A cool and chick way to find your kids


When you are trying to protect your kids there’s never enough safety that can give you complete peace of mind, you will always be worried when they are out of your sight.

That is when a GPS tracker can be helpful for both your kid and your tranquility. By using GPS technology you will be able to know the exact location of your child without having to worry about his whereabouts.

The trackers on our list can also give you extra security by using safe zones that you will delimitate and the tracker will now alert you any time that your kid is out of these safe zones that you create.

There’s also an SOS button that will allow your kids to call an emergency contact by just pressing a button, and depending on your configuration the kid can contact you, and others such as family members or even the police.

Best GPS Tracking Jewelry for Kids and Children in 2023



Invisawear is a great brand specializing in GPS tracking to protect people in general, the Smart Neackles is one of many products they offer.

Featuring a stylish circular pendant that comes with 14k gold or rhodium plating for you to choose from, and sitting at the top of the custom circuit board you will find a coin cell battery that contains the GPS tracker.

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In case your kid encounters any emergency, the only thing to do is simply press the back panel of the locket twice and it will send out a message to your preset emergency contacts, you can select up to 5 different contacts that you trust, and once the signal is sent they will receive a text message with a link to your kids exact GPS location. 

It works with a free app that you install on your phone that works with both android and apple devices and it can also be in contact with 911, if you enable this feature the tracker will send the location with your information to your local police station

A cool thing about the invisaWear necklace is that is modular. So your kid can use it not only as a necklace but also as a bracelet or keyring. 

A9 Mini Micro GPS Tracker


Another necklace that will look beautiful and will also keep your children safe is the A9 GPS Tracker, an easy-to-use pendant gadget that uses real-time GPS to have your kid’s location live 24/7. 

Offering a ton of safety features for your peace of mind like the option to determine safety zones where you feel comfortable with your child playing around, in case the kid moves outside of the pre-set area the A9 will automatically alert friends or family relatives so they can check what’s going on. 

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Thanks to the SOS button and the two ways voice functions, in case something happens to your kid he will just press the SOS button for help and talk with the emergency contact right away. 

When it comes to connectivity the A9 is more than handy, with 3 different types of connections: GPS mainly for outdoor positioning, and Wi-Fi and LBS for indoor position.



Another fabulous GPS tracker for Kids is the AngelSense GPS Tracker designed for children with physical disabilities such as Autism, Dementia, and special needs. 

Featuring all-day live monitoring and GPS tracking that will offer you the exact location of your kid with a real-time map & rescue teams all available at just one click of a button.

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The AngelSense is easy to wear, your kid can use it as a clip and attach it to clothing with a lockable mechanism—a bit like anti-shoplifting security tags—so the child can’t remove the device. 

By using the Angel app you would be able to see your kid’s location during the day in 30-second intervals and even “listen in” to your child’s current situation. 

Just like the rest of the other trackers on our list, the Angel Sense allows you to create safe zones for your kid, and get an alert any time he gets out of the area. But that’s not all, you can also check your kid’s routine, and learn from it, so in case your kid always goes to school by bus, the tracker will know the exact route he takes every day, so in case there’s any anomaly like the bus takes a detour or a new route, you will also be alert about it.

GPS Tracking Jewelry for Kids advantages


By using a GPS tracker you will be able to monitor your child using the latest technology at the tip of your fingers. With great functionalities like real-time GPS tracking that will give you the possibility to observe your kid’s location every time you need it to, whether he is in the school, in the mall, or even in your own yard, you will be able to know the exact location and whereabouts of your children.

By using your computer or smartphone you will be able to easily check your kid’s GPS location, and many of the trackers on our list will also give you the ability to have a 2 ways communication with your kids at any moment. 


In case you are wondering which GPS Tracking Jewelry is the best for your children, you need to ask yourself, what features are the most important for you and your peace of mind.

Each of the trackers on our list are able to track your kid’s GPS location, so if that is enough for you you can be sure that any of the trackers that we mention are going to be a good call.

When it comes to geofencing we think that the Invisawear is the best option, it will give you an array of choices for you to select which areas your kid can be playing around, and the second that he is out of these areas you will be alert immediately.

For those that want to know the exact location of their kids at any time then the A9 can be really helpful, with all the GPS tracking capabilities you can be sure that there’s no chance you will lose contact with your child.

Last but not least the Angelsense will be the better call for those that want a more discreet tracker that will not grab much attention to your kid and will give you all the same peace of mind that the other trackers can offer, such as geofencing and SOS buttons.

When it comes to price all the trackers are really affordable although the Angelsense comes with a subscription plan that will make tracking more interesting but at the same time more expensive than the other trackers on our list.