Fitbit just launched 2 New Smartwatches with the intention of getting ahead into the smartwatch world, the competition is tough with Apple in the head and Samsung always releasing new models. Fitbit is trying to change the course and position themself as the Smartwatch brand that will keep you fit, healthy, and in peace.

Fitbit strong suit was always fitness trackers but the Versa and Ionic series were their first attempts into the smartwatch arena. Now with these 2 models, they are bringing their Smarts suits

The Sense model it’s a brand new series that comes with some powerful features that are exclusive to this smartwatch. On the other hand, the Versa 3 it’s the upgraded version of one of Fitbit’s best Seller the Versa 2.

Both watches are ready for order, they were released at the end of September.

Below we are going to compare them and give you all the information on the 2 new smartwatches. Fitbit also announced a new Fitness Tracker the Inspire 2 that it’s launching together with theses 2, you can check our full review here.

Fitbit Sense and Versa 3Design

In terms of looks, they both look similar to the Versa series. Fitbit feels really comfortable with the rounded design, they learn it on the hard way with the Ionic that people like smartwatches with round borders, and they never try any other design.

There’s some difference thought, the Versa 3 comes with a rounded corner for the screen so it looks more aesthetic. They also get rid of the physical button and replace it with a cool capacitive touch area.

The Sense comes with the same design as the Versa with a cool color AMOLED display covered with Gorilla Glass, the case is made from stainless steel.

Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 – Features

It’s true that they share a lot of features in common that we are going to mention after, but the biggest difference and whats make the Sense a new kind of smartwatch is the new and high-end health-tracking features, like the new AFib that will give you detailed heart rate scans with atrial fibrillation, or the EKG detection via electrocardiogram app built into the watch (still pending FDA approval).

And the biggest difference of all that makes the Sense a unique smartwatch compared with all the other smartwatches is the stress detection feature, that looks like a good feature for these days, when stress is a part of the daily living, even small amounts of stress are not beneficial for your health, and that’s what the new Sense it’s trying to help with.

If you are wondering How it Works? It’s simple as holding your palm over the screen and start to breathe. The Sense will track and record your heart rate, and your skin’s temperature using its own electrodermal activity (EDA) sensor.

By collecting this data the tracker will be able to understand If your skin feels hot, chilled, or clammy, and over time the Sense will give you a diagnosis on why this is happening. The Fitbit’s app will give you a score on your stress level, with a higher score being better than a lower one.

For the Versa 3 Features, there are some new and modest additions compared with the prior Versa 2 model, but the biggest mentions are the long-overdue Built IN GPS so you can track your pace and distance accurately.

Another cool upgrade is the PurePulse 2.0 system that will give you an extra level of accuracy on your heart-rate tracking during your day.

A worth mention new feature its also the external speaker that allows you to finally make phone calls from your watch and hear spoken responses from your voice assistant. Alexa was already integrated into the Versa 2 and now you will also have Google Assistant. You can now choose your voice assistant.

What they have in common?

When it comes to similarities theses 2 have a lot of features in common such as built-in GPS, OLED touchscreen, water-resistance up to 50 meters, battery life that can go up to 6 days, and the new snap-on magnetic charging mechanism that makes it really easy to charge.

They also are NFC ready they support Fitbit Pay for contactless payments, and with both trackers you can have notifications frmo your phone as well respond to texts and answer calls all from your wrist via their built-in microphones and speakers.

Price and Release Date

Both smartwatches are high-end editions, so the price is accordingly. For the upgraded Fitbit Versa 3 the release price is going to be $229 and it comes with 6 months of for Fitbit Premium that normally costs $9.99/month.

The new flagship model Fitbit Sense is priced at $329 and also includes the 6 months of Fitbit Premium plus the new special features (EKG, EDA) that we mentioned before.

Pre-orders are open right now on Amazon and Fitbit’s website, although you can only pre-order for now, the actual release it’s going to be on September 25.

Final Words

We think that both smartwatches are going to give a lot to talk in the smartwatch world, for us the Versa 3 it’s just an upgraded Versa 2, but when it comes to the price difference with the predecessor, makes no much sense for us when the Versa 2 its $198, and normally they have discounts on it.

If you dont have a Fitbit then maybe the Versa 3 can be a good buy, since the features and software it’s up to date, and you will have some extra perks.

Now for the new Sense, it’s a good new attempt into the smartwatch world, it’s not like the Versa series, that they are smartwatches with a lot of fitness features, now with the Sense, Fitbit is entering into a new ecosystem with not just smart payments and smart tracking, but now they also implemented smart health functionalities, that puts Fitbit really into the full smart experience.

So for us, it’s worth trying, for those that would like to enter together with Fitbit into the smartwatch battle, the new health features put pressure on Apple and Samsung that their major difference was these type of features.

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