faster than ever, and faster than most smartwatches period. They claim that you can get a full day of battery in just 12 minutes of charging, so that’s pretty impressive.

And I dont know about you guys, but here at USA Fitness Tracker, we love charging fast, no time to waste on those days that you forgot to charge the tracker at night,

And if you are serious about your tracking it’s way more convenient to have it on all the time, instead of having to take it off every time that needs to be charged.

Let’s just have in mind that most smartwatches on this price range and level of features lack battery life, they can handle around 48 hours of battery, meaning that you need to be charging your watch 3 or 4 times a week.


For us the Versa 3 it’s today the Best Pick from the Fitbit Family. Its the most upgraded, the only Vers with built-in GPS, and the price is way lower than any other smartwatch in the same lineup.

When it comes to fitness tracking is a beast plus all the smart goods that come along, we think that there no going wrong with the Versa 3.

You will have the best of the 2 worlds, a smartwatch that you can make calls, pay from your wrist, and give voice commands to, that also includes high-end fitness tracking features and for at least $100 less than the competition.

So for us is a Must for those with a good budget and the need for a reliable Smartwatch/Fitness Tracker.

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