The Garmin Approach X40 is one golf-focused fitness tracker, that is not trying to be a fancy colorful watch instead is one of the sleekest and athletic watches from the Garmin lineup.

Featuring the golf activity features that come along in the Garmin Vivoactive watch but adding an important factor the built-in GPS!

Loaded with amazing features this tracker can not only help you with your golf, but can also track your steps, activities, and heart rate as well, making it a complete package

So if you are looking for a complete tracker that can give you GPS accurate data and help you improve your golf skills or health and fitness the X40 is the watch to have.

Garmin Approach X40: Design

The design of the Approach X40 is sleek that has the power to revolutionize the golf world, at a glance is the upgrade version of the  Vivosmart HR+, making it a high-end watch with smart technology packed into a fitness tracker design.

Having the standard fitness tracker design make the screen size suffers, with a thin 128 x 128 touch-enabled display the is enough to show your stats but is not the most comfortable to check information at a glance. Although when it comes to golf stats you can get all the information ready and available at your screen the only problem is when you try to input scores on the screen it can be tricky with such a thin display.

The band is thin and comfortable and is unisex so anyone can wear it at any occasion with no problem, the bottom of the body carries the heart rate monitor that will track your pulse 24/7, and during exercises will give you all the necessary data to improve your pace and fitness levels.

Garmin Approach X40: Features

The Approach X40 is really effective when it comes to golf but can perform a lot of high-end functions that can help any athlete or fitness enthusiast to get things to the next level.

With help of the wrist-based heart monitor, this tracker can calculate your heart stages during exercise as well read how many calories you’ve burned, and displays steps, pace, and distance covered.

Is able to track your running exercises as well as walking and cycling, but that’s not all! This tracker is also waterproof up to 50 meters so you can swim with it and get the best information from your swimming laps. The tracker can also track your sleep patterns, making it a complete tracker for any type of person or activities.

When it comes to golf the X40 comes built in with data on 30,000 courses, and the band will display distances to the front, middle and back of each green. It is also able to calculate distances to hazards that you will found all mapped out on a dedicated screen, the tracker also can give you information and details on lay-ups and dog-legs.

Keeping with the Golf data this tracker also features a great deal of extra functions such as shot measure, that is a cool integration for working out how far you slammed that drive down the fairway, another advantage is that the X40 works perfectly with the Garmin TruSwing shot analyser, which means you can look at the plentiful raw numbers from your swing on your wrist ­­ making it a killer companion when in the green

But as we mentioned before this tracker is not all about golf is a full-featured fitness tracker, just like the Vivosmart HR+ this tracker count steps, sleep, resting heart rate and pulls out all this data from the last four hours and give it to you on the screen so you have the latest data from your stats all at a glance.

Another cool addition is the built-in GPS that will give you the most accurate data so you can rely on the stats 100% you can use it to track your runs and cycles, plus having in mind that you can also get the heart rate sensors and add  biometric data to your runs, you will get amazing and on point data to improve your fitness levels at the maximum.

So plain it simple you will get a high-end fitness tracker with specific features for golf, is a powerful tracker that can be one of the best addition on any wrist.

You will also have notifications from your smartphone right into your wirst such as calls, mesages and calendar reminders making it even more amazing

Garmin Approach X40: App

For rounds you will get the data on the Garmin Connect app, that is well known to get accurate data on your runs and cycles and can work for golf now just as accurate.

Once you finish with your round ( and if you have already synced with the Garmin Connect app) the tracker will show your rounds data on the screen. Although this will only be the fitness data from your round, displaying data of your heart rate, steps,  and calories burned.

For golf stats, you will need to go to the Garmin Connect on the web where you will find all the breakdowns of your round and more specific data. Each round will show fairways hit, average putts and greens in regulation. Another cool addition is that when you play the same course often, the tracker will have a record of your best performances for every hole, and offer your dream round score.

Alotuhg all the information is really helpful you need to go to the web to get it and you can get even more information by using other apps like the Hole 19 that gives you lifetime stats and performance over the last five rounds a key part of its offering.

Garmin Approach X40: Battery Life

When it comes to battery life the Approach X40 its a great performer with a lithium-ion battery that will last for 5 days with no need of a charge it can compete with the best trackers out there, Garmin also claims the battery can last up to 10 hours in GPS mode, but on our test the battery with GPS enabled was able to go for 8 hours and then need a charge, this is not a bad performance but is not that great as the high-end Garmin’s that can go for 2 weeks and use GPS for close to 24 hours, but when comparing with most Fitbit tracker has the same stamina that any of the best performers from them.

But in a long golf game if you will like to get the GPS on during the whole game you maybe be with enough juice to finish the game but no more than that. Comparing with other Garmin’s that can be used for Golf such as the Garmin S6 golf GPS watch, the X40 is a better performer but for us, it could be better.


This tracker is the best option on the market for an active golfer that will love to track his games with an accurate GPS watch, it will give you accurate yardage and stats that will help you improve your game. With enough battery to track your whole game and distance count, the Garmin Approach X40 is a powerhouse.

What makes this golf tracker one of the top sellers in the 2018 market is the additional technology that is somehow jam-packed into this small device that will not only track your heart rate and offer activity tracking like a Fitbit, but it also provides the Garmin connect technology allowing you to connect with the golf community around you. If you’re in the market for a high-end golf GPS watch, that can perform like a truly fitness tracker the X40 is definitely the watch for you.


Garmin Approach X40
  • Battery
  • Display
  • Performance
  • Software
  • Design


The Approach X40 is a complete fitness tracker and is one of the best choices when it comes to tracking your golf games. With the ability to track your shots and with an advanced scoring system that will track all your game.

You can also track different workouts and exercises as well all-day activity tracking and smartwatch features that make the X40 the first golf device that’s genuinely useful away from the course, and as such, highly recommended.
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